Best Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows.

If you’re considering buying a memory foam pillow, you’ve come to the right place. But as we all know, not all memory foam pillows were created equally. Some are better than others, and understanding what separates the best from the rest is critical.

Therefore, you need to look at factors like the pillow material, durability, whether it has antiallergenic properties, and so much more.

All of these factors add up when considering what the right memory foam pillow is for you. But if you want to get right to it, check out our table of the best memory foam pillows below.

What Is a Memory Foam Pillow?

Memory foam big pillow.

Before we get into finding the best memory foam pillow, let’s identify exactly what it is. In the most general sense, a memory foam pillow is a pillow that moulds to your sleeping position. The objective here is that the pillow adjusts to provide you with the very best sleep possible. This is possible thanks to some engineering geniuses who discovered that a firm memory foam pillow can help with restful sleep and a whole range of other things.

Types Of Memory Foam Pillows

Like other pillow variations in the market today, memory foam pillows come in various shapes and sizes. The most popular of these are discussed below.

Contour memory foam pillow

A contoured foam pillow is essentially a pillow that consists of one piece of memory foam material. This is quite different from shredded pillows detailed below. These provide better support and are certainly firmer than their counterparts. Of course, such a firm feel might not be for everyone, but each to their own!

You can typically get these as a king size memory foam pillow, queen, and other sizes too. This makes it a very flexible choice. Aside from the one-piece memory foam, these pillows also have solid ridges/grooves at the top and bottom of the pillow. This allows for depression in the middle of the pillow where you can rest your head.

Shredded memory foam pillow

Hand on memory foam pillow.

In contrast to the contoured memory foam pillow listed above, these ones are not made of one-piece of material. Instead, the memory foam material is shredded up, which is where the name comes from. This creates a softer feel to the pillow, while still allowing the pillow to mould to your preferred sleeping position. There is no natural cut to these pillows either, meaning that the depression in contoured pillows doesn’t necessarily exist here.

Traditional (single piece) memory foam pillow

Don’t confuse this variation with the contoured memory foam pillows. You can think of this as a pillow that provides a middle ground between the shredded memory foam pillow and a contoured variation. It doesn’t have the same grooves as a contoured pillow, however, which leads many customers to believe that it isn’t quite as comfortable. With that said, traditional memory foam pillows are definitely a more cost-effective way of getting your hands on these pillows.

Benefits Of Using Memory Foam Pillows

A man sleeps on a memory foam pillow.

Trying to unearth the best memory foam pillow is something that many people want to achieve. However, not everyone understands the true benefits of obtaining these pillows, to begin with. But beneath all of the hype, there are some very real benefits of purchasing a memory foam pillow:

  • More comfortable than regular pillows: This is a common bit of praise that users of memory foam pillows will give. Since the pillow conforms to your preferred sleeping position and provides extra support in general, many feel it’s a more comfortable pillow. Of course, this is particularly true for people who prefer a firm pillow instead of the very soft ones.
  • Great for neck and spine stability: Since memory foam pillows are made of strong materials, they offer much better support for the spine and neck. In actual fact, these pillows are very good at helping to align the spine and keep your neck in a more natural position when sleeping. Ever woken up with a stiff neck? This should (in theory) be a thing of the past with memory foam pillows.
  • Modern-day pillows are hypoallergenic: This isn’t strictly unique to any individual memory foam pillow. Instead, it’s more of a common characteristic across the board. For those who suffer from allergies, both in the daytime and at night, these pillows can offer substantial relief. Think of things like dust mites and general fluff - these pillows aim to eliminate these from the area.
  • Truly a unique sleep: When you get your own memory foam pillow, nobody else will be experiencing the same sleep. After all, that’s the whole point! Nobody sleeps in the same way or position as somebody else, and this pillow truly emphasizes that fact.

How Long Will a Memory Foam Pillow Last?

Pillows on the bed mattress.

Memory foam pillows can indeed be pricier than other variations. Then again, that’s something to be expected given the quality of them. So, when you make the investment, it’s perfectly normal to wonder how long that pillow might last. Generally speaking, the best memory foam pillows should last around 2-3 years. That’s pretty decent compared to other varieties, which makes the additional cost worth it for many people.

With this said, the durability of your memory foam pillow depends on its treatment and how well you take care of it. For example, regular washes and exchanges with other pillows should extend their lifespan!


It goes without saying that the market is full of various memory foam pillows you could buy. This is true of any popular product really. But with that said, if you want to grab one that would be viewed as the best memory foam pillow, we highly recommend you stick to the suggestions displayed above. We sincerely hope that this review of such pillows helps you to make the most informed choice too.


Are memory foam pillows good for your sleep?

Absolutely. As shown throughout, these pillows adapt to your sleeping position, provide great support, and they can even help with allergies as well as temperature control. Of course, the exact memory foam pillow you choose will determine what benefits you get.

How do I wash my memory foam pillows?

Cleaning your memory foam pillow is relatively easy to do. Assuming you want to give the pillow a deep clean, you can soak it in the sink or bathtub with regular detergent. A couple of hours should do the trick!

How much do memory foam pillows cost?

For a top-quality memory foam pillow, you are likely looking at an investment of $30-$60. Anything below this range likely won’t be of fantastic quality, whereas anything above makes it less affordable for most. Naturally, the pillow you choose to buy will depend on your own personal financial position.

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