Best Latex Mattress

Luxury Latex Mattress ion the box-spring.

Latex mattresses are considered a luxury product and are more expensive than most other foam and spring mattresses. However, the price is justified by the high-quality, eco-friendly materials used in it for superior comfort, support, and breathability.

If you are looking for the best latex mattress, there are several things to consider before purchasing.

This guide will help you find the perfect latex mattress for your needs, so you can be sure that you pay for exactly what you need.

What is a Latex Mattress?

Latex mattress in the room.

Before we deep dive into the types of latex mattresses, we first need to understand what they are and how they are made.

Latex starts as liquid extracted from rubber trees. This liquid is then whipped, poured into a mattress casting and baked to give it a soft and bouncy mattress feel. This process is known as “Talalay.”

The best Talalay latex mattresses vary in composition, ranging from 100% latex to only latex in the comfort layers. Buyers can also opt for Dunlop latex, a solid core latex offering better support and firmness with a prolonged lifespan. This type of latex is best used for two-sided latex mattresses.

This difference dictates the firmness of the mattress. Not everyone will find 100% latex mattresses comfortable, so they are infused with other materials to offset the firmness per the customer’s needs. There are three components that you can choose from:

  • Celsion Latex: Celsion latex is a soft, phase-changing latex that helps keep your body cool through the night.
  • Copper-infused Latex: Offering medium comfort, copper-infused latex helps with joint pain relief and is a perfect option for people who have arthritis.
  • Graphite-infused Latex: If firmness and a cool sleep are what you need, graphite-infused latex is your best option. This is the firmest out of the three options.

Why Choose a Latex Mattress?

A woman sleeping on the latex mattress.

Latex mattresses are one of the most versatile sleep surfaces because of their comfort and support. They contour to your body and quickly bounce back to the original shape after weight is released, improving durability. Latex also supports the body while relieving pressure points. Additionally, it is a naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial material, making it ideal for those suffering from allergies.

Here are some of the top reasons why people buy latex mattresses:

  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial: If a mattress is not cleaned periodically, there is a chance of bacteria build-up. This can result in an unsafe sleeping environment for you. Latex mattresses have natural hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties, which allow them to repel any bacteria or viruses.
  • Offers pressure point relief with responsive support: Latex mattresses are designed in a way to offer support to your body while you sleep. Its light contouring and pressure relief properties can be a great solution for people who experience back and joint pains.
  • Reduces chronic lower back pain: Depending on the firmness of the mattress, it can offer support to your lower back to relieve you of your back pains.
  • Breathable construction: Latex mattresses are made from an open-cell structure allowing air to circulate, making them breathable.
  • Wide variety of firmness levels: You can go from hybrid latex mattresses to 100% latex to find the perfect level of firmness for you.
  • Highly durable: The average lifespan of a good-quality latex mattress can be from 12 years to 20 years, making it a smart, long-term investment.

Types of Latex Mattresses

There are a number of latex mattresses available in the market and depending on the person’s preference, and they can get the right amount of cushioning and firmness suited for their sleeping needs. First, let’s look into the different types of latex mattresses you can get.

Hybrid Latex Mattresses

There has been a rise in the use of hybrid latex mattresses in recent times. Unlike their blended counterparts, hybrid latex mattresses combine the pocketed coils of an innerspring mattress with a latex top layer for comfort. A hybrid mattress offers the resilient comfort of latex while still supporting your body with the pocketed coils, making for a good night’s sleep.

Mattresses with a latex comfort layer are known for their ability to bounce back quickly when pressure is removed. This helps avoid the sinking feeling in most mattresses. It also makes it easier for the sleeper to change positions in their sleep, isolating motion. The latex in comfort layers can be manufactured using any of the latex components as per your preference. So whether you want cooling properties or need help with joint pain and arthritis relief, you can get your hybrid.

100% Full Latex Mattresses

Although full latex mattresses are not suitable for all body types, several users still prefer them. A 100% latex mattress is made entirely of natural materials – nothing synthetic about them.

If you are suffering from back or neck pain, the support from the mattress can help you relieve some of that stress. It offers support to the hips and shoulders and relieves pressure points while you sleep. Natural latex mattresses offer a remarkable mix of comfort and support, which can help you get better sleep at night.

The material also offers the adaptiveness of a foam mattress without the sinking feeling of regular mattresses.

Buyers should beware as some brands claim to have 100% latex, but it is expensive to procure since the process is labor-intensive. In addition, some manufacturers mix natural latex with synthetic materials claiming it is 100% latex. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to gauge the difference, so be sure to read latex mattress reviews and go for a trusted manufacturer before making your purchase.

Synthetic Latex Mattresses and Blended Latex Mattresses

Although synthetic mattresses are widely used as a cheap alternative to pure latex mattresses as they share the same properties, they have their negative characteristics.

Firstly, synthetic latex mattresses do not offer the same comfort and durability as a pure latex mattress. Another major factor is its eco-friendly properties. Synthetic latex gives off harmful gases during manufacturing which can be detrimental.


If you are looking for the best latex mattress as a new purchase, there are many things you need to consider before buying. Depending on your preference, there are different components of latex as well as various types of mattresses for one to choose from.

You cannot answer which latex mattress is the best because everyone has a different preference. So, whether you are looking for the most comfortable latex mattress or one that offers support, you need to do your research.


Is Latex Mattress good for your sleep?

The best latex foam mattresses offer the sleeper ample support and comfort, making it perfect for people struggling with arthritis or other joint pains in their bodies.

What is the best Latex Mattress for side sleepers?

The best latex mattresses for side sleepers are softer, making it easy to move while sleeping. In addition, they offer both comfort and support.

Do latex mattresses sleep hot?

Depending on the components, you can get a cool latex mattress that promotes breathability and cools down the body when you sleep.

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