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Memory Foam Pillows
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Down Alternative Pillows
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Pillows for Side Sleepers
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Pillows for Back Sleepers
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Pillows for Stomach Sleepers
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Pillows for People with Neck Pain
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As humans, we all need ample time to recharge and reset before engaging in any activity such as family commitments or work. Sleep makes you more alert and ready to take on a new day ahead of you.

But have you ever asked how you could improve the quality of your sleep? Here, we are going to focus on the simplest method, which is choosing the best pillows!

Similar to mattresses, pillows play a vital role in determining the quality of sleep. Choosing the right pillow is not only challenging but also a daunting experience as it requires one to follow the same procedures when purchasing the right mattress. People looking for the best pillows have to consider many factors such as thickness, durability, composition, and temperature regulation. It is best to take personal account when trying to purchase a new pillow. Some pillows are best for people with neck problems, while some are good for heavy snorers. Note that not all pillows are good for you. So, what is a good pillow?

Below is a selection of the top-rated pillows based on our research and analysis.

How to Choose the Best Pillows for Your Needs?

The girl sleeps on her side on a pillow.

It is important to understand that different pillow types are the best for your preferred sleeping position. Choosing the best pillow ever according to your preferences ensures that you enjoy your sleep and avoid waking up with a stiff neck.

If you are a side sleeper, consider purchasing raised softer pillows to protect your neck from straining while sleeping. People who sleep while lying on their stomachs should choose medium-firm pillows with a lower loft to enable proper propping of the neck at a much comfortable angle. People who sleep facing upward or back sleepers should find a firm pillow that supports the head properly to avoid constantly pushing their necks upwards.

Different Types of Pillows

Different types of pillows.

There are different types of pillows in the market. However, your sleeping position determines the best pillow for you to purchase. Below is a list of different types of pillows in the market today.

Down Pillow

Down pillows are made using soft fiber material obtained near the skin of a duck, goose, or swan. When purchasing this kind of pillow, it is important to look for the down to feather ratio if the pillow is blended with feathers.

Down pillows are known to retain some warmth and still allow some breathable space. It provides the head with the right temperature and does not make you feel sweaty while sleeping.

They fold to be in line with the shade of the head and neck, making rolling easy through the night, providing a pleasant feeling. When compared with other types of pillows, they are generally lower in price.

Down pillows also have some drawbacks. Since they are made from natural fiber, it is difficult to determine whether they are completely hypoallergenic. Even though the spikes of the down feathers aren't rigid, they can still scratch or poke your face while sleeping, making you uncomfortable. Sweat and oil from your face may cause the down material to clump together, interfering with its consistency.

Down Alternative Pillow

The down alternative pillow is an artificial version of the original down pillow. Down alternative pillows are filled with polyester that resembles the softness of the original down pillow. The artificial polyester makes these pillows hypoallergenic and provides more comfort.

The technique used to produce polyester respects nature and aims at conserving the environment. These pillows are affordable compared to other kinds of pillows.

Latex Pillow

Pillows are on the couch.

The popularity of latex pillows is rising fast due to the good support they offer to the head and neck while providing a soft and cozy feel. Latex pillow comes in two forms; solid and shredded material. Be cautious about latex-blend pillows blended with polyurethane foam since they can be very toxic.

Latex pillows are durable and can last for long periods if well taken care of. They are moldable hence offer the best head and neck support. In addition, these pillows are breathable hence providing a cooling effect when sleeping.

One of the disgusting features of this pillow is its odor. If you are allergic to latex, it is best to consider another type of pillow, such as memory foam.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are among the best pillows in 2021. It can adjust to provide enough support to your head and neck make it suitable for all sleeping positions. There are two types of memory foam pillows. These are the block and shredded pillows. Block memory form is made from a firm and solid piece of polyurethane and does not clump, providing more support to the head and neck.

Remember that some feather pillows are filled with a little amount of down. Therefore, people allergic to down should consider the pillow's makeup while purchasing. Feather pillows also need regular fluffing to keep them soft, and cleaning them may be challenging. It retains body heat and can make you sweaty while sleeping.

Feather Pillow

When looking for good pillows, you may consider purchasing a feather pillow. Feather pillows are top-rated pillows that contain a traditional filling that provides better head and neck support without losing shape. It is the perfect pillow if you are looking for support and comfort.

Shredded memory foam pillows are soft and flexible, unlike their counterpart. It allows for adjustment to suit any sleeping position. However, they require regular fluffing to keep them soft.

Cotton Pillow

Cotton pillows were once the best comfortable pillows worldwide. However, there is an observable downward trend in popularity due to the invention of synthetic materials such as memory foam. It was the best pillow in the world since it was hypoallergenic, light, and breathable.

However, they needed regular cleaning since they were susceptible to mites, mold, and dust. They did not offer enough support to the head and neck and would become lumpy when used for long periods.

What To Consider When Buying the Best Pillow on The Market

Throw pillows on couch in the room.

A perfect pillow will give you a good night's sleep. However, not all best-rated pillows are good for you. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing good pillows for your bed. Choosing the wrong pillow can affect sleep quality, and you will be waking up with painful shoulders and a stiff neck.

Sleeping Position

Your preferred sleeping pattern determines the best pillow to choose:

  • For back sleepers, the head and neck require very minimal support. A firm pillow may not be the best pillow since it will push your head forward, making the neck strain. The best pillows for back sleepers are low or medium-density pillows. Contour pillows are also the best comfortable pillows for back sleepers since they offer neck support and are good sleeping pillows for aligning the body.
  • Side sleepers may require extra head and neck support for proper alignment with the body. The best pillows for side sleepers are medium-density pillows that support the neck and remove the strain off the shoulders.
  • The best pillows for stomach sleepers are soft and low-density pillows since they align the neck with the body preventing it from being overextended to the side. Stomach sleepers always lay flat, but their heads face either side. Therefore, low-density pillows will offer support and prevent the neck from strains.

Pillow Size

Another important factor to consider when choosing good pillows for you is the pillow size. Pillow sizes greatly influence sleep quality. Look for pillows that complement the bed size. They will look good and provide better support regardless of how much you move during sleep. There are three common pillow sizes: standard, queen, and king. Check the table below showing different pillow sizes.

Pillow Size Dimensions
King 20″ by 36″
Queen 20″ by 30″
Standard 20″ by 26″

Pillow Filling

Two firm pillows.

Pillow filling is the material stuffed inside your preferred pillow choice. Good fillings produce high quality pillows. The pillow filling determines the pillow's density and how it supports the neck and head while sleeping. There are several types of fillings:

  1. Cotton
  2. Memory foam
  3. Polyester
  4. Down
  5. Feather

Each of these types of pillows is suitable for different types of sleepers.

Level of Firmness

Pillows come in four levels of firmness. These levels of pillow firmness include very firm, firm, medium soft, and soft. Some of the softest pillows include the down pillows and feather pillows which are moldable and collapsible and are the best bed pillows that suit all types of sleepers. Memory foam pillows are the firmest heavy but moldable pillows, making them the best-rated pillows that offer neck and head support.

Firmness level Description Best For
Very Firm These types of pillows maintain their shape intact. Most of them are made from ultra-dense memory foam Best pillows for side sleepers with neck pain
Firm These pillows are made from polyester or memory form. The balance between soft and firm hence provides good support with much comfort Best pillows for side sleepers
Medium soft They offer mid-range support since they have slightly less give than soft pillows Good pillows for back and side sleepers
Soft Have plenty of giving and fluffy, which allows your head to sink and align with the body. Most soft pillows are made of cotton, down, or polyester Good pillows for back and stomach sleepers

How Much Does a Pillow Cost?

Soft pillows on the bed.

The pillow market is full of options. High-quality materials produce the most comfortable pillow in the world. Nice pillows would go for about $10 or less, depending on the material. Some highest rated pillows can cost up to $8000 depending on the manufacturing process. Good sleeping pillows will cost between $30 and $100. You can get the best luxury pillows at $60.


Pillows are much important as mattresses. Doing a little research on the best pillows to buy could help improve the quality of your sleep. The types of pillows you choose greatly affect the quality of sleep. There are several types of people out there that fit different sleeping patterns. It is good to identify the best kind of pillow to support your sleeping needs. This article provides you with some pillow reviews to help you decide on the best pillows to choose from.


What Pillow is best for me?

All pillows are good. However, the best pillows are determined by preferences and other factors such as sleeping types and bed size.

What are the best pillows for sleeping?

Your sleeping pattern determines the best kind of pillow to choose. Back and stomach sleepers will require soft or medium pillows, while side sleepers will need to purchase dense pillows to avoid neck strains.

Do I need to wash my pillows?

Yes. It is important to keep your pillow clean since pillows can carry a lot of dust and mites. However, some materials such as down, feather, and cotton may form lumps when washed, making them hard and uncomfortable.

How often should I change my pillow?

It is best to change your pillows every one or two years. Regular cleaning and fluffing make pillows unsupportive by creating lumps.

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