Vibe Mattress Review

Vibe Mattress Review.

Buying furnishings such as mattresses is no easy feat – it is a significant investment you have to live with for several years. Thus, you have to make sure the one you get meets all your requirements. To make this decision easier for you, we have written this vibe mattress review so you may see whether it is within your budget and ticks off all your boxes.

Vibe mattress on bed.

Design And Construction Of The Vibe Mattress

This mattress consists of an attractive padded knit cover made of a material that stretches four ways, covering the whole surface. It helps regulate temperature and conforms to the body’s contours quite adequately.

Also, the material used in manufacturing permits unrestricted airflow and doesn’t let liquid or sludgy substances ruin it in case of spillage.

Perhaps the best thing about the vibe mattress is its compatibility with adjustable bases, much like what Classic Brands sells. Combining the mattress with a flexible base can help you enhance sleep quality, as it can help those who suffer from different ailments such as digestion issues and sleep apnea. Also, as the name suggests, the vibe 12-inch gel memory foam mattress has a height of 12 inches and consists of memory foam, divided into three different portions:

The Top Layer

This consists of certified memory foam, gel-infused, by Certi-PUR-US, two inches. And this foam layer is specially designed to allow air to flow throughout the entire mattress.

As a result, you do not have to suffer from heat buildup, which can be uncomfortable. This foam layer also hugs the body, so there is less strain on one’s pressure points and reduces the transfer of motion across the mattress.

The Middle Layer

This mattress section consists of gel-infused polyfoam, to enhance comfort. It offers exceptional spine support and helps align the body as well. It is 3 inches thick. This layer’s main features are:

  • Breathability
  • Prevents growth and spread of microbes and allergens

The Bottom Layer

This layer is made of high-density base polyfoam, which is seven inches thick. Besides providing a better foundation for the mattress, the reason for this thickness is that it affords additional support to your spine and joints.

Memory foam Vibe mattress.

Benefits Of Using The Vibe Mattress

There are several benefits can reap from this mattress, such as:


When one is sleeping, the spine must be aligned correctly; otherwise, the extra stress will be put on your tendons and muscles. In addition, your spine needs to maintain natural curvatures all across your torso. The flexibility optimizes pressure distribution and prevents vertebrae compression and chronic pain. The vibe foam mattress’s base is what helps support the sleeper. This mattress allows for excellent support for people weighing 230 pounds maximum. Moreover, this mattress is the perfect selection for light sleepers and those who sleep on their back.

Pressure Relief

When you are lying, you will start noticing how your weight will gather and begin putting pressure upon specific body parts. The parts that are especially sensitive to such pressure are what we call pressure points. This eventually can lead to uncomfortable and incomplete sleep; therefore, it’s vital to have a good mattress to relieve your pressure points. Since the vibe memory foam mattress is stuffed with gel, you receive optimal pressure relief as the mattress conforms to your body, ensuring no strain is put on your pressure points. It also enables superior upthrust, ensuring your body does not have to feel stressed in a laying down position. This pressure relieving feature of the vibe mattress makes it perfect for those whose bodies ache upon waking up. Also, it helps blood flow unrestrictedly, which is excellent for those who have sleeping, tingly limbs whenever they lie down.

Motion Isolation

The sleeping surface of the vibe foam mattress allows for outstanding motional isolation without using components like latex or innerspring coils to keep it bouncy. So, if you are a light and sensitive sleeper with a partner who tosses or turns a lot, the vibe mattress is an excellent option as it will absorb their movements so that they don’t disturb you.

Average Prices And Sizing Of Vibe Mattresses

Here are the different sizes vibe mattresses come in, according to the bed size:

Bed Size Length Width Height
Vibe Twin Mattress 75” 39” 12”
Vibe Twin XL Mattress 80” 39” 12”
Vibe Queen Mattress 80” 60” 12”
Vibe King Mattress 80” 76” 12”
Vibe Full Size Mattress 75” 54” 12”
Vibe California King Mattress 84” 72” 12”

The Vibe gel molty foam mattress is an amazing choice for budget-conscious people, as their prices are less than or around $500. Their approximate prices are:

  • Vibe Twin Mattress — $299
  • Vibe Twin XL Mattress — $270
  • Vibe Queen Mattress — $319
  • Vibe King Mattress — $452.82
  • Vibe Full-Size Mattress — $479.99
  • Vibe California King Mattress — $585

Vibe Mattress Models Available

There are essentially two vibe models, the memory foam and the hybrid. The characteristics of each type of model are:

Vibe Memory Foam Mattress Review

If you want an entire foam mattress, then the vibe memory foam mattress is the one for you. It is also perfect if you are looking for enhanced motion isolation, as complete foam mattresses are better at providing that than other types.

Moreover, when going through reviews, this model happens to be the most popular.

Vibe Hybrid Mattress Review

The hybrid mattress is great for broadening your horizons without compromising the quality and comfort traditional mattresses provide.

This model comes with familiar springs and pillow-top but allows you to try out the memory foam comfort layer too.

Moreover, the hybrid model is great for those who feel hot as the air circulates better with a pocket coil base instead of a foam one.

Moreover, it provides better edge support. Hybrid mattresses have pocket coils that have a wrap, making them have more substantial edges.

Vibe mattress review.


Overall, the vibe mattress, both hybrid and memory foam models, is an excellent choice for those who want comfort and better back support without breaking the bank. We think this mattress deserves a score of 8.7/10, as it offers bang for your buck, but there are weight limitations, and the surface is a bit harder than most people would like. However, you can’t go wrong with either model.


How Long Does A Vibe Mattress Last?

Since the Vibe mattress is made using quite durable foams, its lifespan is relatively decent, making it a good investment for people. Overall, even if you weigh over 250 pounds and sleep on your side, you can still sleep on this mattress for at least a decade.

What Sizes Of Vibe Mattresses Are Available?

Vibe mattresses come in all sizes that fit within all dimensions of beds. There are six sizes in total: Vibe Twin Mattress, Vibe Twin XL Mattress, Vibe Queen Mattress, Vibe King Mattress, Vibe Full-Size Mattress, Vibe California King Mattress.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using A Vibe Mattress?

Vibe mattresses offer several significant benefits. Some of the main ones are: enhanced motion isolation, great support, breathability, resistance to molds and allergens, and pressure alleviation.

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