Layla Brand Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review.

Over the years, people have warmed up to the idea of memory foam; just skimming the internet will help you find thousands of memory foam options to choose from. And the options are plenty because everyone wants a piece of the comfort it can offer — memory foam technology has actually revolutionized the way we sleep. However, from the depth of memory foam options available, the Layla mattress is among the most innovative and popular options out there. This mattress can be flipped and provides its users two levels of firmness in one.

But buyers often question what puts the Layla foam mattress among the top tier in this category? This Layla mattress review is here to help you with precisely that.

Layla mattress on bed.

Design And Build Of The Layla Mattress

This exceptional foam mattress is a ten-inched option that can be flipped to reveal dual firmness levels. And of these levels, the soft-medium portion is rated at four out of ten for firmness, and the other firm portion was rated seven from ten.

Each part carries a great contour capacity; however, the 'soft' side has higher conformance.

  • Comfort Layer: Since the Layla mattress can be flipped, both sides have a comfort layer. In addition, the Layla foam mattress has a 2-inched convoluted support foam on the soft side. This section also includes the three-inched copper-infused memory foam with anti-microbial properties, which keeps the surface cool without trapping excess heat. Additionally, the convoluted foam layer allows air to flow through. In contrast, the Layla memory foam mattress's hardened portion houses only a one-inched copper-infused memory foam for comfort, and there is no convoluted support foam.
  • Cover: You can find a soft cover on both sides of the Layla sleep mattress, and this cover is filled with thermo-gel, a heat-dispersing material that will keep your mattress top cool.
  • Support Layers: Between both sides of the Layla mattress, there is a base support foam layer that is durable and thick. This foam is ideal for people suffering from arthritis due to its high support.
  • Height: Your Layla mattress dimensions will vary depending on the size. However, for memory foam, this mattress is suitably thick with a height of 10 inches.

Benefits Of Using Layla Mattress

Layla mattress comes with multiple benefits that make it stand out from the other memory foams in the market:

  • Motion Isolation: This mattress has plush memory foam layers that make it good at motion isolation. With the Layla mattress, you will not be bothered by your partner's movements through the night. It has a great quality of absorbing instead of transferring motion.
  • Temperature Control: When we speak about temperature control and neutrality, the Layla memory foam mattress beats all its competitors! This is because it boasts a copper infusion in each layer to help you sleep comfortably throughout the night. So when you invest in this Layla mattress, you're not only setting yourself up for the future, you're also avoiding sweltering nights where you wake up in a sweat!
  • Ease of Movement: Movement is relatively easy on the Layla mattress; however, not as easy as the more responsive mattresses. So if you use the soft side, you may feel that your memory foam's 'hug' may create difficulty initially when you try to get out of the position you have settled in. Nonetheless, the firm side of the Layla memory foam mattress provides more effortless movement since it has a lower memory foam quantity.
  • Edge Support: Layla mattress' firm side has much stronger edge support than its soft side. When you flip your mattress to the firm side, there is a 4-inched high-density polyfoam in the second layer, strengthening your bed's edges.
  • Pressure Relief: The Layla memory foam mattress has a higher capacity to relieve pressure because of its construction and copper in its memory foam layers. Copper acts as a support in high-pressure areas; therefore, many sleepers will hardly develop any pressure point while sleeping on this mattress. Not only the back, but it also supports and cushions the hips, neck, shoulders, and lower back.
  • Noise: One issue that many innerspring and hybrid mattress owners complain of is the noise. However, that is not an issue with the Layla foam mattress since it makes virtually no noise.
  • Shipping, Warranty, And Trial: If you get the Layla mattress, you can expect some perks during checkout since you will not be able to test it in person. Therefore, you will get free shipping to the doorstep, a free trial for 120-nights, and a lifetime Layla mattress warranty. Also, there will be some odor when you unbox your mattress initially, which is popular for beds using synthetic foams.

Soft firm Layla mattress.

Average Prices And Sizing Of Layla Mattress

For updated size and price info about Layla mattress, here is a table to help you:

Size Dimensions Price
Layla Twin Mattress 38" x 75" 749 USD
Layla Twin XL Mattress 38" x 80" 849 USD
Layla Full Mattress 54" x 75" 999 USD
Layla Queen Mattress 60" x 80" 1099 USD
Layla King Mattress 76" x 80" 1249 USD
Layla California King Mattress 72" x 84" 1249 USD

Layla Mattress Models Available

Layla only manufactures two types of mattresses, the Layla memory foam mattress, and the Layla hybrid mattress. However, they also produce bamboo sheets, pillows, memory foam mattress toppers, pet beds, and mattress bases.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla memory foam mattress is an all-foam option; some features that stand out include temperature regulation and anti-microbial copper-gel foam.

This material makes it an interesting choice for the ones who sleep hot. Furthermore, the Layla mattress can also be flipped with both sides offering varying support levels. The medium side of the mattress is more for side sleepers, whereas the back and stomach sleepers may prefer the medium-firm side.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

Layla hybrid mattress is a mixture of memory foam, pocketed coils, and foam. Like its sister mattress, it can also be flipped and offers it sleepers two different firmness options to choose from.

The mattress also includes a level four medium firmness and level seven medium-firm support along with the copper-gel memory foam to help you sleep cooler and more comfortable than conventional foam.

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The Layla mattress is among one of the best memory foam options in the market, it has all the features you need, and its flip features allow you to have a better and more comfortable sleep any time of the day.


Which Layla mattress is the best?

Layla manufactures only two types of mattresses, the Layla memory foam mattress and the Layla hybrid. Both offer top-of-the-line features, and it all comes down to your needs since both come with varying support levels, as discussed above.

Who needs a Layla mattress?

If you want a peaceful, cool, and comfortable sleep, then Layla is the option for you. Also, if you have muscle pain or arthritis, Layla provides the best comfort level. A Layla memory foam mattress can be flipped and offers different firmness levels for everyone.

What is the main feature of the Layla mattress?

The one thing that makes the Layla mattress stand out from the rest is its dual firmness and that it can be flipped to reveal two levels of firmness. Another over-the-top feature of this mattress is its high-pressure relief capacity and temperature regulation.

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