Novaform Mattress Review

Novaform mattress.

Choosing the correct mattress is usually based on preference. You will come across many brands to choose from. If you are interested in a sleep surface for keeping you well-supported and cool, Novaform is an excellent brand for that. To help you find out the right option for you, we discuss Novaform mattresses, i.e., their types, models, and their benefits. Read on to find out before making your purchase.

Novaform mattress review.

Construction And Design of Novaform Mattresses

All Novaform mattresses are constructed differently. The types are as follows:

Novaform Comfort Grande

The Novaform Comfort Grande mattress has the brand’s patented EVENcor GelPlus inside its foam layers. The mattress distributes weight evenly as well when you lie on it. The top-most cooling layer comprises 3 inches of the EVENcor GelPlus. The second layer consists of 3 inches of premium-quality support foam. This layer also contains air channels for carrying away odors and heat.

The final layer consists of 8 inches of dense support foam that firmly supports the rest of the mattress. The Nova mattress is covered with a padded cover that features AdaptiCool fabric that keeps moisture at bay for optimum coolness and dryness. This mattress is best for hot sleepers because it comes with several cooling features.

Novaform Serafina Pearl

According to Novaform Serafina reviews, the mattress comes with a 3-inch-thick cooling layer of the company’s patented ComfortLuxe Gel-Pearl Technology that provides a cooling effect for the sleeper when it becomes too hot to sleep. The second 3-inch-thick layer is made out of their trademarked CustomWave foam that immediately adapts to movement and curves. The third support layer is an 8-inch foam that offers stability. Lastly, the mattress is covered in breathable fabric that keeps moisture away. Based on Novaform reviews, this mattress accommodates most types of users, considering it is available in three varying firmness levels.

Novaform SoFresh

This type of mattress comes with features that help keep it fresh and clean. It begins with a cover that is stain-resistant and removable. The top layer consists of 2 inches of the brand’s patented LURAcor foam. The foam contains antimicrobial copper so that it remains fresh in between washings. The center layer consists of 2 inches of standard memory foam, offering cushioning and body contouring. Memory foam is known to curve around the sleeper’s body without sinking under their weight. The support layer in the Novaform full mattress holds the rest of the mattress up. Since it is a thinner layer, this mattress is thicker than the other variants. This type is best for people who prefer clean sleep spaces since it has features that help keep away mold, bacteria, and stains.

Novaform Overnight Recovery

This variant features an upper layer of EVENcor GelPlus cooling. Its middle layer consists of a responsive foam that lets users change positions comfortably. Built with a medium feel and ample pushback, this type of mattress is ideal for side or back sleepers.

Novaform Gel Memory

This mattress has a 6-inch bottom layer that distributes body weight well. The 2-inch top layer consists of plush gel memory foam that conforms to the curves of the sleeper’s body. This mattress type is ideal for shoppers who are on a budget. Since the mattress is thin and is not available in queen size or up, it suits children or lone sleepers best.

Novaform Advanced Back Support

This type of mattress comes with a 9-inch-thick base layer of support foam. The center layer consists of responsive foam meant to balance the sleeper’s weight and keep their spine aligned. This is an extra-firm mattress specifically built for stomach and back sleepers who suffer from back pains.

Benefits of Using Novaform Mattresses

Following are the various benefits of Novaform mattresses:

  • Available in three firmness levels.
  • The brand offers a lengthy warranty period of 20 years.
  • Cheaper than other similar mattresses in its category. All sizes and variants cost under $1000.
  • The memory foam mattresses adapt to the users’ body contours and isolate movement.
  • All the mattresses are made of CertiPur-US foam, known for being environmentally safe.
  • The Nova mattresses can be moved around easily with side handles and are delivered directly to the buyers’ front door.

Novaform mattress and pillows.

Average Prices and Sizing of Novaform Mattresses

The following are the prices and sizing of Nova mattresses:

Model Depth/Height Average Pricing Firmness Sizes Available
Novaform Comfort Grande Mattress 14 inches $499.99 to $699.99 Medium, Firm Full, Twin, Queen, King, California King
Novaform Serafina Pearl Mattress 14 inches $799.99 to $949.99 Medium, Firm Queen, King, California King
Novaform SoFresh Responsive Foam Mattress 10 inches $399.99 to $599.99 Medium Twin, Queen, King, California King
Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress 8 inches $199 to $249 Medium, Firm Twin, Full
Novaform Overnight Recovery Mattress 12 inches $699.99 to $799.99 Medium Queen, King, California King
Novaform Advanced Back Support Mattress 12 inches $449.99 to $699.99 Firm Twin, Queen, King, California King

Mattress Models Available

Novaform mattresses come in the following types:

  • Comfort Grande: This mattress comes with thick memory foam with cooling features. The strong point with these mattresses is that they do not get softer when it is warm or hard when it is colder. The mattresses’ quilted cover features the AdaptiCool technology that allows it to stay dry and cool throughout the night. The gel memory and air channel foam in the memory foam promote temperature neutrality. This mattress offers ample support for most types of sleepers.
  • Serafina Pearl: Novaform’s Serafina Pearl mattresses are the brand’s premium kind. These come in soft, medium, and firm options that suit the requirements of most types of sleepers. Their soft variant is soft enough for side sleepers, enabling the body to comfortably sink into its surface. The firm variant is also among the firmest memory foam mattresses available. With its cradling support feature, the mattress is ideal for plus-size individuals.
  • SoFresh: This type is designed for sensitive individuals who suffer from allergies, sensitive skin, or asthma. The cover is treated to withstand mold and bacteria; that way, it stays clean longer. The Nova mattress’ upper layer is infused with copper to protect sleepers from irritants. Providing a medium feel, the mattress is ideal for those who appreciate cushy surfaces to lie on.
  • Overnight Recovery: This type features a top layer of EVENcor GelPlus that offers optimum cooling and cushioning. The middle layer features responsive foam, allowing sleepers to toss and turn comfortably. The mattress offers a medium feel that is balanced, perfect for those who wish to sleep without constantly being interrupted.
  • Advanced Back Support: Based on Novaform mattress reviews, this variant is ideal for supine and prone sleepers who suffer from backaches. The mattress’ pain-alleviating properties are in the center layer that features responsive foam meant to keep the spine straight and aligned. With its 9-inch support foam base layer, even plus-size individuals get ample support with negligible sagging.

Novaform mattress on a bed.


Novaform is a highly trusted brand that offers the best quality mattresses. All the models feature many variants, from firm to soft, with additional options for individuals with backaches and allergies. Overall, Novaform offers a solid selection of mattresses for all types of sleepers.


Where to buy Novaform mattresses?

These mattresses are available at Costco stores or their website. They are also available for purchase online (be sure to check our top table). If ordered online, the shipping time is 3 to 5 business days.

What size is a Novaform mattress?

Nova mattresses come in varying sizes based on their variants. The usual sizes offered are: Full, Twin, Queen, King, California king.

How to clean a Novaform mattress?

To clean a Nova mattress, take a dampened soft cloth and put a small amount of clear liquid soap on it. Spot clean the mattress with the cloth. Afterward, use a sponge to remove any excess soap on the mattress. Let it air dry.

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