King Size Mattresses

King Size Mattress.

A king size mattress is relatively larger than other regular-sized mattresses, offering the ultimate luxury, especially if you have some floor space to spare. Some split king models are ideal for individuals that own adjustable beds. A King size mattress is an option that can be categorized among the standard mattresses out there; as such, shoppers are spoilt for choice with the array of options available.

Our team of specialists has taken it upon themselves to perform extensive research in combination with hands-on tests, bringing you the best products on the market, in a bid to make it easy for you to make a selection. We used the best king size mattress reviews from actual parents as well as criteria such as prize, quality of the materials, temperature neutrality as well, as durability and dexterity. Here is a table that shows the most top-rated king-size mattresses for ease of reference.

What is a King size mattress?

The early 1940s saw the entry of king size mattresses into the mainstream bedding industry. When it comes to regular futons, king mattresses largest in size. Most people ask themselves one question; what size is a king size mattress? Well, measuring 76 * 80 inches, a king size mattress, leaves quite some space for two grownups to sleep together side by side. These options have gained popularity in the mattress industry catering to multiple sleeper subsets such as couples, families, and single adults. You may also be interested in the California king size mattress, which is 4 inches longer.

Hybrid King Size Mattress.

Types of King size mattresses

When you understand the pros and cons there are to different types of mattresses, you are more likely to know how a particular one will feel. While there are quite some similarities in construction and materials, each mattress comes with its distinct feel given the specific design. Below are the various types of affordable king size mattresses:

  • Hybrid: This type of standard king size mattress is constructed using a support core that is pocketed, this way reducing motion transfer and noise. To enhance support and comfort, hybrids are usually layered with memory foam, micro-coils, latex, and other materials that relieve pressure. They make a perfect compromise for sleepers with trouble making up their minds when it comes to the merits of latex, foam, or coils.
  • Innerspring: Innerspring king size mattresses are constructed from steel coils that help in providing support, bounce, and air circulation. Some come with an extra layer of comfort, altering the entire feel of the mattress only slightly. The beauty of innersprings is that they are highly customizable, pairing nearly perfectly with toppers. With a split king size mattress, the issue of motion transfer is eliminated, making it ideal for co-sleepers.
  • Airbeds: Air beds are advantageous in that they come with a different air chamber for every side of the bed, giving better individual control such that every individual can experiment to find out the side of the bed that best works for them.
  • Foam: With Memory foam king size mattresses there is an extra support core that is constructed from high-density and top-notch quality polyfoam. These futons come as either firm king size mattress or soft king size mattress options, with their main strength being motion isolation.

How to choose king size mattresses

A king size mattress in a box is a great investment that can be enjoyed for quite a period, especially if you get a high-quality one. The type of king-sized bed cushion has a great impact on the choice that you settle for. The support and comfort levels that you seek will also affect your choice of the best king size mattress. Most mattress companies usually like on insisting on their products’ proprietary features that give them a cutting edge over the rest in the market. Some of the things that you need to consider before you can pay any attention to the special features highlighted include your budget, personal preference, your sleeping position, and your body type.

Innerspring King Size Mattress.

Last things to consider when buying a king size mattress

In buying your king-sized futon, you cannot fully depend on the best king size mattress reviews only; there are a few additional factors that you need to put into consideration. If you prioritize on our list of qualities and factor in your personal preference, you will be in a position to easily choose the best rated king size mattress.

  1. Price: Given their larger size, king mattresses are the most expensive ones. However, with good market research, you can find a great deal that best suits your budget. When it comes to the price, consider the build of the mattress, its quality, and your specific needs before you can settle on any option.
  2. Sleeping Position: Sleeping positions change the distribution of weight giving rise to an array of contact points. Side sleepers for instance, usually complain of hip and shoulder soreness. As such, the best pillow top king size mattress for them would be a softer option as it has better cushioning. A firm king size mattress is better for stomach and back sleepers as it prevents their hips from sinking in far, aligning the spine properly.
  3. Quality Materials: The quality of the materials used helps in determining your king mattress’ performance. With more coil counts and denser foams, you get to enjoy a top-notch quality mattress that lasts longer without developing permanent indentations or sagging. Your king size mattress should be able to withstand nightly usage while providing consistent relief from pressure and spinal support.
  4. Noise: If you find yourself considering the size of king size mattress to buy, high chances are that you will be sleeping with a partner. Innersprings and hybrids can produce creaks and squeaks in between their layers, which could lead to disturbances each time you toss and turn in bed. During inflation or deflation, airbeds tend to be noisy. If you are a sensitive or light sleeper, the most ideal option would be foam and latex mattresses.

Foam King Size Mattress.


Settling for the best king size mattress can be somewhat challenging given the tons of options available online. However, from great king size mattress reviews such as ours above, you can get the right criteria, enabling you to settle for the right choice. Before you can arrive at your purchase decision, you need to ask yourself if the bed cushion is well-suited when it comes to its intended sleepers. You also need to go through the shipping fine print, warranty policies and sleep trial requirements. If there are two sleepers, be sure that the needs of all sleepers are taken into consideration.


How do I get my king-sized mattress upstairs?

Make a survey of the stairs and look for any wall fixtures or damaged stairs to avoid. Be sure to remove any items or barriers that might trip on from the stairs. Stand at the end of the mattress and ensure that your assistant is on the other. Lift the futon simultaneously and move slowly and carefully up the stairs.

How much do king size mattresses weigh?

In addition to the question ‘how big is a king size mattress’, the king size mattress weight issue also tends to come up as frequently. Mattresses measuring 76 inches * 80 inches are the biggest in the market. Offering an entire 38 inches in personal space, these mattresses weigh between 130 and 180 pounds.

How do I dispose of my old king size mattress?

It is advisable to dispose of it in a way that is not only responsible but also safe. Ask the store where you purchased your old set to pick it up as they deliver the new mattress. As part of the buying price, most retailers usually offer king size mattresses disposal and pick-up services.

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