Best RV (Recreational Vehicle) Mattresses

RV Mattresses.

Everybody enjoys a good camping trip once a while away from the cities and suburbs just to take in nature’s splendor. And what better way to go on a trip than in a fancy recreational vehicle or trailers with the best mattresses. RV mattresses are one of the things that makes the overall camping experience even more enjoyable, some might consider living in an RV just because of the mattress. If you are looking for the best camper bed or trying to understand more about RV mattresses then you are in the right place. Our guide will surely help you in choosing the best RV mattress that will suit all your needs.

Understanding the peculiarities of a product first-hand is important. That way you know what to look for in the market. Before that, you might be pondering the difference between an RV mattress and a regular bed mattress. In short, there is a world of difference between the two.

Recreational vehicle mattresses are designed to be lighter and leaner than your typical mattress, which is perfect for the vehicle itself since there is less pressure. They are also more flexible and shorter than regular beds, thus they optimize space as well in the rig. Because trailer mattresses are specifically designed for the rig, they stand out from regular mattresses.

RV mattresses have been growing in demand over the years with some families going on road trips and others living. There are plenty of mattresses available in the market for you to purchase, but you do not have to look very far. For your convenience, we already picked a list of the top-rated RV mattresses right here:

What Is an RV Mattress?

Best rv mattress for travel trailer.

RV mattresses share quite a few similarities with regular mattresses, but they stand out in several aspects. Traditional mattresses are made of springs or memory foams with a few exceptions such as organic and latex foams. Some mattresses offer both springs and foams, making the hybrids that offer the best of both worlds.

But RV mattresses are far more complex than traditional beddings. They are designed to be lighter and compact than usual mattresses. This design in weight is for weightage and pressure on the rig itself.

Since they are uniquely designed for RVs, you might be wondering what size is an RV mattress. In short, it depends on the RV. Campers and residents of an RV will change their trailer mattress after a certain period, but they will choose the size and dimensions of the mattress according to the RV’s own space and compatibility.

The size of an RV queen mattress is the same as the standard size of a traditional queen mattress. Both are 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. Some prefer a full RV mattress over a queen since they are an inch wider than a standard double bed. Aside from size, RV full mattresses are used as fold-out sofas.

Bunk beds are quite popular among family RVs and campers. The size of a camper bunk bed mattress is the same as the standard size of traditional bunk bed mattresses. Though RV bunk bed mattresses are similar to regular twin mattresses. Since they are custom made the actual size varies from 28 to 35 inches in width and 75 to 80 inches in length. The size of an RV twin mattress ranges from 38 to 40 inches in width and 75 to 80 inches in length.

Travel trailer mattresses are usually custom-made for the vehicle. The actual size and dimensions of an RV mattress are made after knowing how much space it will take, and how much it will weigh on the rig.

RV memory foam mattresses use a viscoelastic foam that changes shape in accordance with the sleeper. The flexibility of memory foam makes it perfect for RV owners who like to climb or go on hikes since they help with aches and pressure.

RV full matress inside camper.

What Are the Benefits of Using an RV Mattress?

RV mattresses offer numerous benefits that go beyond just comfort. Most mattresses use memory foam which relieves pain and improves sleep quality. They are also made to be durable, and hypo-allergenic which reduces dust mites, and allergic reactions so that you get a good night’s sleep.

RV memory foam mattresses also provide other benefits such as:

  • They provide stability and ensure you are not disturbed by the movements of the RV.
  • They provide a sturdy comfortable sleeping surface and prevent movement.
  • They are sensitive to temperature and heat up in response to cold or body pain.
  • Reduce noise from movements in bed.
  • They take less space and align the spine to provide maximum comfort and relief.

How Long Will an RV Mattress Last?

Traditional mattresses last for a decade or less than a decade depending on the quality and material used. RV mattresses are designed to be durable and last for a long time. The best RV mattresses last up to 10 or 15 years without losing their firmness and comfort. The lifespan of the mattress is also affected by its usage. Trailer mattresses are highly durable since some people might take permanent residence, leading to frequent usage than traditional beddings may not be durable enough to handle.

Angeled corner RV mattress.


A large selection of mattresses is available in the market now, but with the help of our RV mattress review, you will surely make the best choice in your next purchase.


Are RV mattress sizes different?

Rv mattresses differ in size from standard beddings. They are shorter or narrower than regular mattresses. They are also custom-made to suit the recreational vehicle’s space and are lightweight so they do not wear the rig down. Of course in rare cases, some RV mattresses may be the same size as regular mattresses and have the same dimensions.

Where to buy an RV mattress?

Mattresses are available widespread around global markets. You can buy an RV mattress at the nearest mall. Alternatively, you can order a mattress online at various websites and have it delivered to your doorstep. The price of an RV mattress ranges between $150 and $400 or perhaps more depending on the brand. Though the prices may differ depending on the region.

Can you put a regular mattress in an RV?

If the RV can accommodate the size of a standard mattress, then yes you can put a regular mattress. Though an RV feature sleeping areas that are narrower or shorter than a standard mattress. It will prove difficult to use regular mattresses in place of a trailer mattress that is exclusively designed to fit the area.

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