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If you don't want to splash out your cash on a new mattress, you can always opt for a mattress topper. A mattress topper lies above a mattress and comes in many different materials. The whole purpose of a mattress topper is to provide additional comfort and allow you to sleep better. They can also extend a mattress's lifespan as it takes support off the springs.

Mattress toppers can come in a range of different sizes such as double, king size, super king, emperor, single and small double. Plus, they come in several thickness levels between 2-8 inches designed to support your body weight and provide a better night's sleep. Similarly, they are often made out of materials such as wool, latex, memory foam, feather, polyester, and more. Looking at the above and all the different qualities mattress toppers can hold, it can be confusing and overwhelming to buy if you don't know your stuff. To help you find the best mattress topper, today we're going to provide you with a breakdown of them. Plus, if you want any help on the best-rated mattress toppers, check our list here.

What is a mattress topper?

Memory foam mattress topper on the mattress.

We understand you may be unfamiliar with the concept of a mattress topper. To put it in a simple form, a mattress topper is a piece of furniture that sits on top of your mattress to provide additional comfort, regulate body temperature, and provide support for your bed. Many people can often confuse mattress toppers with pads and mattress protectors. The difference is mattress pads and protectors are thin layers that go on top of your bed solely to protect it from stains, dust mites, allergens, and liquids.

Main benefits

There's a lot of advantages to using a mattress topper which are:

Adds to your mattress’s life expectancy

The average mattress has a life span of 7-10 years. There are many things that can affect its lifespan, but a mattress topper can prolong it as long as possible. The reason being is that the extra layer of comfort acts as a barrier between your body and the bed, providing it with more support. Plus, it improves the cleanliness of your bed as your mattress topper also stands in as a protective layer.

It keeps your mattress fresh

There are many mattress toppers that can go in the washing machine! This means if you have any pets in your home, children, or you're likely to spill things on it, it can be cleaned easily. Plus, as they absorb most of the mess, it means you don't have to buy a new mattress and also takes less time cleaning it as you only need to put it in the washing machine! Mattress toppers trap dirt and bacteria easily and are also highly unlikely to trigger any allergies. Most mattress toppers are hypoallergenic.

You can remove them

Mattress toppers are not completely fixed on your mattress. This means you have the option to add them on when you feel you need extra comfort. Similarly, when the temperature is warmer, you can take the protector off to help regulate the airflow to allow your body temperature to decrease. Plus, if you're a really bad sleeper and you prioritize comfort, you can easily fold a mattress topper and take it away with you.

They are cost-effective

Mattresses can cost anything from $700-$2000; they're an expensive purchase. Sometimes, we don't always have this amount of cash to hand and also don't want to buy mattresses on credit either. Therefore by having a topper, you can save quite a bit of money as they tend to cost between $70-$300. It's not a true replacement for a mattress; however, they can give you a feeling like you're sleeping on a brand new mattress and prolonging the time you need to replace it.

Can make your mattress feel different

Most of the time, people tend to buy new mattresses because they are old and no longer comfortable. If you purchase the right mattress topper, they can add an extra layer of comfort, especially if your mattress has become too firm. The same applies if your mattress has become too soft, you can add a firm mattress topper on top of it.

How to choose the best mattress topper?

How to choose mattress topper.

It's important to know; you can't just buy any mattress topper; it needs to fit the exact size of your bed. When choosing a mattress topper, you first must know the exact dimensions and size of your bed.

  • Decide on the reason for wanting one: Then you need to think about the reason you want a mattress topper. Do you want to have a firmer or softer bed? Having this idea in mind will influence the type of thickness of your bed. Ideally, you should choose a mattress topper that has some level of thickness to it, as if it's too thin, it will not cover any bumps in your bed, and its purpose may be ineffective. Generally, mattress toppers can have different levels of thickness, so go out and check them.
  • Consider your budget: While they may be cheaper than mattresses, mattress toppers can range in price, and some may not be budget-friendly. Therefore, take your time to consider what you’re willing to pay and have two price ranges in mind to help you with your purchase.
  • Review your needs: For every mattress topper you come across; you should look at the fine print. Take your time to read the manufacturer's label, warranty period, materials it's made of, reviews, and much more before making that purchase. It's often a good idea to write down a list of reasons why you want one and then see if the qualities in the mattress topper match your list.

What to consider when shopping for a topper?

There are several factors to consider when buying a Mattress topper, such as the materials, thickness, motion isolation, allergy potential, firmness, breathability, and much more.


Materials of mattress toppers.

There are different materials mattress toppers are made out of the most common are memory foam, cotton, latex, wool, feathers, and polyester blends.

  • Memory foam: Made from polyurethane, and is comfortable and soft. This type of material can help reduce the pain on joints and help conditions such as arthritis. This soft layer can add comfort to your sleep. On the downside, it can be expensive and costlier on other sides of the mattress.
  • Latex: This is a natural material that has liquid from the rubber tree, and there also mattress toppers made out of synthetic latex. These mattress toppers are quite firm, so they're not ideal if you want to sleep on a soft bed.
  • Polyester blends: Out of many materials for mattress toppers, this is often the cheapest type of one available. Similarly, they don't have that much padding and support compared to other materials.
  • Wool: If you're looking for something which has more cushioning and can regulate your body temperature, then you may wish to opt for a wool mattress topper. They help keep you hot in the summer and cool in the winter seasons.
  • Feathers: This is a very soft type of mattress topper that does not hold heat. However, they're not ideal if you have allergies.
  • Cotton: Cotton is the most common type of mattress topper; it's durable and washable also. Plus, it's comfortable and can easily regulate your body temperature.


Thickness is an incredibly important factor when choosing a mattress topper, and before you do so, you need to think about the firmness of your bed. The thickness of most toppers range between a scale of 2-6inches. Generally, if you have a heavier body type, you will find that you will want a thicker mattress topper to provide you with extra support. Whereas if you have a lighter body, you may prefer to have a thinner level.


Do you have any pets or children in your home? If so, you will want to consider the durability of the mattress topper and how likely it will protect your bed from stains. Similarly, if it's washable, you will want to know if a mattress topper will lose its structure after a few washes.

Motion isolation

Are you someone who moves a lot in your sleep? If so, you will want one with motion isolation; this will prevent the bed and mattress topper from moving when you move over in your sleep. This is especially important if you sleep with a partner and don't want to disturb them when sleeping.

Allergy potential

If you suffer from a lot of allergies, you will want a mattress topper that can deter mites, bugs, dust, and much more. Out of all the mattress topper materials, a natural latex material is the one that is the most hypoallergenic that triggers the least allergies.


If you have a soft mattress, having the right topper can add firmness to it without you having to buy a new one. Similarly, if you're looking for additional spinal support and alignment, then you might want to pick a mattress topper that is firmer.


Are you someone who heats up regularly in their sleep? If so, you will want to look for a mattress topper that has good breathability. Sometimes mattress toppers can easily make you overheat and become sweatier. Therefore, you will want to opt for one that has gel inside, so it's cool to lie on. Overall, mattress toppers can be beneficial to own as they can save you a lot of money instead of buying a new mattress. Plus, they also extend the lifespan of a mattress, allowing you to get the most of your money out of your existing one. Also, mattress toppers provide a lot of comfort, and they can make your bed feel soft or firmer, depending on what you prefer. They're easy to remove too, so you can add them in the winter when you feel too cold or remove them in the summer when you're too hot.

Mattress toppers are versatile, and they are the ultimate upgrade for any mattress. They're inexpensive, and it's quick to set up as all you need to do is place them on top of your bed. Do you have a mattress topper, or thinking about having one? Let us know in the comments below your experience or the reason why you want one.


Does a mattress topper really help?

A mattress topper is created to help better your sleep, but it's not a replacement for your bed. They will add to your comfort level and add life to your old mattress. Mattress toppers have a shorter life span than a mattress, so they may only help for a short period.

What thickness mattress topper should I get?

If you are looking for your bed to become firmer, then you should opt for a mattress topper that is 2-4 inches thick. Whereas if you're looking for one that is to support your weight, you will want one that is between 4-6 inches.

What is the most comfortable mattress topper?

The most comfortable type of mattress topper is the memory foam topper. This topper contours your body, has little motion isolation, and softer to sleep on. Therefore, if you want something that's comfortable, the memory foam is by far the most comfortable.

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