Nectar Brand Pillows Review

Nectar pillows.

Do you seek a more comfortable alternative to the old-fashioned feather pillows? Or would you like to learn more about Nectar pillows since you overhead the key phrase from a work cocktail event? Do the pillows even fit into your sleeping budget? What features make them stand out from the regular solid alternatives? Yes, these are quite concerning questions.

Read along as we provide you clear-cut information on what they are, their pros and cons, different models, and average price ranges. Let’s get started! Shall we?

Nectar pillow on mattress.

What is a Nectar Pillow?

The Nectar pillow is designed to give optimal comfort with its two-premium foam support feature. It comes with an additional Visco-elastic memory foam that gives the pillow the proper rebounding feel and support for the head. A Nectar pillow is the perfect choice for a wide variety of sleepers because of its adjustable features designed to reduce firmness.

The outer cover is made of 30% Rayon and 70% Polyester which amounts to the smoothly-coarse feel on the material. Nectar pillows come with a good zipper length which makes it super easy to take out the fiber batting case for a wash. The adjustable fillings comprise foam blend, shredded foam, and squeezable fibers to help sleepers find their comfort zones.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Nectar Pillows


  • Adjustable Loft: The product was always designed with the comfort of the users in mind. Nectar pillows come with an adjustable loft that enables the sleeper to remove or add the inner fillings to their personal preference. People love how accessible the long zipper length makes it way easy to adjust the firmness or thickness of the pillow
  • Smooth and Squeezable Tencel: On those long nights when you have a million thoughts running through your mind, you can easily squeeze and adjust the Nectar pillow as you wish. The outer cover comes in a finely woven fabric that supports firm and smooth contour on the neck and cheek
  • Great Rebounding Effect: Each pillow comes with a great amount of Dunlop latex that provides a comforting rebound effect. The breathable foam composition compliments the Dunlop latex for maximal ventilation on all sides of the pillow
  • Contour & Cooling Features: Nectar pillows are mild on the skin. They are constructed with memory foams which is why they retain so much heat during use. The air pockets make airflow with the pillow possible unlike what we get from solid foam pillows. Everyone loves the poly-blend cover because it’s completely breathable
  • Removable & Washable Cover: The fabric on the pillow is a great dirt-repellent that can be easily washed with hands. With the zipper length, you can always remove the fillings to clean the cover as often as you wish. The woven fabric does just fine under a gentle cycle was provided you go gentle with the settings of the machine


  • It only comes in one size: The odd size is a big concern. People are mostly concerned about the size of a pillow before making a purchase. In this case, the pillow size isn’t just as cozy enough to fit into everyone’s preferences. Perhaps if it was constructed in varying size options, that would have helped people make their preferred choices.
  • Average Foam Quality: While it's understandable that a lot of pillow manufacturers are looking to reduce waste by going for adjustable fillings, this product could have gone through a better-quality check. Even as fillings, they do feel like the producer swept off foam scraps from the floor and shoved them into the pillow.

Nectar pillows.

Different Nectar Pillow Models Available

The Nectar Company is popularly known for its Nectar Mattress product alongside adjustable bed bases, blankets, bed frames, and mattress protectors. So far, Nectar has only released two models of its Nectar Pillow. Since the first model didn’t meet the market expectations, we got the latest model which considerably offers more astounding comfort and relaxation features. You would know by the customer’s reviews on their website.

This new model is the perfect choice for side sleepers, persons struggling with back or neck pain, and people that prefer the comfort of memory foam. The latest Nectar pillow provides the right amount of support that's needed to get a sound and comfortable sleep. It promotes itself as a product that offers a customizable sleep experience. As always, you get an explicit product description of your Nectar pillow before making a purchase.

Average Prices of Nectar Pillows

Nectar is a people’s brand and their products are quite competitive in the foam, mattress, and pillow market. Nectar pillows come at affordable rates compared to other memory foam pillows in the sleep industry. You can always purchase a Nectar pillow for under $75 without missing out on the relaxing features of a memory foam. Of course, this is a fair price range for the high-quality adjustable pillow option as well.

Buying from retail dealers might inflate the price of purchase but of course, you'd be getting the product earlier than it takes for shipping from Nectar. Ideally, it should not cost more than $80-$90 even when shopping from retail stores. Nectar also has a payment partnership with Affirm that allows its customers to purchase their products in installments. If your application gets approved you can make installments of $13 monthly for a Nectar pillow.

Nectar pillow review.


Nectar allows a 50-day sleep window which the company believes is enough time to decide if customers would like to keep or return the product. The Nectar pillow offers great neck support and adjustability required for maximal comfort. You'd get a good heat retention experience on the $75 Nectar pillow deal with a great cooling feature. Most reviews on Nectar pillow talk about how people love the cover and the comforting feeling of the foam against their skin and face.

With that said, we're sure they could have done more with the size options. Not everyone likes their pillow long and having to squeeze or fold them to fit their personal preferences. If the pillows come in different sizes, it'd provide shoppers with a few size options for their comfort. Asides from that, it's the perfect choice for side sleepers and people struggling with neck and back pain.


How to wash a Nectar pillow?

Since the Nectar pillow is a good dirt repellent, cleaning can be done by hand wash without aggressive cleaning chemicals. You’d want to maintain the tender and woven fabric texture for as long as possible. There’s also the alternative of washing in a gentle cycle machine.

Does the Nectar pillow best for me?

Regardless of your preferred sleeping position or body type, Nectar pillows come with an adjustable loft that allows you to remove or add the fillings. Based on your personal preference, you can reduce the firmness to suit your sleeping position. It's pretty much designed with YOU in mind!

Are Nectar pillows good for your sleep?

For a great amount of sleep, you need a pillow that provides good comfort to your neck and head. Memory foams in Nectar pillows are mild to your skin are comes with Dunlop latex that provides a maximal rebound effect to reduce the pressure on your neck. You can rest assured to get great ventilation if you are a stomach sleeper.

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