Zoey Pillow Review

Zoey Pillow Review.

Mornings are naturally not always our best moments. This gets worst when we wake up in the morning feeling tired. That is why many people invest a lot to get a good night's sleep. Sleeping habits determine sleep quality, and it affects our health. Why don`t you get a pillow that accommodates your sleeping habits?

With the Zoey pillow, you are guaranteed energizing, refreshing, and perfect sleep whenever you lay your head down, and our Zoey sleep pillow review will help you pick the one that fits your predicament.

Zoey pillow and woman.

What Is a Zoey Pillow?

One of the things that set the Zoey pillow apart is the content of the pillow. Every Zoey pillow is filled with shredded memory foam and polyester fibers. This is why the pillow is always firm and soft at the same time, providing maximum support to your neck, head, and back.

Constant moisture and thermal regulation come from the polyester fibers, and it keeps you cool while sleeping, irrespective of your body temperature. Another component that adds to the effectiveness is the pillow cover. It is made of oak, birch, and eucalyptus woods. In addition to the polyester, the spandex and lyocell content of the pillow gives it a hypoallergenic quality. The removable covers of the Zoey sleep pillow are also machine-washable. What’s more, you will even have the chance to adjust the pillow to your preference. You can do this by removing some of the foam blends when you need to and replacing the same when the need arises.

There are two major types of Zoey sleep pillows. It is a classic version and the curved version Both the Zoey curved pillow and the classic models come in two different sizes. However, they are designed specifically for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, back sleepers, and people with allergies.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Zoey Pillows

We can describe the Zoey pillow as a piece of healthy product that induces and naturally enhances sleep. Below are some of the benefits you will derive from this time-tested product.


  • The pillows are very comfortable and soft, and you can remove or replace the memory foams to achieve the level of firmness and softness you want.
  • The breathable fiber pillow covers are dust resistant, and therefore hypoallergenic. They are also machine-washable.
  • Zoey sleep pillows are designed to provide extra support and reduce the pressure on the shoulder, spinal cord, and neck.
  • With the level of rest that the Zoey sleep pillows allow you to get, your productivity level will increase.
  • The Zoey pillows are made of wood fibers, which are more durable than all other types of fibers, and because of this, it lasts longer than other pillows.
  • They give you comfort, irrespective of your preferred sleeping position.
  • The foam inside the Zoey curved pillow and the classic version is 100% Certipur US certified.


  • Due to the level of comfort offered, the Zoey pillows might make you oversleep.
  • They do not have a lot of varieties when it comes to colors.

Zoey memory foam pillow.

Different Zoey Pillow Models Available

According to the customer’s review, Zoey classic pillow is less popular than Zoey curved pillow. The company designed them for different sleep patterns and positions. Our Zoey pillow review reveals that a curved model is a perfect match for people who sleep on their back and side. So, back and side sleepers will find this version more effective in enhancing their sleep. The classic version of the Zoey pillow is for stomach sleepers only. However, all of them contain hypoallergenic foam blends, making them both good for people with allergies.

Types and Average Prices of Zoey Pillows

Many people are embracing the Zoey pillow revolution because they are great value for money. Compared to other pillows in the market, products from the Zoey brand are more affordable, even when they are more effective in enhancing sleep. There are different sizes of the two major Zoey sleep pillow models. Their prices are also different. The king-size edition of the Zoey curved pillow is 19 inches by 35 inches in size, and it goes for about $130. The queen-size edition is 19 inches by 29 inches and is sold for about $110. For the classic version, the luxury standard size is 25 inches by 19 inches, and it sells for $88.00. The luxury king-size, which is 35 inches by 19 inches, is sold for $104.

Zoey pillow on bed.


When you think about solving your sleep problems with a practical and unique approach, you talk about the Zoey pillows. Consider the materials used in manufacturing the Zoey curved pillow and the classic type, the technology and idea behind the models, and the numerous Zoey sleep pillow reviews by people that have used it. You realize how good the products are. They are tested and trusted, and the manufacturer is highly reputable. It is one solution we can recommend to people having sleep problems. You need to get this if you are in this category.


How to Wash the Zoey Pillow?

The materials used in making the Zoey pillow are machine washable. So, the best way to wash the pillowcase is to make use of your washing machine.

Is the Zoey pillow best for me?

The Zoey sleep pillow is the best for everybody. However, you need to choose the one that best fits your situation and sleeping habit. Consider the pillows for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

What sizes of Zoey pillows are available?

The Zoe sleep pillow comes in 4 different sizes. We have the19 inches by 35 inches king size Zoey curved pillow and the 19 inches by 29 inches queen size curved version. There are also 25 inches by 19 inches luxury standard size classic edition and the 35 inches by 19 inches luxury king-size classic edition.

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