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Also known as "Bed in a Box", mattresses in a box have become quite a popular choice in the last few years. Historically, mattress buyers could visit physical stores to select their mattress of choice, then make arrangements with the retailer on how to get the new purchase delivered to their homes. Today, things have changed a lot, with new ‘Bed in a Box’ brands allowing consumers to place an order for a new mattress online.

Compared to their brick-and-mortar competitors, "Bed in a Box" brands face low over-head costs, giving them the chance to sell their products at cheaper prices. The best mattress in a box brands offers free delivery in their countries of operations (sometimes even outside their borders). In addition to this, buyers get free sleep trials, in which they get to test the new mattresses in a bid to determine if the investment is worth it. There are some shoppers who get hesitating when it comes to purchasing a mattress from an online store without having tested it prior. For some, the main point of concern is in the shipping procedure, which usually entails the mattress being compressed in a compact bag or box. In our guide today, we’ll take you through all matters mattress in a box including certain factors to keep in mind, especially if you are a first-time purchaser. The table below highlights some of our top picks for "Bed in a Box" options.

What is a Mattress in a Box?


The term "Bed in a Bag" refers to any mattress model from an online retailer brand, usually compressed then packaged in a box or bag for direct delivery to the buyer. These mattress options are similar incompatibility to those in physical stores in terms of performance and construction. The key difference between both, however, is in the pricing models. Seeing as only brands don’t necessarily have salaried/ commissioned salespeople, they lack some overhead costs that many physical stores have. Given this reason, a mattress in a box will be relatively cheaper than one gotten from a conventional brick-and-mortar store.

Getting a mattress ready for shipping is as easy and straight forward as it can get. Usually, the mattress is compressed by use of a huge press. It is then enclosed in a plastic wrap then rolled to form a sort of cylinder. The entire process is referred to as ‘Roll Packing’. It reduces the mattress into a compact-sized package that can fit into a special bag or box that can then be shipped through normal ground delivery. For most consumers, there is a misconception that roll-packaging causes damage to the new mattress. However, a mattress in box is designed in such a way that it is highly resilient. As soon as you unwrap the plastic casing, all layers unfold almost naturally, until the point where the mattress acquires its intended shape and size in full. Any coils, foams, and other mattress components should recover fully in a maximum of two days without any damage caused to the mattress.

Main benefits

Reduced Prices

According to most mattresses in a box reviews boxed mattresses tend to be relatively cheaper as compared to the models found in physical stores. This is as a result of the overhead costs faced by brick-and-mortar locations, seeing as they have to run physical stores and even employ numerous sales personnel.

Convenience in shopping

You can purchase a full-size mattress in a box in just a couple of mouse clicks. Better yet, you do not have to visit any physical store. If you live in rural areas, things are even better for you!

No sales staff

While most salespeople employed at physical stores are highly knowledgeable on the various products sold, sometimes they come off as a little bit too pushy. Online stores, on the other hand, have live chat sessions with customer experience personnel. You have the option of going through the FAQs section to get all the information you might need. You can also get to browse through the website for a full product description and images of the various products on offer. With such options, you feel less pressured and overwhelmed.

Mattress In Box In A Room.

Free delivery

Thanks to their great compression, you can get your king-size mattress in a box or queen-size mattress in a box shipped to at zero extra cost. There are a lot of ground courier service providers that online stores have partnered up with to bring this convenience right to your doorstep. There are some online brands that have taken matters to a whole new level, offering white glove delivery. This is a process that includes in-house assembly as well as old mattress discarding.

Sleep trials

Most customers will tend to be doubtful about purchasing a mattress that they have not tried out. Most physical stores will allow the consumer to try out the different feels. However, a few minutes of trying may not give the entire representation of what to expect from a particular mattress brand. Most online stores, offer consumers free trials for a given duration during which they can decide if the memory foam mattress in a box or hybrid mattress in a box works for them or not. If they are not satisfied, the store can offer them a different brand, or even a full refund! Most sleep trials last for approximately 90 nights, with some going even for a whole year!

How long will My Mattress in a Box Last?

If you buy your queen mattress in a box from a reputable online retailer, then its durability should be just as fine as buying it from a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Innerspring mattresses are ranked among the least-durable ones available (5 to 6 years). All foam options and pocketed-coil ones go for about 7 years while latex form mattresses last up to 9 years.

Big mattress in the box in the room.


A lot of time is spent on your mattress. As such, finding the perfect brand is highly paramount. Online mattress brands have changed the way of doing things by allowing shoppers to try out the best fitting brands in the comfort of their homes as opposed to a brief guess at the physical store. Twin mattress in a box offers come well compressed and highly rolled up, making them quite easy to get delivered to a location most convenient to you.


Is a mattress in a box good for your sleep?

"Bed in a box" mattresses come in a wide array of options; thus, there is no single one that can be deemed as the best option out there. Your choice of mattress in a box full size option is all dependent on your personal preferences and needs. Be sure to go for one that meets your budget, firmness level, warranty options, and such features.

What is the best mattress in a box for side sleepers?

The best choice depends on sleep posture, firmness preference, body type as well as weight. Be sure to opt for a model that offers a perfect balance in terms of support and body contouring. As a side sleeper, a mattress that has thick memory foam would be most ideal.

What is the best mattress in a box for sleepers with back pain?

There are tons of options when it comes to mattresses in a box. For best back pain alleviation, it would be best to go for a mattress with robust comfort and body contouring features. This way, the mattress is able to hug and compress the body for optimal comfort.

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