MyPillows Brand Pillows Review

My pillow reviews.

MyPillow is one of the most trusted brands in the market, providing comfort at a reasonable price. You might have seen many of their advertisements and wondered if buying a pillow from the company is worth the hype. Our team of experts has personally tried these pillows to deliver the most honest possible review to you. Our MyPillow review will help you find out:

  • What they are like.
  • The pros and cons of buying a MyPillow pillow.
  • The different types of pillows available, some popular models, and their average prices.

We have also put forward our experts' top picks to help you choose the best MyPillow product for yourself which will save a lot of your time.

My pillow review.

What is MyPillow - What Makes it Different?

MyPillow, a company based in the USA, produces comfy pillows made from 100 percent cotton and the unique high-quality shredded polyurethane foam with patented interlocking. This is soft to the touch, fluffy, and breathable, setting it apart from the regular low-quality pillows.

The company offers pillow options for all kinds of sleepers, making it popular among consumers. It also offers custom sizes to help you choose the pillow that is the best fit for you. Other than that, depending on the fill, you can also select the level of the firmness of the pillow.

The brand offers a long money-back and replacement warranty which makes them appropriate to invest in for quality sleep.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying a Mypillow

Quality sleep is something everyone wants after a hectic day, and your pillow plays a vital role in ensuring that you sleep well. To put forward this My Pillow review, we have tried to look at both the positives and negatives to ensure you make an informed decision while buying your pillow.

Benefits of Choosing MyPillow


The brand lets you choose your pillow according to the size and fit of your T-shirt. This ensures that you don’t choose a large chunky pillow when you want a smaller one. A chart is available on MyPillow’s website to help you choose the right size. Besides that, a guide on the website inquires about your sleeping preferences and helps you choose the best product. This way, you do not have to look through many options and spend time finding the features you want in your pillow.

You can also choose the level of firmness of your pillow. There are four levels of firmness which are as follows:

  • Blue Level: This is described as the most firm and is suitable for side sleepers.
  • Green Level: This is a firm pillow and is suitable for side sleepers.
  • White Level: Medium firm pillow, suitable for back sleepers.
  • Yellow Level: Least firm or the softest pillow, mostly suitable for stomach sleepers.
  • Breathable: The shredded polyurethane foam makes the pillow super breathable and helps you have a sound, uninterrupted sleep. This also helps in the body's temperature regulation, which is a great feature for summers. Moreover, the breathability prevents the accumulation of dust mites and bacteria, preventing allergies and positively impacting your health.


MyPillow products offer a ten-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that even though these pillows will cost you more than regular pillows, they are more durable. You don’t have to buy new pillow filling every time it gets dirty as you can just wash them at home following the care manual instructions provided with the product and also available on the website.

Drawbacks of Buying a MyPillow

  • Lack of adjustment features: Where the brand offers custom sizes for its customers, their interlocking makes them less adjustable than other pillows. You may want a firmer pillow if you suddenly have to change your sleeping position, and you won’t be able to do that with the MyPillow pillow.
  • Lumpy texture: The shredded foam present in MyPillow does not provide a texture suitable for everyone. Where many claim that it provides extra comfort, stomach sleepers may disagree as the lumpiness disturbs sleep and, in some cases, may cause neck pains.
  • Verpriced: We agree that the price aligns with the warranty it provides, but the case may be different for some buyers. If you wish to claim your warranty due to the pillow not suiting your needs, you must pay for the shipping charges yourself.
Benefits Drawbacks
Customized fits available Fewer adjustment features within set sizes
Durable Lumpy Texture
Breathable Overpriced in terms of product quality

My pillow classic.

Different MyPillow Pillow models available in the market

Mypillow offers a wide range of pillows, with each pillow offering unique features designed for comfortable sleep. We have discussed the most popular models below:

Model name Description
Mypillow Classic Pillow The company’s first pillow model comes with a cotton cover and polyurethane foam filling. It usually comes in two firmness level options, but you may find more options at some stores
Premium Pillow Constructed the same as the classic model, this pillow comes with thicker edges making it more comfortable to sleep on. It also has more fill than the classic pillow
GoAnywhere Pillow This model is designed specifically for traveling and comes with a “Roll and Go” case making it easy to carry. Using this helps prevent neck sprains during long traveling hours.
Giza Elegance Pillow Also considered as the luxury Mypillow pillow option, this is made of Giza-88 cotton and comes with a 2-inch gusset. This makes the pillow more breathable and softer to rest on.

Types and Average My Pillow Pillow Prices

Other than the models we have mentioned above, there are more options within these models that you can select according to your preference. This includes the firmness levels (mentioned above) and sizes available in these models. We have provided a general overview of prices in the table below. However, discounts are often available on promo codes:

Pillow Style Pillow size Price on the official website
Classic Standard $79.98
Classic King $89.98
Premium Standard $79.98
Premium King $79.88

Man with My pillow.


MyPillow pillows provide proper support to the neck and body, and the brand offers good customer service in terms of the warranty. Pillows of this brand are ideal for side sleepers and less ideal for stomach sleepers. The details we have mentioned in our My Pillow review will help you have an honest opinion about their quality.

Some may find it overpriced because it is less adjustable than other brands of memory foam pillows. So, whether you will like this brand or not depends on your sleeping position and the level of firmness you want in your pillow.


How to wash the MyPillow pillow?

You can easily wash the pillows in a washing machine. Use a mild detergent and cold or warm water to wash the pillow. Avoid dry cleaning and the use of bleach to clean the pillows. Wash the pillows every 3-4 months to rejuvenate the foam filling.

What sizes of MyPillow are available?

Two main sizes available in My Pillows are king size and queen/standard size. Moreover, pillows are also available according to your fit based on your T-shirt size, a size chart of which is available on their website.

How often should I change the MyPillow pillow?

As My Pillow reviews suggest, the product is quite durable. They have a 10-year warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to change it after every few years. You can simply wash it to rejuvenate the foam or replace it if the foam is still flat after washing.

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