Best Twin XL (Extra Long) Mattresses

Twin XL Mattress.

People choose mattress types and sizes based on their personal preferences. However, some inevitable factors such as room size, who you will share the bed with, and the available space may also influence the type of mattress you choose.

The XL twin mattress is one of the smallest beds on the market, and its dimensions are 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. This is five more inches in terms of length than the twin mattress. Due to the size of twin XL mattress, its usage is designated to one person. However, you need to conduct research when buying a mattress, despite the size you have in mind. This article has articulated what is a twin XL mattress, its types, and how to choose the best in the market. The table below will guide you through the article.

What Is the Best Twin XL Mattress?

The best twin XL mattress is suited for single sleepers due to its small size. XL twin mattress size measures 28 to 39 inches wide and 80 inches long. Most people use it for growing kids, teenagers, or as a guest room or apartment mattress. You can go for the twin XL mattress rather than the twin mattress to provide extra legroom, especially for tall people.

This mattress type is considered convenient as it can fit in small spaces, cost less than other types, and they are easier to move. They are also more common for college students, and they can also be used as loft beds to free up floor space.

Pet lovers can also use them for their pets as they can be fitted in areas such as the edge of your bedroom or any other empty space. If you are looking for a mattress that offers a reasonable sleeping surface without occupying much floor space, then a twin XL mattress is the best solution.

XL Twin Foam Mattress.

Types of Best Twin XL Mattress

There are several variations of the best twin XL mattress, which vary in design as discussed below:

Memory Foam

The XL twin foam mattress offers excellent support for your body and bounces back when you get out of bed. It provides a cozy feeling as it attenuates pressure points by even distribution of weight and mitigating pressure buildup. The foam XL mattress is good for personalized support and enhancing body relief. It is like sinking in quicksand which upgrades the comfort and provides restful sleep.

A foam XL mattress built with superior quality should keep its shape for years. This will provide maximum comfort for a long duration.


This mattress variation is also referred to as the twin XL pillow top mattress and has coils or springs that provide support in the mattress. Though they are not efficient in isolating movement, they are cheaper than other mattress types. The springs or coils are wrapped individually to inhibit tossing, turning, and motion transfer.

They are then covered with soft knitted fabric to ensure that you have a peaceful night`s sleep. Twin XL firm mattress is made using ultra-supportive material that provides support and keeps your neck, back, and shoulders comfortable for a restful sleep. You can also choose the medium-firm innerspring twin XL mattress based on your preference.


The hybrid twin XL mattress is a blend of foam and spring mattresses that has impeccable support and comfort. A combination of foam and pocketed spring creates a balance between firmness and softness, which provides extra support and great relief for pressure joints. This makes it an ideal choice for almost all types of sleepers.

XL Twin Size Mattress.

The innerspring is designated to absorb vibration evenly and distribute weight. Foam has been incorporated in hybrid twin XL mattresses to provide cushioning and great bounce. It also provides significant edge reinforcement and isolation of motion transfer. The foam also provides airflow for maximum temperature regulation.


The twin XL air mattress offers adjustable support, which allows you to tweak the firmness of the mattress based on your needs. It has a soft flocking sleeping surface that offers extra comfort. They are ideal for camping, travel, or any other form of a sleepover, and most brands have a built-in pump that inflates in about two minutes.

It is waterproof and punch resistant and has non-slip stability. This makes them travel friendly, and you will not have to worry during sleep time. You can also customize the volume of air to suit your sleep needs.

How to Choose the Best Twin XL Mattress

There are numerous companies and brands in the market, which may make choosing mattresses quite hectic. Rather than the dimensions of twin XL mattress, below are other factors of consideration:

  • Mattress type: There are different types of twin XL mattresses that have different features. The choice depends on personal preference and your sleeping needs.
  • Customer reviews: Real-time customer reviews provide accurate data regarding the mattress that a particular company produces. It also helps you gauge the quality, price comparison, and user experience.
  • Mattress performance: Although the dimensions of the twin XL mattress have no significant margins, different mattress types have distinct features. This includes factors such as motion isolation, temperature control, or medium to firm attributes. All these are vital in differentiating different types of sleepers and their night-time needs.
  • Pricing: Comparing different mattress companies can help you determine the best-priced dealer. Not only will it save you bucks, but it will also help you explore and get the best mattress company.

Last Things to Consider Before Buying a Twin XL Mattress

Company policies are among the last things that one can evaluate before buying twin XL mattresses. Some companies offer in-home trials that help you familiarize yourself with the mattress you intend to purchase. In addition, extended warranties can help you have trust in the company you purchase from.

The bed frame and bedding all rely on the twin XL mattress dimensions. You need to have a specific bed frame size that will accommodate the twin XL mattress size. Thus, you will be required to purchase a bed frame separate from the mattress.

XL Twin Pillow Up Mattress.


A twin XL mattress is ideal for small spaces such as studios, guest rooms, and kids’ beds. It also provides a good sleeping surface for college students and apartment buildings. However, picking the best twin XL mattress might be quite challenging as there are numerous mattress types and companies. But with an appropriate criterion, you will get the best pick. You will first evaluate your sleeping needs, price, mattress type to get the best sleeping solution.


How long is a twin XL mattress?

The twin XL mattress has a width of about 39 inches and is 80 inches long. This is 5 inches longer than the twin mattress. It is a bit longer to suit adults and tall people.

Who needs a twin XL mattress?

A twin XL mattress has been designed for single sleepers. This is because it is one of the smallest mattresses that suit kids, college students, travel purposes, guest rooms, and other types of single sleepers.

What is the average price of a twin XL mattress?

There are numerous brands and companies in the market that have distinct price tags. The average price tag for a twin XL mattress is $400 to $600.

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