Kingsdown Brand Mattress Review

Kingsdown Mattress Review.

As far as mattresses go, you’ll struggle to find a more prestigious and luxurious brand than a Kingsdown mattress. These guys have truly honed their craft to create some of the best mattresses that money can buy. Thanks to the handwoven designs, premium materials, and high coil count, a Kingsdown mattress is ideal for someone looking for a great night’s sleep. At a glance, you can see some of the main Kingsdown mattress reviews in the table below, and that’s just for starters.

Throughout, we will be taking a much closer look at the Kingsdown mattress to determine what makes it so special.

Kingsdown Hybrid Mattress.

Construction and Design of Kingsdown Mattress

A key part of the appeal of choosing a Kingsdown mattress over other brands is the element of quality. Kingsdown uses some of the best materials possible. This includes materials such as premium foam, high-quality silk and cotton, memory foam, and strong coils for more durability and a better feel. Of course, such quality comes at a price, but we will get to that. Usually, a Kingsdown mattress is created partially by hand too, meaning that the quality control is excellent.

In terms of design, these mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. This includes the Kingsdown king mattress, Kingsdown twin mattress, Kingsdown queen mattress, and many others too. So not only are these mattresses of the highest quality, you can easily find a size that suits your preference.

Benefits of Using Kingsdown Mattress

As you can probably gather at this point, a Kingsdown mattress is all about quality. This is what makes it such a sought-after product. And generally speaking, if you look at the many Kingsdown mattress reviews out there these days, the feedback is extremely positive from both current and previous customers. But what exactly are these benefits?

  • Motion isolation: This benefit is more aimed at couples compared with the individual sleeper. A Kingsdown mattress can isolate your movements so that they won’t cause a disruption to your partner during the night. This is possible thanks to the conforming materials that are used, as well as the high coil count to remove the “sag” that some mattresses suffer from.
  • High coil count: A high coil count, in any mattress, usually helps to establish a firmer feel while sleeping. With any Kingsdown mattress, this is generally a feature. The coil count is high to ensure that users get adequate support when sleeping and to ensure that motion isolation is achieved. This added support is perfect for people who need more support when sleeping, which has been proven to help with pain, insomnia, and many other ailments too.
  • Customizable: Depending on which Kingsdown mattress you choose, you can customize your experience to a certain degree. For example, the all-new “Smart Air” Kingsdown mattress has varying settings you can choose from. Since this mattress inflates and deflates with air according to the user's preference, you can adjust things until they are perfect for you. This is just one example of many things you can do with a Kingsdown mattress.

Kingsdown mattress in room.

Average Prices and Sizing of Kingsdown Mattresses

With Kingsdown mattresses being positioned in the high quality, high price tier of bedding, you do need to be prepared to stump up a fair chunk of cash to get your hands on one of these mattresses. Prices generally start at around the $2,000 mark for all double mattresses. On that note, here are some of the main Kingsdown mattress sizes available:

Kingsdown Twin Mattress

The Kingsdown twin mattress is one of the cheaper models in the Kingsdown range. Of course, these mattresses are designed for individuals rather than couples. That’s why the price can start as low as $1,200-$1,300, depending on what variation of mattress you go for. In terms of the size, these are usually 38 x 75 inches.

Kingsdown Queen Mattress

Moving into the couples range now, we have the Kingsdown queen. These mattresses start at the 60 x 80 size, which is plenty big enough for the average couple. You are usually looking at a starting price of around $2,000 for this size. However, like the other models, it depends on what features you’d like as to how pricey it can get.

Kingsdown King Mattress

The Kingsdown king is 76 x 80 size, which makes it the largest of all the Kingsdown mattress variations. Of course, you need to have space in your home for this one, but the extra size is worth it if you are taller or prefer more space in the bed. These can start at around $2,500.

Kingsdown Mattress Models Available

As we’ve touched upon earlier, the idea behind choosing a Kingsdown mattress is that you are signing up for a premium night’s sleep. The Kingsdown brand as a whole has become synonymous with high-quality mattresses over the last 100+ years. However, these mattresses can be pricier than others since Kingsdown is pretty much a luxury brand. So, without further ado, let us quickly run through some popular models and their prizes:

Kingsdown Chardonnay Mattress

Starting with one of the very best in the Kingsdown range, we’d like to introduce the Kingsdown Chardonnay Mattress. This mattress is absolutely ideal for those who suffer from allergies, for stomach and back sleepers, and for those with a partner. The reason for this is that these mattresses are loaded with natural feathers, meaning the contents of the mattress is not synthetic. This mattress also prevents dust build-up, it has motion isolation technology, and there is a layer of latex instilled into the mattress for better support and durability.

Kingsdown Hybrid Mattress

The Kingsdown Hybrid Mattress, as the name suggests, provides users with a blend of coil and foam, woven into the mattress itself. The coils are plentiful with these mattresses, creating a firm feel, and each layer is then loaded with memory foam. Of course, memory foam has been well documented as being one of the best materials for a great night’s sleep. These mattresses come in various sizes too, all the way from King to twin.

Kingsdown Meritage Mattress

Speaking of quality, the Kingsdown Meritage Mattress is pretty much the best mattress in the Kingsdown collection. Everything about this Kingsdown mattress screams luxury, with its layer of Joma Wool, reinforced latex, and this mattress generally has a medium plush level of support. This makes it a pretty versatile mattress in terms of who it appeals to, ranging from pain sufferers to back sleepers.

Kingsdown king mattress.


To conclude, should you consider a Kingsdown mattress? In our opinion, if you have the cash to do so, the answer is a resounding yes. But if you feel you need more guidance, don’t forget to check out our growing selection of Kingsdown mattress reviews!


Where to buy a Kingsdown mattress?

You can buy a Kingsdown mattress from a local retailer or online these days. In most cases, online is the preferred route. That’s because online retailers will deliver the mattress!

Is the Kingsdown mattress right for me?

That’s ultimately a choice that you need to make. But what we will say is that if you suffer from allergies, pain, temperature regulation, or anything else — the Kingsdown mattress is a good choice.

What is the average price of a Kingsdown mattress?

It really depends on which Kingsdown mattress you go for. But on average, you can expect to pay around the $2,000 mark for a good mattress from this brand.

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