The Best Organic Pillows

Best Organic Pillows.

It is often really peaceful to come back to bed after a hectic day of work and find a comfortable, breathable pillow to facilitate your sleep. Organic pillows are a common choice by most individuals concerned about the environment. However, there is often a question regarding which of these eco-friendly pillows are of the finest quality and support comfortable sleep. It is also important to know if a pillow is made from organic material, and this can be judged by how transparent companies are about their manufacturing.

The best organic pillows are the ones that are good for both your health and the planet. They should be comfortable, free of toxic chemicals, and must have an environment-friendly production process.

To help you choose the best organic pillow for you, we have put forward reviews of many organic pillows from different manufacturers, paying special attention to their quality and the materials used for them. This will help you choose your comfy pillows for your relaxing space and greatly improve the quality of sleep you get every night.

What Makes a Pillow Organic?

Nowadays people are becoming more aware of organic products and their benefits. People are more driven towards organic food products, supplements, and other cruelty-free items.

Judging by the word “organic”, the best organic pillows are made from 100% natural materials derived from natural sources like crops grown without harmful pesticides or herbicides. The use of such materials make these pillows non-toxic and ensure environment-friendly pillow manufacture.

Organic Cotton Pillows.

Types Of Organic Pillows Available

There are many kinds of organic pillows available in the market. They are generally designed to be gentle to your skin, breathable, and are quite durable in comparison to other pillows. The types of pillows according to the materials used include organic latex pillow, organic cotton pillow, organic wool pillow, organic buckwheat pillow, organic rubber pillow, etc.

  • Organic Cotton pillows are made from 100 percent organic cotton grown using natural sources, free of any harmful chemicals. This kind of pillow provides good support to your neck while still being very breathable and durable. It also retains less heat and keeps you cool ensuring quality sleep especially in summertime and is great for body sleepers. For most people who have switched to or have been using organic cotton pillows, this is a popular choice. Many companies provide certification to ensure that the natural pillow is manufactured using natural cotton only.
  • Organic latex pillows, also known as natural rubber pillows are a great option as the natural rubber used in them is biodegradable and a renewable resource. Organic latex pillows are great for those who prefer a firmer pillow. This helps provide support to their neck, aligns their spine with the body, and helps prevent neck sprains and back pain. These pillows are highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists to patients who might face such problems. Organic latex prevents microbes; therefore it is a healthy pillow option and is recommended for people with asthma. Latex pad pillows are great for side sleepers and hot sleepers whereas, shredded latex pillows are good for both side and back sleepers.
  • Organic wool pillows, are used by sleepers who like a slightly flat and firm pillow. Wool prevents moisture which stops the growth of fungi like moulds resulting from the moisture. They have great antimicrobial and dust resistant properties that prevent dust mites and are also great for people with allergies.
  • Buckwheat pillows, are another great choice in organic pillows. Not only are they easy to care for, but they also keep you cool during sleep and help you sleep better. They might not be too fluffy as they contain hulls but they still are great for neck and back problems and for people with different kinds of allergies.

Other materials for making natural pillows include hemp, millet, and kapok.

Organic Latex Pillows.

Important Benefits of Using Organic Pillows

Studies show that the kind of pillow a person uses has a great impact on the way he sleeps. No matter how much your caffeine intake is, nothing can replace a good night's sleep. But have you ever thought that the pillow you are sleeping on at night could be possibly toxic for your health? Most low-quality pillows contain inorganic cotton grown with the use of tons of harmful chemicals that can prove to be extremely harmful to your body and can even lead to respiratory disorders or skin conditions.

Organic pillows are very gentle towards your skin and prevent a variety of skin conditions that could otherwise result from toxic-inorganic pillows. They are also super breathable, especially beneficial for people with respiratory problems like asthma and different forms of skin conditions like eczema.

Besides the benefits that it provides to its users, the use of natural pillows also helps to create a greener environment as the production requires minimal entry of harmful chemicals and particles into the environment.

Organic Wool Pillows.

The Durability of Organic Pillows

As mentioned above, these organic pillows are more durable compared to pillows made using synthetic materials so buying them is considered a good purchase. The durability of the pillow increases if the user cares for it, and keeps it clean according to the care manual often provided by the manufacturers. Besides this, organic pillows come in all sorts of densities from soft to slightly firm to a very firm one. Firm pillows like latex and buckwheat are often more durable as compared to other softer varieties. Buckwheat pillows can last up to a decade if cared for properly as the material does not flatten easily. It is important however to replace the filling in the pillow after a certain period to ensure it provides the right support for your body.


Whatever organic pillow you choose for yourself, make sure it suits the requirements you have to ensure sound sleep. Where synthetic fluffy pillows might look the same as the organic ones and have attractive price tags, do consider the harmful effects they can have on your body and make an informed choice for yourself. Check certifications to ensure if the product is actually derived from organic sources and then purchase it to avoid scams. Rest assured; our reviews will help you find the best organic pillow available in the market that would cater to your needs.


Are organic pillows good for your sleep?

Yes, these non-toxic organic pillows are known to be more breathable as compared to the other toxic synthetic pillows available in the market. This helps promote better air circulation and thus provides better oxygen supply to the brain which improves sleep quality. There are different kinds available to suit your sleep needs.

How do I wash my organic pillow?

Different organic pillows have different washing methods; just make sure you use a mild detergent to wash them. You can wash organic cotton pillows in cold water to prevent them from shrinking. Latex pad pillows can be washed simply with soap and water. Buckwheat pillows can be cleaned by removing the hulls and putting them in the sun. The manufacturer will most probably provide you with a washing manual when you purchase the pillow.

How much does an organic pillow usually cost?

The cost of organic pillows depends on the material. They can cost anywhere from $50 to $250. The prices are often higher if the company has obtained certifications for the product being organic.

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