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Welcome to Mattressella — a site run by mattress enthusiasts!

Our dedicated team has been working on this site since 2021, and we established the site with one simple goal. We want to help our readers find the right mattresses for them, and we do this in several ways.

First and foremost, we independently review the mattresses that are recommended on our site. This filtering process ensures that we only recommend products that we would use ourselves - something that sadly, not all websites can say.

Secondly, we assess mattresses according to different user requirements, meaning that you can find the right mattress regardless of your underlying reasons for visiting our site.

We Love What We Are Doing

In order for you to get the best information possible, it helps to find a site that is passionate and run by people who love what they are doing. This describes our team at Mattressella, as each of our experts have extensive experience in this exact industry. Our passion helps us to seek out and create new information as often as possible, and that’s what helps us stay ahead of the game.

In terms of our overall aim, we want to supply independent reviews and highlight authentic platforms in which you can buy the recommended products. Therefore, the information you read here provides a bridge between your current situation, and your desired mattress reaching your home.

And if you are still curious about what kind of information you’ll get on our site, here you go:

  • Mattress reviews;
  • Reviews for associated products such as pillows, pads, and mattress toppers;
  • Tips and guides on buying mattresses;
  • Clear and concise mattress and bedding comparisons;
  • Listicles on the best mattresses in the market right now;

Our Team of Experts

Author Donnie Masters.
Donnie Masters
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Author Dr. Joseph Robert Mordak.
Dr. Joseph R. Mordak
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Author Dr. James Andre Junior.
Dr. James Andre Jr.
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When searching for reliable information, regardless of the industry, it helps to find sites that are owned and operated by experts. Of course, Mattressella is one of those sites, and our growing team of experts have extensive experience in the world of mattresses. One of the reasons we believe that we are one of the best mattress resources out there is due to the diversity of our team too.

At our disposal, we have sleep psychologists, sleep physicians, and we even have people that are behind some of the best mattresses in the market today. Each background brings a different element to the table, and such diversity helps us to cover areas that other websites haven’t even thought about.

Our psychologists understand the mental impact of finding the right mattress. They also understand why a good night’s sleep is so important for overall mental health.

Our physicians understand the physical impact of the right, and wrong mattresses, with their goal to guide you towards the former.

And finally, our team members that have a hand in manufacturing and creating new mattresses ensure that we always have our finger on the pulse.

Our Core Values

To successfully run a website that is trusted by people all over the globe, you need a strong set of core values. Here at Mattressella, we believe in the following:

  • Honesty: Above all else, our team needs to be 100% honest with all information that is shared on the site. This keeps all of the information authentic and trustworthy.
  • Enthusiasm: The great thing about our team working in the industry means that we are passionate about what we do. In turn, passion transforms into enthusiasm, which further evolves into relatable and enjoyable information.
  • Credibility: Without credibility, all would be worthless. We only recommend products that we would use, so you can feel confident that the reviews are trustworthy, independent, and best of all - conducted by professionals.

We hope you find a lot of helpful information on our website.