Puffy Brand Mattress Review

Puffy Mattress Review.

A Puffy mattress makes you feel like you've spent the night floating on a cloud. The combination of gel memory foam and high-density polyfoam provides an enhanced balance of pressure and support, as the name implies. These mattresses are perfect for back and side sleepers since the foam provides deep body contouring and sinkage. However, heavier sleepers should look for a larger bed because Puffy is only intended for fewer than 230 pounds.

This article is a Puffy mattress review that examines the construction and design, advantages of using Puffy, costs, and styles to help you choose one. The table below may be used as a reference while reading this essay.

Puffy royal mattress.

Construction And Design Of Puffy Mattresses

It is a foam mattress with a highly soft and floating feel that differs from other mattresses in that it does not lay on top of it. In reality, reviews describe how it provides sleepers a sense of being enveloped by the bed due to its comfy feel.

The Puff Cloud mattress's development and design have helped elevate this even further. The top layer is a Cooling Cloud gel-infused memory foam, which feels like sleeping on a cushion. It is a water-based solution used to decrease heat accumulation in the mattress. It's widely accepted that memory foam retains heat, which can be uncomfortable when sleeping.

There are 2 inches of Cloud Climate transitional polyfoam below the memory foam, which is firmer than the memory foam. The Cloud Climate layers provide support and cushioning, preventing excessive sinking during sleep.

The use of transitional layers in constructing a Puffy mattress is another critical component contributing to its comfort and support. Reduces Pressure points, which encourages spinal alignment, through these intermediate layers. The Puffy mattress is perfect for side sleepers due to these features.

The firm core support layer is beneath the transitional layer and features a 6-inch Firm Core Support high-density Polyfoam base. This layer ensures that the Puffy memory foam mattress can accommodate all sleeping postures. On the other hand, the puffy has a medium firmness on a hardness scale.

Benefits Of Using The Puffy Mattress

Puffy mattresses have characteristics that provide a variety of advantages, as follows:

  • Temperature regulation: The Marika Select-Mate Memory Foam Topper's advanced temperature regulation technology maintains heat and moisture at bay, ensuring that the mattress stays cool. The permeable memory foam layers aid in this, allowing air to flow through freely. As a result of this, the Puffy mattress has better temperature management and is especially helpful for hot sleepers.
  • Pressure relief: They make the top layer using foam, which gives you a pleasant feeling and helps to avoid stiff necks, spinal misalignment, and other sleeping problems.
  • Motion isolation: It provides excellent motion isolation, allowing you to sleep well if you share a bed with your spouse or another person. In contrast to other mattress types, such as springs and coils, puffy memory foam does not have much motion across the mattress surface. Your sleeping partner may roll over or get into bed without disturbing your sleeping support.
  • Edge support: They make the mattress with excellent reinforcement for superior edge support. Despite sinking somewhat, it has a responsive bounce-back when you get on and off the bed. It aims is to make your mattress sleeper-friendly, especially for those who sleep near the margins.
  • Ideal for kids: Puffy mattresses are popular among children due to the foam construction and suppleness, designed for little under 230 pounds. They get adequate support, and it is a beautiful bargain in terms of contouring. Due to their stain-resistant qualities, puffy mattresses have a polyester cover ideal for kids.

Puffy lux mattress.

Average Prices and Sizing of Puffy Mattresses

The Puffy mattress is less expensive than other mattresses with comparable quality. The cost of a Puffy is determined by the size and type of the mattress. As a result, the Puffy Plus costs more than the original puffy.

The Puffy comes in various sizes, including the Puffy twin mattress (twin XL), full, queen, king, and California king. All measurements are 10 inches thick and have a medium firmness level of 5 out of 10.

The following table compares puffy mattresses by their sizes, shapes, and prices:

Size Dimension Price
Twin 39-inch x 75-inch $899
Twin XL 39-inch x 80-inch $949
Full 54-inch x 75-inch $1,099
Queen 60-inch x 80-inch $1,249
King 76-inch x 80-inch $1,449
California king 72-inch x 84-inch $1,449

Puffy Mattress Models Available

The mattress is available in various sizes, such as the Puffy king mattress and the Puffy queen mattress. In this part, we'll look at how to tell mattresses apart by their types and unique characteristics so you can decide which ones to buy. The Puffy mattress has three versions: the original puffy bed, the puffy luxury mattress, and the puffy royal mattress. They're all available in six different sizes, and they have the following features distinguishing them:

The Original Puffy Mattress

The Cloud 9 is a medium-firm mattress with a moderate level of comfort. Comfort layer one is constructed using 2-inch of Cooling Cloud foam, layer two is made using 2-inch of Climate Comfort foam, and the support layer includes 6-inch of Support Foam.

The Puffy Lux Mattress

This model comes in a hybrid version with pocket coils. Comfort layers 1,2, and 3 are constructed of 1.5-inch of Cooling Cloud foam, 1.5-inch Plush Dual cloud foam, 2-inch Climate Comfort foam, and 7-inch encased pocket coils in that order.

The Puffy Royal Mattress

The top-end mattress in every series is the Serta iComfort Hybrid. It's available as a pocket coil mattress, and it's the high-end mattress in all versions.

  • Comfort layer 1 employs a 1.5-inch cooling layer.
  • Comfort layer two use 1.5-inch reflexive memory foam.
  • Comfort layer 3 uses 2-inch of Climate Comfort foam.
  • Comfort layer four uses 2-inch of Cloud Ai Technology foam.
  • The support layer comprises 7-inch encased pocket springs.

Puffy king mattress.


Puffy mattresses provide the best sleeping experience possible, emphasizing comfort and pain relief. These technologies, such as memory foam and latex, have aided in developing technologically advanced mattresses that provide exceptional pressure relief and temperature regulation.

There are six distinct Puffy mattress sizes available to fit a wide range of sleepers. If you're looking for a night's sleep that will make you feel as if you've spent the night on a cloud, puffy will be able to satisfy your cravings.

The Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress is designed for side sleepers, back sleepers, and persons under 230 pounds. Stomach sleepers may, however, find less comfort in Puffy mattresses.


How long does a puffy mattress last?

The lifespan of a puffy is determined by how it's used. However, the Puffy mattress is designed to be long-lasting when you look at its construction and materials. On average, you may anticipate it to endure for roughly five to seven years.

Who needs a puffy mattress?

Mattresses for light sleepers are designed and constructed to be soft and pleasant, which is why they're suitable for people weighing less than 230 pounds. It is because the design and construction of these mattresses are smooth and comfortable. Side sleepers and back sleepers may rest easy while sleeping on this mattress as well.

What is the average price of a twin xl mattress?

The cost of the mattress determines by various elements, such as the manufacturer and where you bought it. The average price of a twin xl mattress is between $200 and $500.

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