Sutera Pillows Review

Sutera pillow.

Finding sleep at night is becoming more challenging than ever for many people, especially parents. An excellent way to set yourself up for a better night’s sleep is to use a good pillow. Pillows are a dynamic sleep gear capable of improving your sleeping experience significantly depending on the shape and constitution of the pillow. Unfortunately, this has led to an almost unending search for the right pillow for many people.

In this article, we’ll review the Sutera pillow and provide you with information such as Construction, types, materials inside, benefits and drawbacks of the pillow, and who they fit. This will help you choose the best available pillow in the market for you.

Sutera pillow for sleeping.

What Is a Sutera Pillow?

The Sutera pillow is a cervical pillow option designed to be versatile with a unique contoured design. It uses an orthopedic model and has a distinct butterfly shape which allows it to accommodate back, stomach, and side sleeping, with its medium-firm feel and 5-inch loft. The wings contour around the neck of a back sleeper to provide additional support, while the cutouts on the sides provide extra space for side and stomach sleepers to be more comfortable resting their arms.

Sutera pillow is made with solid memory foam for cradling the neck and head and promoting proper spinal alignment. The polyester cover is removable, and it is made to encase and protect the pillow. It can also be cleaned easily. This pillow’s unique and efficient design is what makes it outstanding, and the ergonomic grooves ensure a cradle feeling for your neck and head while you sleep, so you wake up devoid of aches. Irrespective of your sleeping needs, this pillow has low and high curved surfaces on the sides to ensure optimum sleep performance.

Ergonomic Construction

The ergonomic design of this pillow is its main highlight. It is optimized to give maximum upper body comfort and weighs only 3.5 lbs. This pillow’s shape and peculiar look make it more recognizable amidst several pillow options. It provides you with a slab that cradles your head comfortably with depressions, while the wings on both sides give you adequate neck support. The adaptability of the wings and grooves of the Sutera sleep pillow ensures that pressure distribution is even, and you’ll also get the optimum shoulder, neck, and spinal alignments if you’re using the pillow right. According to several Sutera pillow reviews, a significant number of Sutera pillow users report that they experienced massive pain relief after they switched to Sutera. This report aligns with the manufacturer’s claims on the pillow’s capabilities.


The Sutera pillow comes in one size and is a little smaller than the standard dimensions for pillows. The cover material is polyester, while the interior material is made of solid gel memory foam.

Best fit for this pillow

The Sutera dream deep pillow is the best fit for the following people:

  • People that are looking for more comfort for their neck while sleeping.
  • People that have spinal alignment issues.
  • People with upper body orthopedic issues, shoulder pain, or chronic neck pain.
  • People that are looking for all-around comfort in a memory foam pillow.

Sutera pillow lavender memory foam.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Sutera Sleep Pillow

Like many others, the Sutera knee pillow also has advantages and disadvantages. Both benefits and drawbacks are discussed below


  • The orthopedic contoured nature of this pillow provides ergonomic support for your shoulders, neck, and back. It relieves tension and helps you enjoy a deep night’s sleep.
  • It is comfortable in different sleep positions. It doesn’t matter if you’re naturally a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper. You have comfort in all positions.
  • This pillow keeps you cool with its temperature regulating memory foam. It is adaptive to temperature and user weight.
  • The tension-relieving capability of this pillow provides support for your neck, improves your sleep, and ensures you have enough energy for the next day.


  • Although some users claim to be Sutera pillow side sleepers or Sutera pillow stomach sleepers, this pillow is not suitable for all side sleepers and stomach sleepers. This pillow is not ideal for you if you’re a heavy-set stomach sleeper or broad-chested side sleeper.
  • You may also not find this pillow appropriate if you dislike the feel of traditional memory foam or prioritize maximum support from your pillows.

Different Sutera Pillow Models Available

Sutera’s flagship product is the Sutera orthopedic pillow, but the company now has another pillow product named the Lavender Zen Pillow.

The Lavender Zen Pillow is made with aerated memory foam, and it also has the infusion of lavender essential oil. Like the Sutera pillow, it also comes in a single size and has a smaller size compared to the dimension of the standard pillow. Although it also has memory foam, similar to Sutera dream deep pillow, it differs in loft, shape, and Construction. Lavender Zen Pillow has a 6-inch lift, and the cover material is made of polyester and cotton.

Types And Average Prices of Sutera Pillows

The price of an orthopedic pillow ranges from $40 to $200 depending on the varieties, quality, materials, and sizes. However, there’s only one type and size for the Sutera pillow, and it sells for around $55. Several other cervical pillows and regular pillows sell for around the same price. Still, the unique offering and profile of Sutera allow it to offer extra value at no additional cost.

This means that it provides the best value for the price of other pillows in the market. So, if you fancy the relieving pressure, neck support, and other features that ensure your comfort at an affordable price, then the Sutera pillow is your best bet.

Sutera pillows.


The Sutera pillow is one of the best all-rounder pillows you can get on the market for the ideal mix of support and comfort for all types of sleepers. Its orthopedic model and an ergonomic design provide maximum upper body comfort with support for the neck, back, and shoulder. It relieves the pressure on your neck, allowing you to have a comfortable sleep and wake up more refreshed. It is also available for an affordable price, making it one of the best value-for-money pillow options in the market.


Is the Sutera pillow best for me?

Unless you’re a heavy-set stomach sleeper or a tall and broad-chested side sleeper, the Sutera sleep pillow is good for you. However, if you have orthopedic issues, especially in your upper body region, this is the best pillow. It has a unique shape that provides the best support for your upper body.

What sizes of Sutera pillows are available?

The Sutera pillow has a 25” x 13” size with a 5” loft, slightly smaller than the standard dimensions for the regular pillow. There’s only has one size, shape, and type of Sutera pillow. So, you’re not going to find any other thing in the market.

Are Sutera pillows good for your sleep?

The Sutera pillow is good for your sleep because of its distinct butterfly shape, accommodating different sleeping positions. It also has wings to support the neck, while the solid memory foam cradles the neck and head and improves spinal alignment. The Sutera pillow improves your sleep performance and ensures you wake up without aches.

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