Best King Size bed Pillows

Best King size pillows.

A quality pillow should be comfortable and allow you experience better sleep at night. You can find them in various sizes; standard, queen, king, and body sizes to suit your preference and purpose. The king size pillows stand at the center of our discussion in this article because of the increased demand all over.

Purchasing the befitting king size bed headrests can be time consuming and tedious. However, to make your purchase decision easy, we have researched and compiled some of the best king size pillows with compelling attributes for you. This article will also guide you in picking a high quality pillow for yourself.

The table below comprises a good number of top king size pillows alongside the details you ought to be aware of.

What Is a King Size Pillow?

King size pillow dimensions.

After the body-size pillows that are the biggest, the king size pillows follow. Their long length makes them instrumental in supporting the back while you sit up on the bed. Aside from being excellent at being a support for your back while sitting, if you love to sleep on your side, then you would be interested in purchasing one of those big pillows since they are suitable for side sleepers.

How big are king size pillows? King size pillows measure 20 by 36 inches. When you place two king size bed pillows close to each other, they are equivalent to the width of a king-size bed.

Types of King Size Pillows

Luxury King size pillows.

King sized pillows may also be classified based on their support level. They can be soft, firm or extra firm.

Soft King Size Pillows

Under this, we have the King Size Down pillows, and the King Size Latex Pillows. The king size down pillows take after the feel of “down”- the fluffy clusters under a bird’s feather. The fluffy down and soft fiber materials used in filling a down pillow makes it plush and moldable. They are firm, supportive, soft, lightweight, and highly durable. But they also retain body heat, and might not be so easy to clean.

The king size latex pillows on the other hand, are one of the most durable soft pillows out there. Despite their soft feel, they provide excellent support for whoever uses them. Unlike the Tempurpedic pillows, they are not machine-washable. They are suitable for back and side sleepers. Even though they absorb body heat and are not moldable, people adore them for their durability, breathability, firmness, and support.

Firm King Size Pillows

We would be exploring the varieties of pillows that we have under this classification. The king size tempurpedic pillows is one of the top firm king size pillows among the memory foams. They are great for back and side sleepers and provide pressure relief for their users. They were first made for astronauts back in the 1960s by NASA. They are the most expensive of the pack. The king size bamboo pillows on the other hand, are made with bamboo fiber, and are usually filled with shredded memory foam. They are one of the best king size pillows for people who sleep on their sides. Despite their weight and difficult cleaning, they are hypoallergenic, durable and insulating.

You should know that king size memory pillows are one of the best king size pillows because of their versatility. They are famous for their ability to conform and revert. Then, we have the king size gel pillows which contain layers of gel that reduce the retention of body heat on the pillow surface. Materials like foam and latex are usually combined with layers of gel to make the pillows soft and moldable. They are suitable for back and stomach sleepers, and may be too firm for side sleepers.

Extra Firm King Size Pillows

hese are also referred to as Buckwheat king size pillows. Buckwheat king size pillows are extra firm due to their buckwheat shell fillings. Their extra-firmness does not reduce their malleable feature. They conform easily and are suitable for back and stomach sleepers. These pillows are heavy, and they do make some noise while transporting them around, but they are supportive, moldable, durable, and breathable.

Benefits of a High-Quality King Size Pillow

A couple with King-size pillows.

These are the advantages of getting yourself a high quality king size pillow:

  1. Comfort: High-quality king size pillows provide comfort while working; they can serve as backrest when you read or work on the bed. Side sleepers will also be more comfortable using king size pillows due to their long length. The king size pillow perfectly supports the neck and upper back of side sleepers.
  2. Support and Relief: They provide pain relief support to sleepers. The pillow side retains the natural spine position, thereby restoring the spine to its neutral position.
  3. Substitute for a Body Pillow: The length of a quality king size pillow makes it a possible substitution for a body pillow. Apart from supporting your head, neck, and spine, you can use king size bed pillows as body support.
  4. Adjustable and Hypoallergenic: A high-quality king size pillow is adjustable, implying that you can modify it if the fillings are uncomfortable. They are also hypoallergenic, making them ideal for people with allergies.

What to Consider When Buying a King Size Pillow

  • Your sleeping position: It is expedient to match your sleeping position with the king size pillow you are considering. Your sleeping position will determine whether you should choose firm, soft or extra firm king size pillows. That will ensure that the pillow does not make you uncomfortable while using it. Since we are all mostly combined sleepers, you should choose a king size pillow suitable for all sleepers to maximize your money.
  • Durability: Although these pillows do not have an indefinite life span, you should ensure that you do not choose one that requires you to change too often. Pillows should last 1 to 2 years. Ensure you should choose one that can last for that long to save the extra cost.
  • Ease of cleaning: When choosing your king size pillow, you should look for one that is easy to clean. You should pick one that is machine washable. That way, you will be able to clean the pillow easily.
  • Type of pillow and adjustability: What are the pillows filled with, and are they adjustable? Some pillow fillings are rather uncomfortable and cannot be adjusted to suit your preference. Watch out for those sorts of pillows when selecting your king size pillows.


While it may seem strenuous to pick the best king size pillow for your home, knowing the correct criteria makes it easier to select one. We hope you found this article helpful in your quest to choose the best king size pillows. Have fun shopping!


How much bigger is king size pillow than a regular pillow?

A regular pillow measures 20 by 26 inches, while a king size pillow measures 20 by 36 inches. The king size pillow is longer than the standard one by 10 inches.

How much does a king size pillow cost?

The price of a king size pillow varies according to the type and manufacturer. However, their price range from $40 to $200. The tempurpedic king size pillows are usually the most expensive.

Does the size of the pillow matter?

Your pillow measurement has a lot to do with the quality of sleep you get. When you get a pillow with a comfortable size, you tend to enjoy your night better.

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