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Layla Pillow.

Buying a new pillow isn’t always an easy task, but it’s one that’s important to get right. If your neck is irritated or otherwise negatively affected by the pillow you use, it will impact not only the quality of your sleep but also your spinal alignment and posture in daily life. That makes your pillow a critical investment in your life, but it also makes the shopping process stressful. Luckily for you, we’ve reviewed all the most popular pillow brands to help you understand the decision you’re making. Today, we’ll be talking about Layla pillows. You can check out our table below for our picks of the best pillows, and keep reading to learn everything you need to know in our Layla pillow review.

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What is A Layla Pillow?

Layla Sleep is a brand that’s dedicated to making the highest-quality mattresses, pillows, and bedding accessories around, because they believe that getting your best sleep makes you the best version of yourself while awake.

Layla pillows are just one critical part of that mission. They offer a soft, cushy sleep experience, and the design allows for maximum airflow to keep you cool all night long. Their springy, supportive pillows do not lose shape, so you can always rely on your Layla pillow for a consistent experience. All Layla pillows are made with memory foam, they have soft quilted covers, and they are easy to care for and wash.

No matter what type of sleeper you are or how supportive you want a pillow to be, Layla has an option that will fit you.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Layla Pillows

When you purchase and use a Layla pillow, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Memory foam filling
  • Gel-infused memory foam cover
  • Free shipping
  • 120-night trial
  • 5-year warranty

The signature memory foam interior of a Layla pillow is what makes it so remarkable. It gives the soft and cushy, yet still supportive and durable, texture that makes Layla pillows comfortable for most sleepers. The quilted, gel-infused memory foam cover keeps you cool throughout the night.

Layla also offers free shipping and a money-back guarantee if you choose to return your pillow within the first 120 nights of purchasing it. You get to try it out for those first four months without any obligation to commit to the pillow if it turns out not to be for you. If you do choose to keep it, the 5-year warranty will cover any manufacturer defects or damages that arise.

There can also be some drawbacks to using a Layla pillow, including:

  • Limited materials
  • Limited cover options
  • Increased shipping cost outside of contiguous US

Since Layla pillows are always made with memory foam, they may not be ideal for people who know that they prefer another material. There is also only one cover option, the quilted foam option, which means that you cannot get a smooth-cover pillow. People living in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada may have to pay extra shipping fees, which are not refundable if they choose to return the pillow.

Layla memory foam pillow.

Different Layla Pillow Models Available

Layla Sleep makes two pillow models: the Kapok Pillow and the Memory Foam Pillow.

The Kapok Pillow is filled with Layla Sleep’s shredded memory foam blend and natural Kapok fibers. This makes it extra moldable, to conform to your body throughout the night. It’s light and airy, with a breathable quilted cover that can be unzipped to remove filling if it arrives too stuffed for your liking.

The Memory Foam Pillow is a plush adjustable pillow filled with a blend of shredded memory foam and polyfill fibers. This makes the pillow pliable, so that you can get it into just the right shape and position for perfect sleep. You can unzip the cover to wash or to remove filling and adjust the pillow to the right height.

Types and Average Prices of Layla Pillows

Both Layla pillow models are available in Queen size (18” long by 28” wide) and King size (18” long by 34” wide). The Memory Foam Pillow weighs about 3.7 pounds in Queen size and 4.7 pounds in King size, while the Kapok pillow is slightly heavier and weighs about 4 pounds in Queen size and 5 pounds in King size. Of course, these weights will be different if you choose to remove filling from your pillow.

The Layla Memory Foam Pillow normally sells for $89 Queen and $104 King, but a current sale at Layla Sleep has them selling for $69 and $84 instead. The Kapok pillow sells for $109 Queen and $129 King.

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Layla pillows are made with Layla Sleep’s signature shredded memory foam blends to make them the softest, most pliable, most comfortable pillows you'll find anywhere. Both models produced by Layla are adjustable, so that your pillow will always be the right height to keep your neck in perfect alignment. Shipping is free when you order a pillow from the Layla Sleep site (unless you live outside of the 48 contiguous States), and you have 120 nights from receiving your pillow to decide whether it is right for you. If it’s not, you can return it hassle-free and get a full 100% refund. If, on the other hand, you decide that it’s the perfect pillow (as most customers do), then Layla’s warranty covers the pillow for five years.


How often should I change a Layla pillow?

You should change out Layla pillows from your bedding as often as you need to in order to wash them. To do this, simply unzip the outer cover, remove the inner cover that contains the pillow’s filling, and put the cover in the laundry. (The entire pillow can be washed together, but drying out the pillow’s interior can be a delicate task, so we don’t recommend it unless absolutely necessary.) Thanks to their moldability, Layla pillows can remain in your rotation for up to five years without noticeable damage.

What is the best Layla pillow?

The best Layla pillow for you depends on your sleeping style and the texture you prefer. Since both Layla pillow models are adjustable, either one can be perfect for any type of sleeper. Whether you need a pillow to fit the negative space of your neck from the side, the front, or the back, you can make it happen with a Layla pillow. Both the Layla Kapok Pillow and the Layla Memory Foam Pillow can be perfect pillows for anyone, no matter your size or your sleeping habits.

Are Layla pillows good for your sleep?

While there is no one-size-fits-all to bedding and sleep accessories, most users find that Layla pillows are good for their sleep. The pillow’s unique design keeps you cool, supports your neck, and provides just the right amount of plush comfort. It is also pliable and holds its shape well, allowing you to stay consistently comfortable through the night and keep the pillow for a long time.

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