Plush Mattress vs. Firm Mattress

Comparison of Plush Mattress and Firm Mattress.

Have you ever been faced with the problem of which mattress to buy? Or you asking yourself right now: “Should I get a firm or a plush mattress?” There isn’t a simple answer to the question, because it depends on your sleeping position and weight. So, which is a better — plush or firm mattress? Read on to find out.

What is a Plush Mattress?

Mattresses are either firm or very cushiony. A plush mattress is cushiony i.e. soft. It is usually rated about 1-3 on mattress firmness scales. But this is relative because a medium-firm bed for a small person would be softer for a heavy-weighted person. These mattresses types are usually made from soft materials like cotton, wool, or foam and are very good for relieving pain and pressure points. It is best for side sleepers, elderlies, people with pain, people who change positions constantly at night, and small people.

Best plush mattress.

What is a Firm Mattress?

This is rated from 8 to 10 on the mattress firmness scale. It is usually made from stiff materials that don’t allow for too much sinking. They also (like plush mattresses) help relieve pain and alone the spine. It is best for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and heavy-weighted people. People who weigh a lot would not see this mattress as firm (in that sense). Since they weigh a lot, they would sink slightly into the bed and be comfortable, unlike a plush mattress which would be too soft.

Why Does firmness matter?

Before looking at the difference between plush and firm mattresses, let’s see why firmness matters. Yes, it affects how comfortable you would be while you sleep, but there are far more reasons than that. First, it has a major influence on your spine’s health because the amount of support your back needs is highly dependent on the firmness of your mattress. If it’s too soft (or plush) you would sink too much into the bed. Not only will this lead to poor sleeping posture, but your spine would also curve unnaturally. On the other hand, if the bed is too firm, pressure points would harm your spine, and it wouldn`t be supported well.

In general, a too hard or too soft bad can lead to back pain, uncomfortable sleeping positions, interrupted sleep, and a very tiring night.

Which is Better for You?

So, which one is better for you, a firm or plush mattress? This is based on weight, sleeping position, and some health conditions. Plush mattresses are best for petite people while firmer mattresses are better for those on the heavier side of the weight scale. This is because firm mattresses would feel softer for heavy-weighted people and provide them with the adequate 'sink' they need to feel comfortable.

Side sleepers should go for plush mattresses because the softness can support their hips and shoulders better. It is also the best-suited combination sleeper because softer mattresses provide both cushion and support needed for constant position switching. Firm mattresses are the most ideal for back and stomach sleepers because it gives their spine the adequate support it needs.

People with back pain should choose a firm mattress over a plush one. However, it should not be too firm, else it would become an enemy. A medium-firm mattress is best. Same for those with arthritis. An overly plush mattress is not the way to go. Medium-plush or a mattress with firm support and a plush covering is best.

Comparison Table

Plush Mattress Firm Mattress
Best for Side and Combination sleepers Best for Stomach and Back sleepers
Provides more Cushion and cradling Provides more support and bounce
Can cause improper spine alignment Can cause stiff back
It helps to reduce pressure points and relieves pain Helps to reduce pressure points and relieves pain
Allows for too much sinkage Does not allow for sinkage
Good for petite people and not ideal for large people Best for large people and not ideal for petite people
Usually has a shorter durability span. Usually have a longer durability span


Best firm mattress.

We hope that this article has been helpful for you, especially in choosing between plush vs firm mattresses. If so, relate this article to friends and family. You can also hang around because we have more articles like this one which you could find very useful. Below are some frequently asked questions about plush and firm mattresses.


What is the difference between Plush and Firm mattresses?

A plush mattress is soft (between 1 and 3 on the firmness scale), and it provides a lot of sinkage and cushion. A firm mattress provides more support and bounce, and it is made from more durable materials. It is usually between 8 and 10 on the firmness scale.

Is it true that a Plush mattress is unhealthy for you?

An overly plush mattress is unhealthy for anyone because it can lead to bad spine alignment and cause poor sleeping positions. A medium-plush mattress is a better option.

Plush or Firm mattress: which is best for me?

If you are a stomach or back sleeper, choose a firm mattress. A side sleeper or a combination sleeper is more comfortable with a plush mattress. A heavy-weighted person is also going to be more comfortable with a firm mattress than a plush one.

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