Best Hypoallergenic Pillows

Hypoallergenic Pillows.

Our beddings and pillows are created and filled with different materials such as down, feathers, foams, gel, polyester, buckwheat, and so on. Some of those materials cause allergic reactions from users who have allergies. Because of that, manufacturers have started paying attention to the materials causing these triggers, and have started making hypoallergenic pillows and bedding s. Hypoallergenic pillows are the best pillows for people who have allergies from allergens that could accumulate on the pillow surface and make their way into the fillings. If you are one of those people who have allergy triggers, a hypoallergenic pillow is a right choice for you. Selecting one out of the many types of hypoallergenic pillows may be difficult. However, we have researched and have compiled a list of proven best hypoallergenic pillows that are available. The table below contains basic details you need to know about the best pillows for allergies.

What Is a Hypoallergenic Pillow?

Best pillow for allergies.

A hypoallergenic pillow is a good choice for allergies because it helps prevent allergic reactions from people with allergies while using it. Although they have the usual materials used in making other pillows, hypoallergenic pillows are treated with additives that prevent allergens like pet dander, dust mites, and fungus from accumulating on the pillow surface and penetrating the fillings. They are suitable for people who react to pets, dust mites, and pollen allergens.

Types of Hypoallergenic Pillows

Like many other types of pillows out there, these pillows can be categorized in several ways. They can be grouped by casing material and fillings. We will discuss some of the types of hypoallergenic pillow s available on the market.

Bamboo memory foam hypoallergenic pillow

These pillows are made with bamboo fiber casing and filled with memory foam or shredded memory foam. The memory foam filling makes the headrest moldable and supportive. They are suitable for all types of sleepers who are prone to allergies. These pillows possess hypoallergenic features that stop allergens like mold, dust mites, and pet dander from forming and penetrating. Also, they contour to your body to provide support, this helps to prevent neck and back pain when you wake up. Furthermore, the bamboo casing is removable and machine washable, a feature that makes cleaning easier. These bamboo casings are made not to get worn out easily, therefore they are durable and cost-effective. However, the pillows are usually heavy due to the dense materials used to make them, and it may take some time to adjust some bamboo memory foam hypoallergenic pillows to suit your preference. You may need to modify the filling over and over till you get the perfect pillow. Some do not even have the adjustable feature; which means you have to get used to the original fillings of the headrests.

Hypoallergenic down pillows

This one is similar to a regular down pillow. The difference is that they go through a thorough sterilization process. Some of the down pillows have bamboo fiber casing which is naturally hypoallergenic. This type of pillows are far more durable than synthetic ones. They are known to be firm and supportive since they conform to the shape of the user’s neck. These down headrests are machine washable, making them super-easy to care for. The materials used in making hypoallergenic down pillows make them lightweight, soft, and comfortable. Hypoallergenic down pillows flatten when you sleep on them. You may need to fluff them to regain their initial soft nature. However, bear in mind that since the hypoallergenic down pillows flatten in the night, they can temporarily lose their supportive nature and cause neck and spine discomfort to the user. And if the casing of the down pillow is not thick enough, the down can poke through the pillow surface and cause discomfort. Furthermore, as time goes on, the down fillings of the pillow can cluster and form a lump that makes it lose its lusciousness. However, proper care can help delay that effect.

Hypoallergenic bamboo gel memory foam pillows

This type of pillow is covered with bamboo fiber and filled with shredded or whole memory foam combined with gel layers. The bamboo fiber casing makes it antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, while the gel and memory foam fillings make it malleable. This pillow is plush and malleable; it conforms to the shape of the neck and head of its user to provide comfort. Usually, the bamboo cover is naturally hypoallergenic, so it stops allergens like molds and dust mites from accumulating on the pillow. Also, the bamboo fiber casings make the pillows easy to wash with a machine. However, it is important for you to note that the gel and memory filling compress easily. Therefore, lack of proper care can shorten the lifespan of the hypoallergenic bamboo gel memory foam pillow. Also, it might take longer to adjust to the pillow since most of them are not adjustable. And because of the dense fillings of the hypoallergenic bamboo gel memory foam pillow, they are usually weighty.

Benefits of a Hypoallergenic Pillow

Hypoallergenic couch pillow.

  • Reduces the risk of allergies. The primary purpose of hypoallergenic pillows is to help prevent or reduce the toll of allergens on the users. These pillows are processed with anti-allergen additives and covered with materials that are not easily penetrable by allergens such as fungus and pet dander. That way, the risk of suffering from allergies is reduced.
  • Quality sleep. You get to sleep better as opposed to when you use a regular pillow which may be allergenic. Using a hypoallergenic pillow will prevent the usual sneezing and reactions you get from allergens when you sleep. That allows you to enjoy your sleep better.
  • Less prone to odors. Since hypoallergenic pillows are designed to keep out microbes, they usually do not collect moisture that breeds them. That makes them less prone to odors that the regular pillows give due to the accumulation of sweats.
  • Low maintenance cost. Hypoallergenic pillows are durable and easy to clean. That means they last longer than most normal pillows. Since the pillows are easy to clean, you can take care of them properly and regularly. That reduces the need to replace them too often and thereby saves you extra expenses.

How long will a hypoallergenic pillow last?

A hypoallergenic pillow should last for at least two years. The lifespan of an antimicrobial pillow depends on the hypoallergenic pillow filling and the type of care it receives. Hypoallergenic down pillows should naturally last longer than the synthetic ones with proper care. If you want your hypoallergenic pillows to last, care for them properly. The pillow usually comes with cleaning instructions to ensure that you are doing the right thing.


Hypoallergenic pillow on bed.

There is a wide array of several hypoallergenic pillows on the market now. Knowing the correct criteria to choose your hypoallergenic pillows makes it easier to make a decision. With the guide we have provided above, you can now narrow down your list and make your purchase decision faster. We hope you found it helpful.


Are hypoallergenic pillows good for your sleep?

For someone who reacts to allergens like pet dander, mold, and dust mite, a hypoallergenic pillow allows them to sleep better with allergy triggers absent on it. You sleep peacefully at night since you know it is unlikely your allergy gets triggered.

How do I wash my hypoallergenic pillow?

Since most have a removable casing, you can remove the hypoallergenic pillow fillings and wash them separately. Even if the pillow and the fillings are inseparable, you can check the cleaning instructions that came with the pillow.

How much do hypoallergenic pillows cost?

The cost of hypoallergenic pillows varies according to the type and the manufacturer. However, the prices usually fall between $20 to $200. If you have a specific pillow in mind, you can inquire about the cost from the company directly.

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