Best Pregnancy Full-body Pillows

A pregnant woman lies on a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnant women usually feel the strain of carrying extra weight on body parts such as the spine, legs, feet, and pelvis. These aches are usually a hindrance to quality rest and sleep for them at night. The matter worsens when the conceiving woman does not have the appropriate support to help ease those pains.

Standard pillows do not provide the necessary support for pregnant women. They subject the body parts of a pregnant woman to pressure that leads to undue stiffness and pain. A pregnancy body pillow is designed to support pregnant users in the necessary body parts and relieve their pains.

There is a wide range of pregnancy pillows available that makes it tricky to make a choice. That is why we have prepared for you a list of top rated pregnancy pillows that will help you pick. Check out the table below for best pregnancy pillows in 2022.

What Is a Pregnancy Pillow?

A woman sleeping with pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy pillows are created as support for pregnant women. They support areas where pregnancy pressures are felt the most; the back, legs, and pelvis. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit different sleeping positions for pregnant lots. There are some things you need to look out for in a pillow that makes it qualify as an ideal pillow for pregnant women:

  1. Size: How much space do you have to spare for the pregnancy pillow? Some pregnancy sleeping pillows are large, meaning they tend to take up more space. If your bed is big enough to accommodate the pillow size, go for it. And if you want a full body pregnancy pillow but low on space, you can get one that is not curved.
  2. Material: Watch out for the casing and filling of the pregnancy pillow you are about to purchase. First, ensure it is a nontoxic pregnancy pillow or hypoallergenic. Also, make sure that the materials used in making the pillows work for you. It will pay you to acquire a pillow that can conform into several shapes to support you. Memory foam pregnancy pillows are probably the best side sleeper pregnancy pillows because of their firmness and conformability. They may retain body heat and cause discomfort if you like sleeping cool.
  3. Shape: Select the pregnancy pillow with the form that supports you in places you need help. The U and C-shaped pillows carry the highest vote for total body support. You may want to go for one of those two.
  4. Price: Even after checking the other selection criteria, you must ensure that the price fits into your budget.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

C-shape pregnancy pillow.

There are many types of pregnancy pillows available. They are made with different materials like down, memory foam, polyester, and much more. They are also made in different shapes to provide comfort for the users.

C-Shaped pregnancy pillows

The C-shaped pregnancy pillow is the best pregnancy pillow for back pain. The curve of the pillow hugs the back, and the extended arms support the tummy in front. The perfect height will position your back, knee, stomach, and head properly. They serve as pain relief support and ensure you enjoy quality sleep free from the usual aches.

U-Shaped Pregnancy pillows

The U-shaped pregnancy pillow supports both sides of the body. It prevents the pregnant user from rolling on their back. It is one of the most comfortable pregnancy pillows ever. The long length of the pillow cuddles the user back all around, providing heightened comfort for them. The right U-shaped pregnancy pillow will help relieve pain in the back, knee, legs, stomach, and pelvis.

V-Shaped Pregnancy pillows

V-shaped pregnancy pillows can be used in bed or on the sofa while sitting. They are used during pregnancy to provide support for the back, leg, and stomach. You can also use them after birth to support your baby while breastfeeding. V-shaped pregnancy pillows support the back and shoulder maximally. They come in different sizes and fillings to suit the user’s preference.

Donut Pregnancy pillows

Donut-shaped pillows form an O shape like the donut snack. They can be used before and after pregnancy to relieve pain from the lower region. You may sit on it with your buttocks in the center while the pillow helps to alleviate the pressure from your pelvis and back. You can also use donut pillows while laying on your side by placing them under your stomach with the weight targeted at the center. They are usually smaller than other pillows for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Wedge Pillows

Pregnancy wedge pillows can be round or triangular. They can be used during and after the pregnancy period. Pregnancy wedge pillows help reduce acid reflux because they allow the user to sleep with their head elevated. It reduces congestion from allergies and colds. Sleeping with the head elevated guides the sinuses down, making it easier to breathe. The user wedge pregnancy pillow gets to sleep better while being relieved of pain.

Benefits Of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillow on the bed.

Pregnancy pillows have a lot of advantages to offer. Some of these pregnancy pillow benefits are:

  • Body Alignment: The right pregnancy pillow will align with your body and provide comfort during rest or sleep. Some pregnancy pillows can also be used while sitting to provide extra support during breastfeeding.
  • Reduces Risks of Pregnancy Condition: They help to reduce the occurrence of common pregnancy conditions like constipation and preterm labor. When you use the pregnancy pillow, there will be a reduction in restlessness and sleepless nights.
  • Reduces Pressure on Body Parts and Act As Pain Relief Support: Sleeping without the pregnancy pillow may cause the pregnant woman to sleep in uncomfortable positions that may affect parts of the body like the lower back. A full body pregnancy pillow will adequately support the strained body parts like the back, legs, and pelvis and alleviate the pain.

How Long Will A Pregnancy Pillow Last?

Pregnancy pillows usually last for two to three years. However, the longevity of your pregnancy pillow may depend on how frequently you use it, care for it, and the material. With the proper care, some pregnancy pillows last for over four years. They last more than regular pillows because they don’t get used as often as them.

The bottom line is that if you want your pregnancy pillow to last, take proper care of it. You can refer to the care label to find out the appropriate method to take care of it.


You may experience difficulty selecting the best pregnancy body pillow if you do not know the correct criteria before setting out. However, this guide that we have provided will help you to make a decision faster.


Are pregnancy pillows good for your sleep?

Pregnancy pillows are very excellent support givers for pregnant women. They provide adequate support, align the body, and provide relief in pressure points. With all those advantages, pregnant women can enjoy quality sleep.

How do I wash my pregnancy pillow?

Like regular pillows, some pregnancy pillows have removable covers and can be separated to wash. Some are also machine washable but, others require hand washing. You can refer to the instruction that came with the pillow to clean it appropriately.

How much do pregnancy pillows cost?

Usually, pregnancy pillows cost between $25 and $80. They are not as expensive as some standard pillows. The sizes of the pregnancy pillows also determine how much they cost.

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