Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review.

Buying a new mattress can be stressful. Mattresses are an important investment, especially considering the fact that whatever mattress you choose could be with you for up to a decade. On top of that, mattresses aren’t exactly cheap, so you want to be really sure about your decision. It can be especially difficult for young people buying a mattress for the first time; they have no frame of reference for buying a mattress, and many mattress brands have started to capitalize on this by advertising on social media, streaming sites, and podcasts. That’s why we’ve created this Nectar mattress review, to help you find the best mattress available to suit your needs. Check out the table below for some of our favorite Nectar mattresses, and keep reading to learn more.

Nectar mattress in room.

Construction and Design of Nectar Mattress

There are a number of different mattress types out there, but the two most common are innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. Nectar mattresses are the memory foam type, but the design goes deeper than that.

The base layer of a Nectar mattress is seven inches of strong, supportive foam to improve the performance of the layers above it. In the middle is a three-inch layer of dynamically adjusting foam to isolate movement. The whole thing is topped with three inches of temperature-responsive foam and a breathable quilted cover so that you can sleep at the ideal temperature.

The Nectar mattress can be a great mattress for people who suffer from back pain. Stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers alike can enjoy this mattress design.

Benefits of Using Nectar Mattress

You’ll get several benefits from using the Nectar mattress, including:

  • Cool sleep
  • Five layers of premium memory foam
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • 1-year home trial

The design of the Nectar mattress, which we’ve discussed above, provides a handful of benefits on its own. The temperature-sensitive top layer of memory foam and the cool quilted cover ensure that you stay at the perfect temperature. Likewise, the middle and base layers are constructed with premium materials to isolate movement and support your sleep. The mattress’s lower cover is shift-resistant and holds everything together, no matter what.

Nectar also offers additional benefits to help you enjoy their mattress even more. They offer free shipping and, on the off-chance that you don’t love their mattress, free returns. They also give you a full 365 days to try out the mattress and see if it’s right for you before making your final decision.

Nectar mattress and family.

Average Pricing and Sizes of Nectar Mattresses

Nectar mattresses can be purchased in any size you might need: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, cal king, or split king. There are a few different types of Nectar mattress available, and they fall into different price ranges. Of course, the price of an individual mattress will also vary depending on the size.

Here are the price ranges for each size of a mattress, depending on the model type:

  • Twin: $499-$1099
  • Twin XL: $669-$1149
  • Full: $799-$1399
  • Queen: $899-$1499
  • King: $1199-$1799
  • Cal King: $1199-$1799
  • Split King: $1338-$2298

These prices are under Nectar’s current ongoing sale, which offers $400-$600 of savings depending on the type of mattress model you choose. Prices are higher when a sale is not running, but as you can see, the model and size of the mattress have a much more significant impact on the price.

Nectar Mattress Models Available

There are currently three types of Nectar mattresses available. The first, their “standard”, flagship mattress, is simply called “the Nectar mattress”. It has the five layers of memory foam and temperature-control technology that we described above, without any extra bells and whistles. It is a simple premium mattress for almost anybody. Nectar also offers the Nectar premium mattress, which is like an upgraded version of their normal mattress. This model offers an extra inch of height from premium materials and has an additional focus on temperature, with PCM-infused gel memory foam for enhanced cooling and comfort. Of course, these extra benefits are also reflected in the price.

The most expensive and most luxurious model is the Nectar premium copper mattress. This model boasts an extra two inches more than the standard, for maximum support and comfort. It is also designed with heat-conductive copper fibers woven into the cover, to give you the coolest sleep experience possible.

Nectar memory foam mattress.


The Nectar mattress is one of the best memory foam mattress options on the market, no matter who you are or how you sleep. From the supportive base to the comfort layers to the heat-wicking sleep fabric technology on top, everything about it is designed to give you the most comfortable sleep of your life. You can relieve yourself of back pain and relieve the planet of undue stress by choosing a Nectar mattress, since their products are 100% carbon neutral as of January 2022.

If you think a Nectar mattress sounds right for you, all that’s left to do is choose the size and model that you need. Remember that the different features of the premium and premium copper models make them more expensive, but for many people, it’s worth the extra investment. And if you act soon, you may be able to take advantage of a sale that offers huge savings!


Where can you buy Nectar mattresses?

Nectar mattresses are available online as well as in-store, at 2000 mattress and furniture stores nationwide, and you can use the store locator on the Nectar website to find a store near you. You can also purchase Nectar mattresses directly from their website. Purchasing from the website allows you to easily see all options they offer and compare with other brands, and shipping is always 100% free when you shop online with Nectar. Due to COVID-19, some of Nectar’s retail partner stores may be temporarily closed or have new business hours, so it’s always best to check before visiting.

Is the Nectar mattress right for me?

The Nectar mattress is a very successful memory foam mattress for stomach, back, and side sleepers, and they are especially useful for people who suffer from back pain. However, Nectar knows that the only way to know if their mattress is right for you is to try it out, which is why they offer a 365-night home trial for all mattresses. You can sleep on a Nectar mattress for up to a full year (keeping in mind that it takes around 30 days to “break in” a new mattress) to test it out.

What is the average price of a Nectar mattress?

The price of a Nectar mattress depends on the size, the model, and any current sales. They can range from under $500 (for a twin Nectar mattress during a sale) to nearly $3000 (for a split king Nectar premium copper mattress at full price), so researching the exact model and size that you want and timing your purchase with the best savings is the only way to know for sure how much it will cost.

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