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Olympic queen mattress.

The Olympic queen size mattress could be regarded as one of the luxury-sized mattresses available. While it is not as big as the King size mattress, it could be pretty valuable for couples who don't have the floor space for King size.

This unique mattress is incredibly comfortable and is a little bit roomier than the regular queen size bed. It could be used by the everyday man to be placed in the master bedroom or guest room and could also be found in hotels and resorts, as it is an investment for the ultimate relaxation of sleepers.

Depending on what you can afford, as well as your personal preference, an Olympic queen size bed might be just what you need in your home. Although it could be sometimes tedious to determine what type to purchase, it is a brilliant decision to learn about the ones available in the market and their corresponding qualities.

For a stress-free decision-making process, this article provides a carefully compiled list of the types of Olympic queen mattresses, their features, and the advantages of purchasing them. Check out the table below for our list of top picks and their basic properties:

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What Is an Olympic Queen Mattress?

The Olympic queen mattress is just like the conventional Queen size mattress, but bigger. Its dimensions are 66 inches wide and 80 inches long, which is 6 inches longer than the Queen size.

This mattress choice provides a generous amount of space for both individual sleepers and couples to stretch without any form of inconvenience. One-person sleepers or couples that sleep with pets can also enjoy using this mattress type. Although the Olympic queen mattress size cannot be regarded as standard, it could still be found online and in mattress stores offline.


  • It gives an additional six inches of space for its users.
  • It's just a little more costly than the standard Queen mattress.


  • It could be challenging to purchase a particular type of Olympic queen sized bed in some cases due to its somewhat unique nature.
  • The bedding accessories like frames and other materials do not always come with the mattress and may need to be sourced separately.

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Types оf Olympic Queen Mattresses

Regardless of its peculiar nature, a good number of mattress companies are starting to produce Olympic Queen mattresses more and more each year. Trust that eight out of ten times, companies selling the standard queen mattresses sell Olympic queen mattresses. These are the main options available in the market:

  • Memory foam mattress: Olympic queen memory foam mattresses are among the most popular kinds available in stores. They are made from synthetic polyurethane, an elastic material that responds to body temperature by contouring the sleeping position. This supports its users and alleviates pressure from body weight. The memory foam mattress is also helpful for people with body aches or pains as it relaxes and enhances optimal blood circulation needed to help individuals sleep calmly without tossing and turning. The Olympic queen memory foam mattresses have an off-gassing smell it releases when it's brand new; however, that goes away after a few days.
  • Latex mattresses: The Olympic queen latex mattresses are made primarily from rubber tree sap, making them eco-friendly. It has a sense-soothing feel that primarily supports stomach and back sleepers. The latex also prevents dust mites from getting in. These mattress types are intentionally structured to relieve pressure and provide ease in movement. Its bouncy materials are not costly to maintain and are durable too.
  • Hybrid mattresses: You get to enjoy the best of both worlds when you use the multi-layered Olympic queen hybrid mattress. If you've ever pondered about what it would feel like to combine the memory mattress, latex mattress, and the innerspring mattress system, you might want to try them out. They have many health advantages; they provide pressure relief, improve spine alignment, and support with cool-inducing gel for heat regulation. The fact that memory foam and latex are all woven into the mix helps you enjoy an optimal luxury sleeping experience.
  • Innerspring mattresses: Olympic queen inner spring mattresses combine the metal wire and springs with various cushioning materials to provide optimal support and comfort. For maximum relaxation, you could even add more cushioning.

How To Choose the Best Olympic Queen Mattress?

A good number of factors must be accounted for before buying a mattress. Here are some of them:

  • Preferred sleeping style and positioning: The right choice of mattress for you should agree with your preferred sleeping position. Individuals who enjoy sleeping at the side can go with a softer bed for comfort. However, back and stomach sleepers require support from flatter, firmer surfaces.
  • Weight: Understanding the weight of the potential sleepers could prove to be crucial to choosing a bed type. The softer bed type could be best suited for individuals or couples with lighter weight, and the heavier users could prefer a much firmer surface.
  • Edge support: For a better sleeping experience, the Olympic queen size bed with edges could give its users much more room to stretch.
  • Floor space and Doorways: You need to consider the width and area of your door frame and the room size. In a case where you want to move the purchased Olympic queen size bed into a room, it'll be of no use if it can't exactly fit into the room in question.

Last things to consider before buying an Olympic queen mattress

Additional factors to consider are:

  • Company policies: Buying from a reputable mattress company could save you the hassle of sticking to one mattress choice. The best mattress companies provide warranties and sometimes in-home trials to their users such that if a particular mattress doesn't exactly float your boat, you could easily swap it out for another.
  • Customer review: Reviews give a brief idea of what other customers think about the product. To make a more intelligent, more informed spending choice, you could read the reviews of people who have used the product before.
  • Safety: Check for safety regulations relating to flammability requirements given by the regulatory bodies.

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Choosing the right Olympic queen mattress does not have to be a complicated activity. You get to enjoy a fantastic shopping experience when you're aware of your choices. With information at your disposal, luxurious rest is sure. And with the well-researched compilation presented above, you could achieve it.


What are the dimensions of an Olympic Queen mattress?

The Olympic Queen mattress measurements are 66 inches by 80 inches, 6 inches longer than the standard Queen size mattress.

Who needs an Olympic queen mattress?

About any adult can have a queen size bed. This ranges from one-person sleepers who like mattresses with a good amount of room to couples who do not have the space for a king size mattress. RV Olympic queen mattresses could be helpful for sleepers with housing vehicles.

What is the point of an Olympic queen mattress?

Olympic queen mattresses are an excellent choice for sleepers who enjoy sleeping luxuriously and stretching on the bed. Couples and individuals with pets can also enjoy resting on this mattress type as it provides comfort, serenity, and relaxation for an optimal sleeping experience.

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