Best Mattresses for Scoliosis

Best Mattresses For Scoliosis.

Scoliosis happens when there's a 'sideways curvature of the spine.' This condition mainly occurs during the growth spurt before puberty. While scoliosis can transpire in individuals with muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, the causes of most childhood cases are unknown. So, if you're affected by scoliosis, getting sufficient sleep can be a real challenge. Additionally, the problem can worsen if you have the wrong mattress. Without the best scoliosis mattress, you may find yourself awake every morning in pain. Further, you will also be tossing and turning through the night. Are you looking for the best mattress for scoliosis patients? Read our comprehensive guide on the best mattress for scoliosis 2022 and find out which one suits your condition best and what factors to look for when purchasing one.

What Should People with Scoliosis Consider When Looking for A Mattress?

Remember, always collaborate with professional healthcare providers to manage scoliosis or other conditions. But if you're on your own, we can provide some tips to help you choose a mattress that will support your spine. After all, finding a mattress with all the essential features can seem an impossible task, particularly if you've got a health condition such as scoliosis. Without any further ado, here are a few factors people with scoliosis should consider when looking for a mattress:

Sleep Position

Do you know that your sleep position can affect your health? For example, if you've scoliosis and are sleeping in the wrong position, it will worsen the symptoms of your condition. However, a good mattress that goes along the sleeping position and supports the spine during sleep minimizes pain and pressure, relieving symptoms and enhancing sleep quality. Know your sleeping postures to find which level of firmness best suits you and your scoliosis condition.

Side Sleepers

Do you know that 47% of Americans are siding sleepers? So if you're a side sleeper, you aren't alone! Side sleepers require pressure relief for hips and shoulders, allowing the spine to align naturally. Always go for the soft-to-medium firm mattress as they will allow the spine to properly align without placing extra pressure on the arms and shoulders.

Man Is A Side Sleeper

Back Sleepers

Unlike side sleeping which is quite a popular sleeping position, back sleeping is rare. However, it's a great sleeping posture for scoliosis. That's because the spine contacts directly with the surface and is much easier to align. Hence, select a medium-firm mattress as it provides the necessary support and relieves pressure.

Stomach Sleepers

Health professionals don't recommend sleeping on the stomach as it can pressure the spine, intensifying stiffness and pain. However, if you sleep on your stomach, you must have a good mattress that supports this posture. Choose a medium-firm or firm mattress as they will allow the body to sag minimally, eliminating excessive pressure and giving necessary support.

Firmness Level

The firmness level largely depends on:

  • Personal preference.
  • Sleeping position.
  • Body type.

A tough mattress can cause unbearable pressure; whereas, a spongy one might fail to provide adequate support. Choosing the best mattress firmness for scoliosis is also a subjective decision. Look for a medium-firm mattress or any other that supports the spine and keeps the lower back from collapsing.


Mattress costs vary based on their construction and material. Therefore, people with scoliosis may have to spend between $600 to $1000 or higher to get a good mattress that supports their lower back. Compared to other materials, a memory foam mattress is more affordable. However, if you seek more features such as cooling, etc., you'll have to pay extra.

Quality Materials

Every mattress will sag eventually and develop body indentations, making them unable to provide adequate pressure relief and support. However, mattresses made from superior materials like high coil counts or denser foams will last much longer than you could imagine and intend to replace. Investing in a good mattress will not only save your money but also provide you with deep sleep, keeping you in good health.

Mattresses For People With Scoliosis

Which Mattress Features Are Important for Scoliosis?

Looking for the best mattress for people with scoliosis? If so, keep these features in mind when shopping:

Pressure Relief

Based on your sleeping posture and scoliosis type, you may undergo unbearable pressure points, where some of your body parts sink in the mattress. Comforting and supportive materials such as latex or memory foam can cushion these pain points and reduce pain.

Edge Support

Edge support is crucial for people struggling to get out and in bed or with scoliosis conditions. Mattresses compressing near the edges not only provide sufficient lower back support but can also minimize the space when you share it with your partner. Innerspring and Hybrid mattress provide better edge support.

Cooling Features

A more relaxed, calm sleep setting is vital to improving your sleep quality. Remember, the ideal room temperature for good sleep is 65-67 degrees, enabling more prolonged rapid eye movement (REM) cycles and enhancing recovery. However, for people with scoliosis, mattresses with enhanced cooling features can minimize pain and inflammation. The features include:

  • Plant-based foam.
  • Gel-memory foam.
  • Open-call tech.
  • Innerspring coils.
  • Memory foam filled with graphite or copper.

If you want the best mattress for people with scoliosis, choose one with cooling features!

What Type of Mattress Is Best for Scoliosis?

Mattresses available in the market today essentially belong to either hybrid, memory foam, latex, or innerspring types. Since they're made somewhat similarly, these mattresses resemble one another regarding their feel and performance.

Here are a few types of mattresses for people with scoliosis:

  • Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses are one of the most conventional mattresses that feature supportive cores with thin layers of foam. They're affordable, but they lack adequate comfort layers necessary for pressure relief and conforming.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam mattresses provide a delicate balance of pressure relief and support based on firmness levels. They're made from dense foam and feature different layers or more than one layer of soft foam. A medium-firm mattress with conforming layers is usually the best mattress for scoliosis as it keeps your spine properly aligned.
  • Latex: A Latex mattress comes with a latex base or dense foam and latex foam in comfort layers. They are slightly expensive and are responsive than most other mattress types, including memory foam.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid mattress merges features of both memory foam and innerspring mattress. It is designed specifically with the pocketed support core and layers of polyfoam or memory foam to relieve pressure.

Like memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses are also a good choice for people with scoliosis conditions as they provide various firmness levels, material quality, and unique features such as cooling top layers.

Orthopedic Mattress For Scoliosis


Which is the best mattress for scoliosis? The answer is that they vary based on the material used and their exact structure. In addition to that, a good mattress for scoliosis also depends on a person's needs. Still, wondering what kind of mattress for scoliosis you should opt for? Check our top table list, and select the best one now!


What Type of Mattress Is Best for Scoliosis?

Whether you choose Innerspring, Latex, or Hybrid mattress type, all are suitable if you have scoliosis. However, if you want the best type of mattress for scoliosis, choose a memory foam mattress as it relieves pressure and provides enhanced support.

What Kind of Firmness Does a Mattress Need For Scoliosis?

Typically, firm to medium-firm mattresses are ideal for people suffering from scoliosis conditions. Though firmness level depends on sleep position and other factors, any mattress is suitable for scoliosis if it provides enough support and minimizes pressure points.

What Sleeping Position Is Best for Scoliosis?

Many scoliosis sufferers find back sleeping one of the best and effective sleeping positions to keep the spine neutral.

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