Best Neck Pillows for Travel

Travel Pillows.

Is an airplane pillow really necessary for a long flight? Most would say no, but those people have never had the chance to try one of the best travel pillows on the market.

Unlike a standard airline pillow, which is typically small and flat, a good travel pillow will support your head and neck so you can catch on some sleep while you are off to your destination.

So, don't hit the skies without one of these essential travel accessories! Check the table below for our top picks when choosing the best travel pillow.

What Is A Travel Pillow?

A travel pillow is a small, u-shaped cushion that you can wear around your neck or place on your shoulder while you're sleeping on a plane or in a car. The pillow provides support for your neck and head, which can help reduce stiffness and drowsiness. In addition, the pillow rests against your body, so you don't have to exert pressure to keep it from slipping out from under your head which can help reduce neck strain.

Standart Travel Pillows.

Types Of Travel Pillows

The name “travel pillow” doesn't do this category justice. Besides being used while traveling, travel pillows can be used for:

  • Lounging
  • Reading in bed
  • Sitting on an airplane or bus
  • Lying down to rest
  • Nap at home

Of course, once you see a travel pillow in action, you'll want one too!

Some of the more common ones are an airplane pillow, neck pillow, u-shaped pillow, or donut pillow. The method they provide support to your head and neck is the same. But each travel pillow is slightly different, and there are many variations on how to wear them and their construction. Travel pillows are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. So naturally, people have different preferences depending on how they plan to use them.

Here's a rundown on some of the most popular travel pillows you can find online:

The Standard Travel Pillow

The u-shaped (also known as horseshoe) style can be employed in several different ways around your neck or around your seat back tray table while you're sitting on a plane. Some designs allow you to adjust the opening size, and some encourage you to use different ends for your right and left sides. The advantage of this type of pillow for travel is that it can be worn very discreetly around your neck without looking too silly. Also, if you wear glasses, they'll stay on much better if you tuck them behind the pillows.

When you use the travel pillow for planes around the back of your seat, it will support your head in a forward-leaning position. It's also much easier to sleep this way, so if you plan on napping during your flight, this is the way to go. In addition, you can usually fold the horseshoe shape in half, so it takes up less room in your carry-on bag or purse.

In addition, they're very lightweight, and most airlines will allow you to bring them on board even if they don't advertise it.

Childrens Travel Pillows.

The Memory Pillow

It is an excellent choice for people who prefer the travel pillow to be around the back of their necks like a regular neck pillow. The horseshoe shape is maintained, but it's placed along the back of your seat instead of around the sides. The great thing about this travel pillow is that you can use it as a travel neck pillow and a regular, u-shaped pillow (the horseshoe shape). That way, you don't have to remove it entirely from around your neck and can put it back on just as quickly.

The Inflatable Travel Pillow

It is one of the most popular because you slip your arms into the built-in pockets and then lean against your side or window to sleep comfortably. Your head is held up in a natural position, but your body is still relaxed.

This travel pillow is very lightweight, just 6 ounces, and isn't bulky at all, so it's easy to bring along on any trip. The outer material is plush, but you can also get the pillow in silk for extra luxury.

Benefits Of Using Best Travel Pillows For Airplanes

Airlines travel has become more popular in the past few years because of its convenience and comfort. But while it has made air travel easier for many people, it has also caused some unpleasant side effects.

Taking a long flight or traveling by bus can be exhausting. Traveling is a fantastic thing, but it does come with some minor inconveniences.

A travel pillow is a perfect solution for all of your uncomfortable flights and bus rides. Here are a few benefits of having travel pillows by your side:

  • Support For Your Neck: Long plane rides can leave you uncomfortable if you don't have neck support. Using a pillow designed to give your neck the support it needs can help you rest easier during your trip. Once your neck is supported, you can use a small blanket or scarf to provide warmth. This can also help you sleep because your body temperature will be regulated.
  • Compact, Easy Storage: Since travel pillows are small and compact, they can easily be stored in your carry-on or even the seat pocket. They do not take up a lot of space and can be stored anywhere easily.
  • Many Options To Choose From Cheap: There are many small travel pillows out there that are very cheap and affordable. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a pillow, especially for something you may or may not use every day.

How Long Will A Travel Pillow Last?

There is no set expiration date on travel pillows. Some say neck pillows are disposable items. However, the answer depends on the materials used. Also, Frequent washing will break down the foam over time.

Inflatable Travel Pillow.


The best travel pillows for flying is the one that will provide comfort during your travels. First, figure out what type of support and cushioning you need to help you sleep better on a plane or in any other situation where discomfort can set in, then find the perfect match!

Try different pillows until you find the right fit for your needs. Whether it's inflatable, memory foam, U-shape, curved design, contoured shape, or full-body length, there are plenty of options to choose from. We hope this article helped inform your decision about which travel pillow suits your needs best!

And if you need more information regarding travel pillows, head over to our website for valuable reviews that can help you make an informed purchase.


Are Travel Pillows Good For Your Sleep?

Travel Pillows are one of the best ways to find undisturbed sleep even while traveling. They offer you protection for your neck and help you relax better.

How Do I Wash My Travel Pillows?

Washing is only necessary if it becomes soiled or smells bad. If you don't want to wash it, air it out for a day. Then, wash your pillow in the washing machine with your regular clothes under cold water. Please do not use bleach or softener, and make sure to seal the velcro before washing it.

How Much Do Travel Pillows Cost?

Like most other products, the best neck pillows for travel vary in price depending on the materials and quality. Typically, they cost around $10 and go up to $100 or more based on the client's needs.

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