Leesa Brand Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review.

Of the many mattress brands in the market today, the Leesa mattress has managed to remain at the top of the tree. They’ve been able to achieve such long-standing success by combining two elements — high quality with affordable prices. Most of the Leesa mattress options out there use premium memory foam, along with many other benefits. But as high quality as the brand has become, it still wouldn’t fit the image of a “luxury brand”. That’s why you can get your hands on a Leesa mattress for a lower cost than other high-end brands.

Which one should you choose? Well, you can start by reading through a Leesa mattress review for any of our recommended mattress variations right here:

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Construction and Design of Leesa Mattress

When competing in a rather full market, many brands try to separate themselves by establishing their own unique selling point. In the case of the Leesa mattress, this unique factor is the foam, combined with the “bed in a box” appeal that makes them cheaper options. The Leesa original mattress has held firm when it comes to the initial design being used for all current and future productions too. A Leesa mattress is made up of four key layers. The first layer is usually made of synthetic materials, combined with moisture-wicking features to reduce sweating at night. Then we get to the second layer — which is where we find the cooling foam for temperature regulation. This foam also molds to the shape of your body, and it helps with pain. The third layer contains the memory foam, which is soft and comforting. And finally, the fourth layer is where you find an additional 15cm of foam.

This is firmer than the previous layers, and it helps to maintain a good spinal position when sleeping.

Benefits of Using Leesa Mattress

Unless you read through a Leesa mattress review, you won’t know the exact benefits of each mattress. However, we can already inform you of the main benefits seen across the board:

  • Cost-effective: The first thing that springs to mind when assessing a Leesa mattress is the price point. Models can start as low as $850-$900, depending on the size. This is a good $500 cheaper than other brands that offer similar quality metrics.
  • Comfort: One of the main reasons people look at Leesa mattresses over others is due to the comfort element. As you’ve already seen by our explanation of the design, these mattresses are loaded with premium foam for comfort, softness, and above all - to ensure a good night’s sleep for the user.
  • Pain relief: If you are someone who suffers from things like backache, muscle tightness, or other ailments that impact the quality of your sleep - the Leesa mattress is a good option. The foam layers help to maintain a better sleeping position while letting the body mold to a position that is comfortable for you at night.
  • Cooling: Finally, the one layer of cooling foam in all Leesa mattresses is a god-send for those who tend to overheat at night. This layer prevents excess sweating, keeps the body feeling cool, and the subsequent temperature regulation ensures that you have a better shot at restful sleep.

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Average Prices and Sizing of Leesa Mattresses

The Leesa brand doesn’t just offer a handful of mattress sizes. In fact, they offer pretty much every mattress size you can think of. However, let us focus on the more popular sizes to give you an idea of the price.

  • Leesa Twin Mattress: The Leesa twin mattress boasts 38 x 75 dimensions - perfect for an individual or a couple who doesn’t mind a tight squeeze at night. Of course, the Leesa mattress in the form of a twin is much cheaper than the larger models. On average, a Leesa twin mattress can cost around $850.
  • Leesa Queen Mattress: Moving up a size now, we have the Leesa queen mattress. The dimensions of this mattress are 60 x 80, which is usually the size that couples go for, in all honesty. It’s a middle-of-the-range mattress compared with the king or super king that this brand offers. And in terms of price, a Leesa queen mattress can cost around $1,200.
  • Leesa King Mattress: A step up from the queen is where you’ll find the Leesa king mattress. This mattress size is 76 x 80, which is plenty big enough for all couples. But for the larger size, you can, of course, expect an increase in price. These can generally run at $1,400 or more, depending on what features you choose.

Leesa Mattress Models Available

After running through the common sizes above, let’s now switch it up and look at specific Leesa mattress variations. There are three mattress types that you’ll find at most online retailers, and these are detailed below.

  • Leesa Hybrid Mattress: The hybrid Leesa mattress is probably the most common of all mattress types from this brand. This mattress has a combination of breathable and memory foam, all loaded into four different layers. It still has the same moisture and temperature control technology as other Leesa mattresses. The Leesa hybrid mattress also comes with pocket springs, creating a somewhat medium-firm feel to it.
  • Leesa Memory Foam Mattress: This is a more expensive mattress compared with other Leesa mattress models. The reason for that is that the primary material that is used throughout is memory foam. The difference between the Leesa memory foam mattress and others is that it is much softer due to the materials used. It also helps people who have a specific position they like to sleep in, due to the foam contorting to the body.
  • Leesa Original Mattress: The Leesa original mattress is still hugely popular, even these days. That’s because all of the great fundamentals of these mattresses are firmly in place. This means that the cooling foam is there, as is the memory foam, reinforced foam in the lower layers, as well as the pocket springs. Sure, it isn’t quite as tailored as other Leesa mattress models, but the lower price is definitely an appealing factor.

Leesa queen mattress.


If you look at the many Leesa mattress reviews online these days, you’ll see that these guys are the real deal. Most customers have glowing reports for their experience, regardless of which Leesa mattress they have. But if you still want more information, make sure you check out the more detailed descriptions of our suggested Leesa mattress models above.


What is the Leesa mattress?

The Leesa mattress is primarily a foam mattress. It has a layered design for better comfort, durability, and firmness. Despite such desirable features, a Leesa mattress is still much cheaper than other brands.

Who needs a Leesa mattress?

There are a few indicators that suggest that a Leesa mattress might be right for you. These include those suffering from pain, temperature regulation, and those who want motion isolation!

Where to buy a Leesa mattress?

The best place to get your hands on a Leesa mattress is online. These guys are primarily an online brand anyway. And if you order online, you can get the mattress delivered right to your door.

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