Avocado Pillows Review

Avocado pillow.

A supportive and highly comfortable pillow is critical to having a good sleep. Although different individuals have their preferences when buying pillows, your choice of pillow should include one that places no strain on your neck and should suit your sleeping position. According to musculoskeletal and spinal experts, your neck needs to be in a neutral position when sleeping. Extended backward, flexed forward, or rotated position may strain your cervical spine joints, hence selecting the right pillow that suits your sleeping position.

In this avocado pillow review, you shall find out the generic features of Avocado pillows and the specific feature of each type of Avocado pillow. We shall also highlight the benefits and drawbacks of avocado pillows.

Lastly, you will find answers to Avocado pillows' frequently asked questions.

Here is a table showing our top Avocado pillow picks:

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What Is an Avocado Pillow?

Avocado pillows are generally environmentally friendly and non-toxic pillows. They are constructed using both natural shredded latex and kapok fibers. Avocado pillows have a plush and shredded feel and offer optimal support. There are two primary types of avocado pillows: avocado green pillow and Avocado molded latex pillow. Avocado pillows are great for all sleeping positions but may best suit both side and back sleepers.

Avocado pillows come in different sizes. You can choose to purchase King, Queen, or Standard size avocado pillow depending on your budget. Avocado throw pillows also offer great comfort when sleeping or are placed on your living room cushions for extra comfort.

Benefits And Drawbacks of Using Avocado Pillows


  • Avocado pillows are durable and eco-friendly.
  • Avocado pillows are suitable for different sleepers since they are adjustable.
  • They are easy to wash and dry.
  • Avocado pillows' all-natural latex material makes them breathable and highly comfortable.
  • Avocado pillows have been designed using non-toxic and vegan-free materials.
  • Their machine-washable covers are removable and promote better sleep hygiene.


  • Avocado pillows are a bit expensive and may be unsuitable for those on a budget.
  • People with preferences for a firmer pillow feel may find it unappealing due to its very soft texture.
  • Additional fill may be required to raise the pillow to attain a comfortable height suitable for back and side sleepers.

Avocado pillows on mattress.

Different Avocado Pillow Models Available

Avocado pillows come in two basic types, and each of these pillow types has its unique features and suitability. So, let's check out each of these Avocado Pillow types and highlight their features.

Avocado Green Pillows

There are several Avocado green pillow reviews because this pillow stands out from other green pillows like other pillows in the avocado family is vegan-free and environmentally friendly. It comes in different sizes, including standard, Queen, and King. Avocado green pillow covers are designed with a zipper that makes it easy to add fillers to make the pillow firmer.

The fillers are made using standard organic latex ribbons and kapok tree fiber. The pillow cover is machine washable and is made from organic quilted cotton material. This short Avocado green pillow review cannot be complete without mentioning the medium plush, freshness, and natural feel it offers.

For Avocado Green pillows, the standard size is 19 x 25 inches, Queen Size is 19 x 29 inches, and the King size is 19 x 35 inches (adjustable).

Avocado Molded Latex Pillow

Unlike Avocado green pillows, Avocado latex pillows are not made from 100% natural materials. Instead, it is made from charcoal-infused molded latex with perforations. The infused charcoal is sourced from rice husk and ensures that the molded latex material has antimicrobial properties.

The charcoal infusion also makes it possible for the material to draw heat from your body, thus keeping you comfortable as you sleep. In addition, the antimicrobial properties of this pillow help prevent odor. The Avocado molded latex pillow is most suitable for side and black sleepers. The pillow cover is made from organic cotton and is machine washable. Avocado molded latex pillows are suitable for both side and back sleepers. The 100% organic cotton cover removes moisture to give you a cool and dry sleep.

An Avocado molded pillow has its standard size as 16.5 x 25 inches, 17.5 x 27.5 inches, Queen size, and a King size of 17.5 x 35 inches.

Types and Average Prices of Avocado Pillow

Avocado pillows are made from high-quality materials. Hence, they may be more pricey than other regular pillow types. The price of Avocado pillows depends on the pillow type and the size of the pillow. A standard size Avocado green pillow costs about $80 to $89, while the Queen size Avocado Pillow costs about $90 to $99.

The Avocado green King size pillow costs about $100 to $109. The price of different Avocado molded latex pillow sizes includes $90 to $99 for the standard size, $100 to $109 for the Queen size, and $110 to $119 for the King size pillow.

Women sleeping on Avocado pillow.


Avocado pillows are made using eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. Avocado green pillows and Avocado molded latex pillows are available for the two Avocado Pillow types. Avocado green pillows belong to the Avocado organic pillows class because they are made from purely organic material; Avocado molded latex pillows are made by infusing charcoal from rice husk into molded latex material. Although Avocado pillows may seem expensive, they are worth having on your bed, especially if you desire a comfortable and lovely night's rest.


How to Wash Avocado Pillow?

You can wash your Avocado pillow cover using a washing machine. However, it is advisable to use warm water when washing your avocado pillow cover and avoid bleach. After washing, you should dry the cover before placing it over the pillow.

What are the Sizes of Avocado Pillows available?

Avocado pillows come in three different sizes, and they include the King size, Queen, and standard size Avocado pillows. A king-size Avocado pillow differs from an Avocado latex pillow of the same category.

How Often Should I Change Avocado Pillows?

The fill and cover of Avocado pillows come with a warranty. However, the duration time for most pillows is between eighteen months to three years before they may be due for replacement.

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