Best Waterbed Mattress

Best Waterbed Mattress.

While the history of waterbed mattresses dates back to medieval times, they have hugely fallen out of popularity due to the high maintenance required. However, they can still be found in some stores, especially those that operate online. If you are considering purchasing a waterbed mattress, you need to know its properties. These properties can help you pick out the best-rated waterbed mattresses for your rooms. Whether you are buying a waveless waterbed mattress for a patient or yourself, below is a list of the best-rated waterbed mattresses for back pain.

What Is a Waterbed?

Waterbeds are vinyl floatation mattresses that are filled with water. They do not contain springs, latex, or foam inside them. The chambers are known as bladders and contain water in either a large pouch or a series of smaller tubes. Initially, waterbeds were made with wooden frames and did not fit on frames not made of wood. A waterbed that supports itself and fits on any bed frame is the best waterbed mattress. In addition, several new waterbeds today contain temperature regulation devices that help keep water warm during winters or cold nights.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Waterbed Mattress?

Waterbeds are usually made from soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or just vinyl alone. Contemporary waterbeds today contain a mix of air and water chambers that are linked with one another. These mattresses can be heated using electric waterbed heaters. Homeowners can easily control the temperature to their personal; preferences using a thermostat. However, several water mattress benefits must be considered if you are skeptical about purchasing one. Below is a list of the advantages of sleeping on a waterbed mattress.

Waterbed Mattress With A Therapeutic And Soothing Effect.

Provides A Therapeutic and Soothing Effect

A heated hydro mattress provides a therapeutic effect that is essential in maintaining your body's average temperature. In addition, it relieves the muscles from soreness, provides a tension-free experience, and speeds up the body's relaxation mechanism. For example, people suffering from back pain can quickly obtain relief by sleeping on a waterbed mattress. Moreover, people with arthritis and other bone and joint conditions can also sleep on a waterbed mattress for relief.

Great Therapy for Pregnant Women

Waterbed mattresses can be very beneficial for pregnant women. Pregnant women need a stress-free, relaxed environment with optimum comfort and support because they are more prone to lower back, joint, and muscle pain. In such cases, waterbed mattresses can provide sufficient support to alleviate pressure on the uterus. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or sideways, a waterbed will offer support and relaxation in every position, especially if you are pregnant. Additionally, pregnant women need to keep their body temperatures highly regulated for the baby's safety, and waterbeds can be a perfect source for such comfort.

Easy To Maintain

Whether you have a small or big water mattress, they are effortless to clean and maintain. Although people often think that the waterbed mattress dimensions affect the effort, it takes to clean them, and they can be easily maintained without requiring much effort. In addition, these mattresses are incredibly impervious. This means they can be learned using any solution. You can either wipe the surface using a damp cloth or brush off the dust with a dry one. If you clean it using a damp cloth, make sure you dip it in an antibacterial solution. Since waterbed surfaces are vinyl, they can be easily cleaned from mites, mold, bacteria, and dust. There are several benefits of using a waterbed mattress, which is why they are prevalent in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Provides Relief from Certain Allergies

People who suffer from certain skin conditions or allergies like Asthma, eczema, dryness, or hay fever are recommended to sleep on clean and soft surfaces. Since waterbed surfaces are easy to clean with antibacterial solution and incredibly soft, they are ideal for people suffering from skin conditions and allergies. Additionally, since a waterbed mattress is made using vinyl surfaces, dust and mold cannot penetrate through them.

Waterbed Mattress Provides Great Support For The Entire Body.

Provides Great Support for The Entire Body

Conventional mattresses put pressure on your body, which can lead to muscle and joint pain. This is usually because regular beds are not that soft and have a sturdy shape. On the other hand, waterbed mattresses take the same form as your body and absorb its weight. Hence, it provides support, and your spine stays in its natural position. This support improves the blood circulation inside your body and prevents it from aching.

Controlled Bed Movement

Innerspring foam mattresses lack a baffled construction. This causes the bed to move and make a squeaky noise when one person switches sleeping positions. On the contrary, most waterbed mattresses contain a baffled structure that controls bed movement and provides motion isolation. It avoids the transfer of movement so that when one person moves, the other one does not get disturbed. People can also buy customized motionless waterbed mattresses with baffled construction for a separate half of the entire bed.

Provides Relief from Sores

Waterbed mattresses contain weight distributing properties that can be best for paralyzed or in a coma. In addition, they prevent bedsores and provide extra relaxation for such people who cannot support their movement. While waterbed mattresses might sound the same, there are several different styles available in the market. Below is a list of waterbed mattress types you may want to consider before purchasing.

How Long Will a Waterbed Mattress Last?

The best advantage of a waterbed mattress is its lifespan. Unlike a conventional spring mattress, waterbed mattresses do not contain springs that can break. The average lifespan of a waterbed mattress is around 12 to 15 years, but some homeowners have reported that their waterbed mattresses last up to 30 + years. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the waterbed mattresses properly to ensure a long-lasting experience.

Softside Waterbed Mattress.


Although having a waterbed mattress is not as popular today, their comfort must not be underestimated. Waterbeds have become less popular mainly because people have reported water leakage problems. Nevertheless, waterbeds are still an excellent investment for people seeking relief from back pain and allergies. Now that you know the advantages of waterbed mattresses, you can easily decide whether to buy one or not.


What is a waterbed mattress made of?

Waterbed mattresses are constructed using soft polyvinyl chloride or any soft material that is similar to it. These vinyl mattresses are filled with water and contain water tubes called bladders. There is either one huge chamber or several small tubes that make up a waterbed mattress.

Are waterbed mattresses comfortable?

Waterbed mattresses are highly comfortable. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, they take the shape of the body and provide incredible sleeping comfort. The bed gradually shapes itself around your body and takes its position. This provides excellent support for your back and spine and alleviates your muscles from pressure.

How Much Does a Waterbed Mattress Cost?

The price of a waterbed is highly dependant on its size and features. Usually, waterbeds cost around $50 to $2000. The more costly models contain extra features such as better temperature control and wave reduction capabilities. As a result, they are generally more expensive than regular mattresses but are worth the investment.

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