Innerspring Mattress vs. Memory Foam

Innerspring mattress versus Memory foam mattress inside.

The innerspring and the memory foam mattresses are two of the most popular mattresses that are widely used all over the world. Getting to choose between an innerspring or memory foam might get you caught up in a decision web. And to help you avoid that, we will be going through the differences between innerspring and memory foam mattresses.

This article would involve their features, pros, and cons. We will also be giving you tips to guide you when getting any one of the memory foam or innerspring mattresses.

What Is the Innerspring Mattress?

Innerspring mattress on the box spring.

The innerspring mattresses was first developed in 1871. It contains a steel coil support system, which gives it its bouncy feature sheeted by a thin foam topper. It’s quite firm, supportive, and has a bit of bounce.

What Is the Memory Foam Mattress?

The memory foam mattress was developed in 1966 to improve sheet cushioning. It is most popular for its adaptation to its sleeper’s unique curves, and it does a good job of contouring the body.

Innerspring vs Memory foam mattress Comparison Table

We have highlighted the main features of the innerspring and memory foam mattress. Now, it is time to answer the question that is often asked; what is the difference between innerspring and memory foam mattresses?

Innerspring mattresses exhibit a considerable amount of bounce and this makes their sleepers stay on top of the mattress. Memory foam exhibit a little amount of bounce and this makes their sleepers sink into the mattress.
Gives the sleeper the traditional ease of moving around and changing positions. Gives the sleeper a secure feel of being almost stationed in one position.
It is cooler to sleep on the innerspring mattress as there is room for airflow in the coils and they will not trap as much more heat as the memory foam mattress. It’s hotter to sleep on the memory foam as there’s little or no room for airflow in an all-foam mattress and trapping heat is quite easier here.

Advice for Choosing

Memory foam mattress in the room.

We have highlighted the features and difference between innerspring and memory foam mattress. Now it’s time for the big question, is innerspring or memory foam better? We will provide recommendations to help you choose either the innerspring or memory foam.

There are three main things to look out for when you finally decide to choose, and they are: comfort, support, and coiling

  1. The innerspring mattress is recommended for heavier sleepers who need more support, while the memory foam is for sleepers who want to be more comfortable.
  2. The innerspring mattress is recommended for combo sleepers who need to change positions frequently, while the memory foam can be best for sleepers who do not need to change positions frequently.
  3. The innerspring mattress is recommended for hot sleepers who need a more breathable mattress, while the memory foam can be best for people who get cold at night and want to feel hot easily.

Pros and Cons of the Innerspring Mattress


  • The innerspring mattresses are highly supportive and can handle very heavyweight.
  • The innerspring mattresses provide good airflow due to their design and mechanical structure. They are also cooler than the memory foam.
  • It is more responsive and more motion-friendly, therefore ideal for sleepers who move around a lot in their sleep.


  • It’s not the most ideal mattress for relieving pressure.
  • They can get noisy or squeaky if they get older because of the presence of coil in them.
  • It’s not the best with motion transfer.

Pros and Cons of the Memory Foam


  • It excels at relieving pressure on the shoulders and hips, also preventing pain.
  • It is good at handling motion transfer.


  • It is prone to sagging over time, especially at the edges.
  • It is known for trapping heat in.

Difference between mattress.


From this guide, you can see that it is not just about trying to figure out which mattress has the better material; whether the innerspring or memory foam. It is fundamentally about selecting the mattress that suits your sleep preferences the most. We hope that this article readily comes to mind when next you choose to go mattress shopping.


What is the main difference between an innerspring mattress and memory foam?

The main difference between innerspring and memory foam mattress is that the innerspring mattress contains a steel coil support system while the memory foam contains an all-foam compartment.

Is a Memory foam mattress hotter for sleep than an Innerspring?

Yes, it’s true that the memory foam sleeps hotter than the innerspring because it traps heat easily, unlike the innerspring which allows room for airflow between its coils. However, some companies have started adding cooling elements to help with heat dissipation from the memory foam.

Which one mattress last longer?

The innerspring and memory foam mattresses are durable and built to stand the length of time. However, innerspring mattresses have a solid coil support system which makes them last longer than memory foam.

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