Best rated Mattresses for Hip Pain

Best mattress firmness for hip pain.

Anyone who has ever experienced hip pain knows how frustrating it can be. It is like the pain is there but, you cannot locate it. The pain becomes even more evident whenever your beauty sleep is cut short. Then you begin to ask yourself: “What is the best mattress for hip pain?” All these could have been a different story if you were using an Orthopedic mattress, and this proves the relationship between your mattress and hip pain.

An orthopedic mattress is designed to evenly spread your body weight across the mattress. It is known to provide adequate support for your body and alleviate pain.

To assist, we have selected some of the best mattresses for hip pain 2022 in the table below to make your purchase decision less tasking and faster. You will find basic information about the mattresses for hip pain and how to get them. Enjoy the tour.

What Should People with Hip Pain Consider when Looking for a Mattress?

Best mattress for hip osteoarthritis.

If you are experiencing hip pain, here are a few things you should consider when looking for a mattress:

  • Level of support: The first thing you should look out for when looking for a mattress to help relieve hip pain is the level of support. You need to get a mattress that supports your body shape, pressure point and aligns your spine. Without enough support level, the mattress may end up aggravating the pain instead of easing it. A mattress with adequate support will help relieve pain and promote quality sleep.
  • Firmness: There are several reasons you should consider the firmness of a mattress before buying it. The first reason is your weight. If you weigh over 230 pounds, a mattress with a firmer surface will be best for you. That is because soft mattresses may sink deeper when you lay on them and fail to support your weight and body shape. As a weighty person, please note that you can get hip pain from soft mattresses.
  • Sleeping position: The second reason you should check out the mattress firmness is your sleeping position. The best mattress for side sleepers with hip pain is the one with a medium to a firm surface. That means as a person who likes to sleep on their side, a medium or firm level will help balance your spine and relieve pain in your hips.

What Mattress Features are Important for Hip Pain?

Several quality mattresses help in getting good sleep. However, some mattress types are specifically tailored to alleviate hip pain. Check out the features of hip pain-relieving mattresses below:

  • Firmness: Mattresses that relieve pain of any kind are supposed to be firm enough to support your weight. Yes, it should conform to your body shape, but that does not mean it has to be extra fluffy. A firm mattress will provide the needed support for your back and hips while relieving pain. The feature also ensures the mattress bounces back to its initial form after use. That way, it does not lose its support and lasts longer.
  • Weight distribution: The contortion feature is something all mattresses that relieve hip pain possess. The mattress must have the ability to align with the natural shape of your body and alleviate tension in your pressure points. This feature helps the hips heal on time. That is because the mattress assumes your body weight and shape perfectly.
  • Support: If a mattress does not provide support, it cannot relieve pain. An unsupportive mattress will only sink your body into the bed with distributing weight and position your pressure point in an awkward position. That is why you have to be careful about the firmness level of the mattress you are planning to buy. If a heavyweight person goes for soft foam, their weight will not be supported. It is important to choose a mattress that provides adequate support for you; always remember that.

Mattress in a bed.

What Type of Mattress Is Best For Hip Pain?

A quick scan through mattress reviews will reveal the magnitude of pain-relieving mattresses available. However, some of those best mattresses have proven to be more effective than their counterparts.

The following are the best mattresses for hip bursitis, osteoarthritis, and other types of hip pain:

  • Hybrid: if you have not discovered it, your memory foam or latex foam has hybrid support beneath. Most of the regular mattresses we use are a combination of hybrid and some other foam. Hybrid foam mattresses possess coils that provide extra support and springiness. You usually will not find a 100% hybrid mattress because springs and foam should be combined to be called hybrid. The combination of hybrid foam mattresses makes them one of the best mattresses for hip osteoarthritis.
  • Innerspring: mattresses with innerspring are firm and supportive. One of the critical criteria for choosing the best mattress for painful hips is support. That means innerspring mattresses are qualified to be listed among the possible hip pain relieving mattresses. Like hybrid mattresses, innerspring is usually combined with memory foam or latex to provide adequate support and conformity.
  • Latex: mattresses made with latex foam are moldable and supportive. They are generally great at relieving pressure points and pain. They are one of the best mattresses for back and hip pain because of their pain-relieving features. You might want to choose latex foams if you love sleeping cold too. Like that, you can enjoy quality sleep while relieving your hip pain.

An elderly woman with hip-pain sits on a mattress.


Choosing the best mattress for hip pain alleviation becomes an easy quest when you understand the criteria for selection. This guide is tailored to help make your shopping experience less time-consuming and assist you in making the best choice. Did you find this article helpful? Have a pain-relieving sleep on your new mattress!


What type of mattress is best for hip pain?

There are several mattresses for hip pain. However, the best of them are innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and hybrid mattresses.

What kind of firmness does a mattress need for hip pain?

The best mattress firmness for hip pain is medium to firm levels. Although, the firmness should not be extra. A mattress that is too soft or too firm may end up causing hip pain.

What sleeping position is best for hip pain?

Back and stomach sleeping positions do not require putting pressure on your hips. A chronic side sleeper should try other sleeping positions pending hip pain alleviation.

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