Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers.

A good mattress can be a perfect investment in sound sleep. Investing in the right mattress can improve the quality of your sleep and, ultimately, your health. If you develop shoulder and neck pains from sleeping on your stomach, it’s because your bed isn’t for that sleeping position. That's right. Knowing the kind of mattress, you should get based on your sleeping position is the trick to achieving sound, quality, and painless sleep. To make things even much easier, here is a table showing our top picks for the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

How To Choose the Ideal Mattress for Stomach Sleepers?

There are many kinds of mattresses for stomach sleepers, and when it comes to choosing the ideal one, it can be challenging. One method that makes the process easier is thinking about your comfort and the best support for you. Yes, leave the beauty of the bed for now. Here is how to determine the right mattress for you.

  • The first thing to do is select what position you sleep in most nights. Your reason for such a sleeping position might be based on body pain, an illness, or just preference. Either way, your mattress has to match your sleeping position. A stomach sleeper should get a mattress that offers both support and cushioning at the same time.
  • Another thing to take into account before choosing the ideal bed is your medical condition. If you have some related health conditions, you should consider the firmness and material of the mattress you choose. There are different levels of mattress firmness, and there are various types of materials used in making a mattress. The level of mattress firmness depends on your age and weight. Because older people need a softer mattress (due to their soft and weak skin tissues) and younger sleepers can opt for a harder bed. If you happen to share your bed with a partner, then it is advisable to also consider your partner when picking the ideal bed.

What Type of Mattress Is Best?

If you are a stomach sleeper, then you might be wondering what mattress is best for your sleeping position. Although there is no perfect mattress for everyone, there are some criteria to consider before picking the best mattress for stomach sleepers, especially if you get frequent back pains or neck sores. There are four (4) mattress types for stomach sleepers to choose from. They are latex, memory foam, hybrid and innerspring mattresses.

  • Latex mattress: The latex mattress is made from a synthetic material that can be likened to rubber. And just like rubber, it gently bounces back during movement, which makes it possible to distribute weight easily. It also doesn't retain moisture, so the heat from your sweat (if you are a heavy sweater), can't result in allergens (mold and dust mites). The latex mattress also doesn't possess a pore for the breeding of these allergens. A latex mattress also offers support, especially when switching between sleeping positions.
  • Foam Mattress: A foam mattress, also known as memory foam, is a great choice for stomach sleepers, especially if you don't change sleeping positions frequently. Memory foam mattress for stomach sleepers is made from a viscoelastic material that allows the mattress to sink when you lie on it. It then returns to its original shape when you get up.

    The memory foam mattress for stomach sleepers creates a mold of your body which makes for a comfortable rest. This type of mattress aligns your body so perfectly that your body weight is distributed equally. The downside to this mattress type, however, is that it retains body heat. Therefore, the mattress is hotter during warmer seasons. It is also more expensive when compared to other types.

  • Innerspring mattress: The innerspring mattress for stomach sleepers is another type of mattress. This type of mattress consists mainly of three parts; the core, the foundation, and the comfort layer. The core provides support (where the spring and coils are), and the foundation provides structure. The comfort layer is the soft upper layer made with either foam or fibers. The foam mattress may sometimes make you feel like you're sinking, but it gives a springing effect. Also, the mattress is firmer than most types.
  • Hybrid Mattress: The hybrid mattress is another common type of mattress for stomach sleepers. It usually combines different materials. The hybrid mattress could be a combination of innerspring and foam mattress, latex and innerspring, or a combination of all three. Hybrid mattress multi-layered, consisting of a lower layer of springs and coils and an upper layer of foam or latex. With this system, you can feel the firmness of the springs and the contouring of the memory foam. Deciding the best type of mattress for stomach sleepers depends on what you are looking for or your medical condition.

Best Firmness of Mattress for A Stomach Sleeper

One of the most important properties of a mattress is its firmness. It is what determines whether or not the mattress is best for a stomach sleeper. It is the measure of how hard or soft a mattress is. You might be wondering how you can choose easily between a soft or hard mattress. It doesn’t have to be so black and white; the firmness can be in-between. The firmness of a mattress could be soft, medium-soft, medium-firm, firm, and plush. A firm mattress doesn’t always mean good support. This means a mattress on the softer side can still offer the support you need. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference when choosing firmness for your mattress. A medium-soft or medium-firm mattress is the best mattress for a stomach sleeper.

Best Size of Mattress

The sizing of a mattress is also as important as firmness. Your decision on the size of your mattress can be influenced by your budget, the number of sleeping partners, bedroom size, height, and your sleeping position. You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where your mattress can’t fit in your bedroom. So, ensure to consider these factors before choosing a mattress. The standard sizing ranges from California king to twin size. Just like the best type of mattress for stomach sleepers, the size also depends on your choice and the few other factors mentioned earlier.

What Should You Look for In a Mattress for Stomach Sleepers?

The kind of mattress you sleep on can make or mar your day. And with so many choices, choosing the right mattress could be a little challenging. To avoid making a mistake, there are some things to look out for in a mattress, especially if you have a special sleeping position.

  1. Make sure you acknowledge the best mattress material for you (latex, foam, or fiber) since each of them has its different properties.
  2. Also, check for the pros and cons of each mattress type to know what exactly you are getting yourself into before purchase.
  3. Note that a firm mattress doesn’t always mean it’s the best. Take time to test the mattress (lay on it) and decide if it’s the one for you. For stomach sleepers, the mattress needs to be firm enough so that the midsection and hips don’t sink into the mattress.
  4. Also, reviews aren't just there for show; read reviews of those that have tried the mattress before. It is advisable to read both good and bad because reviews are sometimes subjective.

After considering these, it will be easier to choose the right mattresses for your sleeping position.


The right mattress is all about being comfortable and getting support in all the right places. And to know how to choose the best mattress for stomach sleepers, you need to know what you’re looking for. Without knowing your preferences and needs, you might be confused and end up choosing a mattress that’s not all that right for you. Choosing the right mattress doesn’t have to pain in the back. And with the tips mentioned above, you can get the best sleeping partner - your mattress.


What is the best mattress for motion transfer?

A mattress with good motion transfer will share motion energy when there is any slight movement on it. When it comes to motion transfer, the hybrid mattress and foam mattress are good mattresses for stomach sleepers. A latex mattress is good for motion transfer, depending on the way it was constructed.

Is a memory foam mattress good for stomach sleepers?

Memory foam mattress for stomach sleepers provides comfort, pressure relief, and enough support. This type of mattress can sometimes lack the support needed by stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers need their hips and midsection aligned properly. Therefore, purchasing a memory foam mattress with the right firmness might be a good option.

Is a soft or firm mattress better for stomach sleepers?

Firmness is the number one thing to consider when purchasing a mattress for stomach sleepers. But the options are not between hard and soft alone. The best choice of mattress for stomach sleepers is within a medium-soft to a medium-firm mattress. This way, you will not have to worry about stiffness or pain.

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