Tulo Brand Mattress Review

Tulo Mattress Review.

If you are hunting for a high-quality mattress at an affordable price, the Tulo mattress range is a good place to start. Whichever Tulo mattress you end up choosing, you will benefit from the multilayer system that each mattress is manufactured with. Each of the several layers found in these mattresses makes use of premium foam for optimum comfort. Not only does this keep you in the right sleeping position at night, but it ensures that you will wake up feeling well-rested too. This is especially true if you go for the high-end Tulo memory foam mattress — more on this later!

But for now, to get started with the best options, check out the table presented here.

Tulo mattress review.

Construction and Design of Tulo Mattress

As mentioned previously, the design of each Tulo mattress is very similar. Each layer of the mattress is stuffed with reinforced foam, which helps to create that nice padded feel of other softer mattress styles. There are various styles in terms of the thickness of the layers, all-foam vs hybrid versions, and how supportive you’d like the foam to be. This means that the Tulo mattress is somewhat customizable, in addition to being high quality, of course.

And if you shoot for a Tulo memory foam mattress, you get the benefits of the mattress molding to your body shape and preferred sleeping position too. And although there aren’t a ton of different versions for you to check out, there are subtle differences to browse through to ensure that you get the perfect Tulo mattress for you!

Benefits of Using Tulo Mattress

Now that you know a Tulo mattress is made mainly of foam, how about the benefits of choosing this mattress over other options? There are many key benefits for picking a Tulo mattress these days, as confirmed by the positives seen in the growing number of Tulo mattress reviews. But for now, let us highlight these key benefits:

  • Temperature regulation: Although memory foam gets a bit of a bad reputation due to its contribution to heat storage, the Tulo memory foam mattress actually puts these negatives to bed. Thanks to the design of these mattresses, with multiple layers, there is more space between the fabric and heat can escape easily. So even if you are an ‘overheater’ when sleeping, these will still help you out.
  • Motion isolation: Motion isolation has become a big deal in the world of mattresses in recent years. Thanks to improvements in technology, it is now possible to shift around on a mattress without the entire thing moving around. If you look at a Tulo mattress review for one of the better models, there is always a high score in the motion isolation department.
  • Varying firmness: Let's be honest, we don't all enjoy the same level of firmness when it comes to sleeping. This is another benefit of picking one of the Tulo mattresses available right now. These guys seem to have many more options to choose from to find the exact firmness desired. That's because you can pick mattresses with different materials, different thicknesses when it comes to the layers, and more.

Tulo mattress on bed.

Average Prices and Sizing of Tulo Mattresses

Besides the benefits mentioned above, when deciding which Tulo mattress to buy, it’s always important to consider price and size. Of course, you should only spend what you can realistically afford, and the size should also suit the dimensions of your room too. For that reason, let us quickly talk about the Tulo mattress price for the popular sizes:

  • Tulo Twin Mattress: A Tulo twin mattress is definitely suitable for individuals - not really for couples. That’s because the size is just 38 x 75, making it one of the smallest Tulo mattress sizes available. With that said, going for a smaller size does have its benefits. Mainly, the price! These mattresses can be obtained for a cost as low as $450-$500.
  • Tulo Full Mattress: As many of you will know, a full mattress is mainly aimed at individuals or couples who don’t take up too much space. And in the case of the Tulo full mattress, this boasts dimensions of 54 x 75. These mattresses generally float between the $500 and $600 mark, which isn’t too bad really.
  • Tulo Queen Mattress: Moving into the larger Tulo mattress options now, we have the Tulo queen mattress. Typical dimensions for this mattress run at 60 x 80, which provides more than adequate space for individuals. Couples can also start with this mattress as a prime option, and the cost tends to float around the $700-$800 mark.
  • Tulo King Mattress: If you really want some extra space in the bed, the Tulo king mattress is the way to go. The dimensions for this one are huge - 76 x 80. But do you really need such a large mattress? Well, it depends on how much space you want, how tall you are, and whether you can afford the $900 minimum price tag.

Tulo Mattress Models Available

The last thing we’d like to cover here is some of the main Tulo mattress models. Of course, each model has its own positives and weaknesses. So for that reason, it’s important to understand what each mattress has to offer.

  • Tulo Liv Mattress: The Tulo Liv is a mattress made with memory foam, among other materials. The reason that this is such a popular model is that it comes in at a lower price point than most. You can sometimes pick up a quality Tulo Liv mattress for just a few hundred dollars. This means it is lower than the full memory foam options that Tulo mattress.
  • Tulo Hybrid Mattress: As the name indicates here, a Tulo Hybrid mattress is made using a blend of materials. Typically, this Tulo mattress uses coils and foam to create a medium to medium-firm feel. It is usually a bit cheaper than the full memory foam mattress, and with more than five different firmness choices, this is a pretty versatile mattress.
  • Tulo Memory Foam Mattress: The Tulo memory foam mattress is generally at the pricier end of the spectrum. Of course, memory foam is an expensive material, but you get what you pay for here. The Tulo memory foam mattress is epic, and there is even a bamboo foam option for those who want a more organic choice. The bamboo option is incredibly soft, and it’s also hypoallergenic too!

Tulo mattress sizes.


We hope you can see the many reasons why a Tulo mattress is a good choice right now. The multi-layered foam approach is perfect for those looking for a more comfortable night’s sleep. And since there are many options to choose from here, you are by no means limited in choice.


What is the Tulo mattress?

The Tulo mattress is essentially a foam or hybrid style mattress that comes in at the midpoint range when it comes to price. These guys have been successfully creating these mattresses for years, and they are only getting better with age!

What is the firmness of the Tulo mattress?

For most options, the fitness of a Tulo mattress is in the medium-high range. However, you can adjust the desired firmness by browsing through the different support levels for each of the available mattresses.

What sizes of Tulo mattresses are available?

As mentioned earlier, there are many Tulo mattresses to choose from these days. These start as small as a Tulo twin mattress and they go all the way to a Tulo king mattress. Of course, the bigger the mattress, the more you pay.

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