Purple Brand Pillows Review

Purple pillow.

Having a good night’s sleep may depend on the pillow you’re using. A good pillow helps you sleep faster, is comfortable and supportive, and prevents neck and head pain during and after sleeping. This is something customers expect from purple pillows. While there are plenty of sleep brands, only a few areas are as popular as Purple. This brand gained prominence because of its mattress and signature grid-like purple material. It has also delved into pillow making, but we’re yet to see if the pillow has the same level of excellence as the mattress. So, if you love the brand’s mattress, you may be willing to try out the pillow as well and see if it’s worth the hype.

This purple pillow review article will provide you with information about construction, types, materials inside, benefits and drawbacks of the pillow, and who they fit. This will help you choose the best available pillow in the market for you. 

Purple pillow and hand.

What Is a Purple Pillow?

The purple pillow is a soft one-sided gel/rubbery material. Although it’s pretty neat and comfortable, it has a distinct feel that the purple grid provides, and this is one of the ways it’s different from the traditional pillows. So, if you’re looking for something different from the traditional pillow, you should try out the purple pillow. You may be intrigued by its supportive, responsive, durable, breathable, and pressure-relieving nature. In addition, it has a polyester blend cover which takes away the moisture and ensures the purple grid remains clean. 

Similar to the main layer of the purple mattress, the purple pillow is also made of a Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid, which is unique to Purple products. 


At almost 12 pounds, the purple brand pillow (including the purple throw pillows) are some of the heaviest you’ll come across. It has an uncompressed loft of 3.25 inches which drops to around 2.75 inches when used. In addition, the pillow has a smaller size at 24” x 16” compared to the standard size pillow at 20” x 30”, which makes the weight even more ridiculous. 

Materials Inside

Purple pillows are made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer – Purple’s proprietary gel-like material — which is a prominent feature of the Purple mattresses. It is also laid out in grid format in the pillow, like the mattress. This polymer material is one of the primary reasons the mattress became a significant hit in the market and is also a defining feature of this pillow against others in the market. 


Purple has several types of pillow products. Apart from the standard purple pillow, they also have purple harmony, purple plush, TwinCloud, and kids pillow. The purple harmony pillow and the kids pillow also feature the grid technology from Purple, the purple plush pillow has a polyfill instead, and the TwinCloud features a silicon fiberfill. 

A purple harmony pillow review revealed that the main difference between the purple harmony pillow and the standard purple pillows is that there’s a latex core surrounding the grid in the harmony pillow. In comparison, the kids pillow is nothing more than a smaller version of the original purple pillow. There are also other small versions like the purple throw pillows. 

Who They Fit?

If you’re a back sleeper, this pillow is more suited for you. In our review, as in many other purple pillow reviews, we’ve found that the optimal position for this pillow is the back sleeping position. It also indicates why most of the images on Purple’s official website relating to the purple pillow show back sleepers. In addition, this pillow’s purple grid aligns with the contours of your neck and head to give your body a better fit. It is also possible that you don’t find the pillow tall enough to help your back sleep, especially if you’re a heavy sleeper. However, this is the best position to use this pillow. 

If you’re a side sleeper, you may also use this pillow, but this position doesn’t optimize the pillow’s capabilities. If you have a small frame, you may still enjoy using it, but for medium or large-framed people, you may need to buy a booster to increase the pillow’s loft. 

Purple pillow on mattress.

Benefits And Drawbacks of The Purple Brand Pillow

Like many others, the purple lumbar pillow also has advantages and disadvantages. Both benefits and drawbacks are discussed below.


  • The purple pillow is responsive, and it’s easy to switch sleeping positions with it. 
  • It doesn’t require fluffing. It maintains the same shape and height all night long.
  • It is durable and offers maximum support and pressure relief. 
  • It has a malleable and slinky feel to it. 
  • It stays cool all year round. 
  • It is excellent for back sleepers and suitable for side sleepers.
  • It is ideal for people that sleep hot. 


  • It is challenging to move around or adjust while sleeping, primarily because of the purple pillow weight. 
  • It’s impossible to layer purple pillows with other pillows.
  • Not designed for stomach sleepers. 
  • It is expensive.
  • You’ll rarely find a purple pillow king size, so it’s not ideal for people who love big pillows. 
  • It may require boosters which come at an extra cost. 
  • It isn’t easy to machine-wash. 

Different Purple Pillow Models

As mentioned earlier, there are several other types and models of pillows made by the same company. However, the three prominent models you’ll find in purple pillow reviews are:

  • Purple harmony pillow has a luxurious design with its core of purple grid sandwiching the bouncy Talalay latex. 
  • The purple plush pillow is made of interlocking polyester balls that are adjustable to give a fluffier or firmer feel. 
  • The Kid Purple pillow is not as publicized in the purple pillows review because it’s nothing different from the purple pillow. It is only a smaller size of the purple pillow to fit children. 

In the purple harmony pillow review and purple plush pillow review, you’ll find that the cover of these models, including the kid purple pillow, is made of breathable materials that enhance their temperature control. Unfortunately, although each model has an adjustable loft, there’s only one size for the width and length of purple pillows. 

The purple pillow inside.

Types And Average Prices of Purple Pillow

The pillow market has a wide range of pricing, generally ranging from $20 to $200. The price difference often depends on the features of the pillow, such as:

  • The Cover Materials
  • Interior Construction
  • Loft
  • Design Details

The purple pillow models are priced competitively, with the purple harmony pillow being the most expensive. The standard purple pillow price is $109. The harmony purple pillow cost $159. The plush purple pillow cost $49, while Kid Purple Pillow cost $69. Kid and plush purple pillows are cheaper because of their smaller sizes. 


The purple brand pillow is a famous pillow brand in the market. Although it is heavy and pricey, it offers the level of comfort and pressure relief you need to go through the night. However, you should avoid this pillow if you’re a stomach sleeper. 


What is the best purple pillow?

All purple pillow models are good and serve their purposes well. But the best all-around product is the purple harmony pillow. It edges the purple pillow by a bit. 

Is the purple pillow best for me?

If you’re a back sleeper, the answer is yes. You may also find it suitable for you if you're a side sleeper. However, stomach sleepers are advised to consider other types of pillows.

What sizes of the purple pillow are available?

Unlike some other pillow models, the Purple pillow only has one size. It has 24 inches in length and 16 inches in width, which is smaller than the standard pillow. The standard pillow size is 20" x 30".

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