Mattress Sizes Chart

Mattress Size Chart.

It goes without saying that there are many mattress sizes you can choose from these days. And of course, the bed sizes that you also have will determine which mattress size is most suitable for you. In this quick read, we will be identifying the different mattress sizes, what the various mattress dimensions are, and what to consider before you hit that buy button. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The Various Mattress Sizes in Detail

Rather than hitting you with a mattress size chart or a breakdown of every single mattress size out there, we will be focusing on the more common types. So, on that note, let us get started with one of the smaller mattress sizes out there right now, and work our way up from there.

Single mattress size

A single mattress is often a great choice for children or for people who only have themselves to worry about. Of course, the dimensions of this mattress are much smaller than others, usually in the 30x75 range. This is also a good choice of mattress if you only have a small room to sleep in, which is another important consideration.

Single Mattress Size.

Twin mattress size

Moving up from a single now, there are always twin mattresses to consider. There are two bed sizes suitable for twins - either a standard twin or a twin xl. For the former, the typical dimensions are 38x75 inches. But for the latter, the twin xl measurements are often 38x80. This makes this mattress variation pretty versatile. You could just use a standard twin if it's yourself, but a twin xl is just about big enough for two people.

Full size mattress dimensions

Full mattresses provide a middle ground between twins and queens. These are a good choice if you’ve got larger rooms in your place where you can fit them, and to be honest, two people can sleep in this mattress size with ease. As for the dimensions, a typical full is 54x75 in inches, whereas a Full XL has an extra 5 inches in height - ideal if you’re a little taller than most.

Queen mattress size

Once you have two people to worry about, and if you both want enough space in the bed, a queen mattress is probably a good starting point. These are much bigger than full size mattresses when it comes to the dimensions too, as displayed in the mattress size chart above. This mattress size in inches is 60x80 for typical queen sizes, although you can get something called an Olympic queen at 66x80.

Full Size Mattress Dimensions.

King size mattress dimensions

King size mattresses are the biggest of them all, but you’ve got to have decent space in your home to justify buying one. Now, these mattress sizes aren’t bigger in length than queens, but they are significantly wider. Looking at standard king size mattresses, these are usually 76x80, making them almost a square shape instead of a rectangle. However, there is one step up from the standard king too.

If you look at a California king mattress size, these are typically 72x84 inches. As you can see, these mattresses follow a different shape, shaving 4 inches away from the width but adding 4 inches to the length. So, as you can probably imagine, these mattress size dimensions are better for those who are taller than most.

Picking The Right Mattress Size for You

Having explained the various mattress size dimensions and provided a mattress dimensions chart, we think it’s time we explained what you should think about before choosing yours.

  • The space you have: This may seem obvious, but some people overlook this factor when thinking about which mattress sizes will suit them best. Make sure you measure the space you have at home before rushing in and making any decision. After all, if you purchase a mattress that is too big, you’ll be returning it the very next day!
  • Your personal requirements: This boils down to what kind of space you feel you need for your mattress. If it is just you, perhaps it would be best to shoot for a full, a twin, or even a single? The higher up the size chart you go the more you will have to pay. So, make sure you have a think and take down some notes before rushing your purchase decision.

Various Mattress Size.


After covering the various bed sizes, mattress sizes, and explaining the mattress size dimensions in detail, you should now be feeling more comfortable with what you are shopping for. But as a friendly reminder, make sure you are fully aware of the dimensions before considering hitting that buy button. The mattress needs to fit in your home, it needs to be big enough to fulfill your needs, and it must be within your budget.

At the same time, you can always check up on some of our mattress reviews for a little added guidance too. These will cover the dimensions, the benefits, and so much more — all recommended reading material before you decide which to purchase.


Which size is best for me?

The size that is best for you depends on whether you are buying just for yourself or whether you are buying for yourself and a partner. Also, you need to think about your own size. Are you taller or shorter than most? This should also influence the decision you make.

What is the most popular mattress size?

From our research, the most popular ranges between a twin mattress size and a queen mattress size. Therefore, a full mattress also falls within this range. But with that said, just because these are the most popular sizes, this doesn’t mean you have to go for them.

What is the largest mattress size?

The largest of these is a king size mattress size. The dimensions of this mattress are 76x80, as detailed earlier. However, there is also the option of a California king size mattress, which has dimensions of 72x84. Of course, this shows that the two mattresses have slightly different structures.

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