Best Mattress for Athletes

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The life of an athlete can be hectic, and after a tough day of training, exercise, or any match, and a good night’s sleep is something athletes most need. Sleep helps build focus and improves brain to body coordination.

A good sports mattress is essential to support the athlete’s body and help him recover from the exertion. Some mattresses are designed primarily to provide extra comfort to athletes to relieve aches with unique additional layers to provide a pressure-relieving effect. Many mattresses are available in the market that claims to provide this kind of support, but not all do so.

We have put forward reviews of the best mattresses for athletes, keeping in mind the quality, budget, and other specifics that will help you choose the best mattress for you and, hence, enjoy a good night’s sleep.

What Should Athletes Consider When Looking for A Mattress?

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If one is physically active, it is essential to consider certain qualities while buying the mattress they sleep in every night.

Firmness and support are two of the most important factors to consider while choosing the best mattress for athletes. Mattresses come in all sorts of hardness, ranging from extra soft to extra firm. It is vital to know that soft mattresses are not very helpful in relieving pressure from the body; thus, a higher level of firmness is required so that the mattress does not sag easily.

Extra firm mattresses have strong coils and high-density foam, which helps prevent the bed from sogging if you have a muscular physique and keep the spine aligned.

Firmness is graded on a scale of one to ten, with one being the least firm and ten being the firmest. Usually, for athletes, a firmness level of 3-5 minimum is recommended. Best mattresses for weightlifters generally have a firmness level greater than 5.

While enjoying their quality sleep, everyone has a different sleeping position in which they are most comfortable. As for athletes, there are various pressure points they often want to heal during their sleep. Back sleepers require a medium-firm mattress to prevent them from sagging and for a certain comfort level, whereas stomach sleepers prefer firmer mattress support to their hips and prevent back pain. Generally, athletes are told to sleep on their backs to keep their spine aligned and prevent back pain.

Athletes who play different sports have different body types, so the best mattress for a weightlifter may not be optimum for someone who runs marathons or plays badminton. While buying the mattress, athletes should keep in mind their body type to ensure that they get the best amount of comfort out of it.

What Mattress features are essential for athletes?

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The most important feature while choosing a mattress for athletes is relieving pressure from different parts of the body. It should be able to recharge the body and alleviate any sort of pain or soreness.

  1. It is also imperative that rather than waking up all sweaty, the mattress for an athlete can regulate the temperature of his body. This helps them stay cool and enjoy their sleep, so they are well rested for the workout the next day.
  2. A sports mattress should also be firm enough to support the spine of the athlete. This prevents back pain and helps reduce soreness in the body. Furthermore, it also helps spine alignment, reduces the pressure on the lower back and prevents pain.
  3. Recovery holds a crucial role in the physical and mental development of athletes. Best Mattresses for sports recovery help an athlete recover all of the damaged tissues after a strict exertion. The mattress helps an athlete by assisting with proper blood flow and oxygen circulation in the sore muscles resulting in a quick recovery and reducing the risks of injuries.
  4. The suitable mattresses for athletes also help an athlete maintain a good sleep schedule and also help them relieve stress, thus helping them maintain a quality mindset to perform under challenging circumstances. Best mattresses for sleep recovery are generally medium-firm to provide support and comfort.
  5. A motion isolation mattress reduces the transmission of motion from one side of the mattress to the other. Motion isolation can provide a better sleeping environment for athletes who are light sleepers. This feature helps maintain a quality sleep time for athletes and eventually helps them elevate their performance on the field.

What Is the Best Mattress for Athletes?

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Considering the factors, we have mentioned above, it is essential to know that there are many mattresses on the market that are ideal for athletes. Some of the types are latex, foam, innerspring, hybrid, memory mattress, etc.

  • Latex mattresses: are known for their firmness and it helps provide extra support and pressure relief for athletes. Latex mattresses are very durable and are recommended for almost all sleeping positions and body types. Due to their firmness, Latex mattresses prevent the body from sinking too much into the mattress. Latex mattresses are also super breathable which helps relax the athletes by providing sufficient oxygen to reach the brain.
  • Memory mattresse: are another top-rated choice in the market these days for the comfort they provide, making them one of the best mattresses for athletes. Memory mattress is medium-firm, and the high level of comfort it provides is recommended for sleepers who tend to go to bed with sore muscles. Memory mattresses help alleviate pain from pressure points and allow the users to sleep well. The temperature regulation it provides makes it the right mattress for athletes and helps them enjoy quality sleep.
  • Innerspring mattresses: are also another kind of firm mattress option available for athletes. These have strong coils that provide support to the sleeper. They are covered with a layer of memory foam, latex, or other plusher foam to provide extra comfort. These prove to be a good choice of mattress for athletes because they are firm, provide good alignment to the spine, and help the athlete maintain a good posture.
  • A hybrid mattress: consists of an inside of strong coils like those present in an innerspring mattress, covered with the comfort layers of memory foam or latex foam. This particular mattress helps straighten the spine while sleeping and cushions the body, providing necessary comfort after a tiring day.

The best mattress for athletes that provides the best pressure relief and comfort together is the hybrid mattress. It is a hybrid or combination of innerspring and memory foam mattresses, as the name implies.


While the task of finding the best mattress for seniors might seem daunting at first, having the right criteria to use in making the decision goes a long way in making the process easier. A good mattress is worth investing in because a good night's sleep is essential to your health and productivity.


What type of mattress is best for athletes

Different types of athletes require different. But overall, the best mattress for athletes is the hybrid mattress as it provides both extra comfort and extra support, which helps alleviate pain and soreness after a tiring day.

What kind of firmness does a mattress need for athletes?

Most athletes need a medium-firm mattress to support their bodies. Best mattresses for weight lifters and boxers, an extra firm mattress of firmness of more than five is required to provide efficient support to the body.

What sleeping position is best for athletes?

The best sleeping position for athletes is sleeping on the back. Sleeping on your back helps with spine alignment and to maintain a healthy posture.

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