Twin XL vs. Full Mattress

Comparison of sizes of Twin XL and Full mattresses.

Although when we look at the Twin XL vs Full mattress, the twin xl will always be a cheaper option. On the other hand, an extra bit of 16 inches width provided by the full-size bed adds a lot to your level of comfortability. This does not, however, mean in any way that we are ruling out the twin xl mattress as an option. When it comes to choosing your mattresses, you need to be meticulous about your choices. The purpose of this article is to help you choose wisely, sit back and relax; let's dive right in.

Twin extra-long vs Full mattress: What are their features?

Difference between twin and xl.

The twin extra-long mattress is longer than the full mattress but of a thinner width when compared to the full mattress. The twin extra-long and full mattress comes in 38 inches width, 80 inches length and 54 inches width, 75 inches length, respectively. This accounts for an additional 5 inches more in the length of the twin xl mattress and 16 inches more in width of the full-size bed.

Difference between Twin XL and Full mattress

The differences between both mattresses are mainly in their dimensions. However, we can also measure their differences based on their price, ideal persons that can use them, and rooms they can be recommended for. Check the table below for further information about these variations.

Twin XL vs Full Mattress Comparison Table

Features Twin XL mattresses Full mattresses
Dimensions 38″ in width and 80” length. 54” in width and 75” in length.
Price Lesser More expensive
Who they are ideal for Young adults and teenagers. Single adults, couples, and adults with pets.
Recommended room sizes 9 × 9 feet 9 × 9.6 feet

Best full sized mattress.

Twin XL vs Full-Size Mattress: What should you consider before buying?

Before you make your purchasing decision, you should consider specific factors like the room size, your height, who you are buying for, and your budget. Below are the reasons why you need to put these things into consideration.

  1. Room size: For a room size with smaller and lengthier bed space, you should consider getting a twin xl mattress as it does not take up as much space as the full-size mattress. A full-size mattress will take up much space and might leave your room cramped if the area is small.
  2. Height: I'm confident that at this point, you are well aware that twin xl beds are longer and a better fit for taller persons. If you fit into such a category, you should consider getting a twin xl bed. You will find more legroom sleeping on the twin xl bed.
  3. Price: You should expect to spend a lot more on the full-size mattress as they are generally more expensive than the twin xl mattresses. The budget for a full-size mattress should be about $700, while the twin xl mattress will be much lesser.

Best twin xl size mattress.

Twin extra-long vs. full: What are the pros and cons?

Check out here to find out more about the main advantages and drawbacks of each type.

Twin extra-long pros:

  • The twin extra-long mattress is easy to move around.
  • Less expensive than the full-size mattresses.
  • It has more legroom and is suitable for people that are 6 feet tall and above.

Twin extra-long cons:

  • The extra length you will get from the extra-long mattress makes it lacking in width. It is not as wide as the full-size mattress.
  • It might only be comfortable for single sleepers.
  • It is too small for couples and can make adults feel cramped.

What are the advantages of the Full mattress?

  • This particular group of mattresses is famous for providing ample space for single adult sleepers or couples who find it comfortable enough.
  • There is more room to stretch.
  • It is more ideal for adults.
  • They are an excellent option for guest rooms.

Drawbacks of Full mattress

  • They might be too cramped for adult couples.
  • They do not have enough length to accommodate tall people as they are 5 inches shorter than the twin xl mattresses.


Whatever it is your decisions are, do remember to put the tips listed above into consideration. I sincerely hope that this article has helped positively influence your decision-making process.


What is the main difference between Twin XL and Full?

The main difference between the twin xl and full is their dimensions. The full-size mattresses are shorter and broader, while the twin xl mattresses are lengthy but a little lacking in width.

Is a Twin XL mattress or Full right for me?

Although we cannot make these decisions for you because we are unsure of your wants, needs, and preferences, the tips listed above will be helpful for you in making your decision.

What is a Double size mattress?

A double-size mattress is the same as a full-size mattress. The terms full-size mattress and double-size mattress are used interchangeably.

How much bigger is a Full-size mattress than a Twin XL?

The full-size mattress comes in 54 inches width and 75 inches long while the twin XL mattress comes in 38 inches width, 80 inches length.

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