Hybrid Mattress vs. Memory Foam

Comparison of hybrid mattress and memory foam mattress.

There is a geometric growth peculiar to the mattress industry. And we understand how much of a task it is when you have to decide which exact mattress to purchase. So, we are here drawing a comparison between the Hybrid mattress vs memory foam, and we hope this guide would assist you in making a favorable choice.

Difference between memory foam and hybrid matress.

What Is Hybrid Mattress?

Just as its name implies, the hybrid mattress is a mix of two types of mattresses. It comprises of both the foam which serves the purpose of comfort as a top layer, and the spring support system which provides it its bouncy feeling. Hybrid mattresses were made from the necessity to combine the advantages of the spring mattress and that of the memory foam mattress.

The major difference between memory foam and hybrid is the spring support system.

Hybrid mattress incide.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is a celebrity mattress when it comes to mattress products. Its major component is a particular polymer called polyurethane. It only has the memory foam in it, hence its name. The mattress shapes itself to your body curves and it exhibits body-contouring properties. It has a distinct and sunken-in feel that relieves the body from pressure.

Memory foam mattress photo.

Hybrid vs Memory Foam mattress Comparison Table

We have mentioned that the major differentiating factor regarding the Memory Foam mattress and the Hybrid Mattress is the spring support system. Now to the comparison, this is a Memory foam vs hybrid table below. Read closely if you are considering getting one soon.

The hybrid mattress possesses coils which make for an extra cost, therefore increasing the price of the mattress. Memory foam is generally less expensive than a hybrid mattress.
The coils in the hybrid mattress enhance breathability and help in regulating temperature. The memory foam mattress does not provide an allowance as regards heat dissipation; hence it is a good option for people who like to sleep hot.

Advice For Choosing

We have got some tips for you when getting a Hybrid mattress or memory foam. Since you are here to know which is better, memory foam or hybrid, you can follow through with our advice:

  1. Sleep “in” or Sleep “on top”: If you prefer to have the illusion of sinking in while lying on your mattress, then you should go for the Memory Foam. The hybrid mattress is more suitable for you if you prefer to have a solid feel beneath you.
  2. Hot sleeper: If the heat usually bothers your sleep, a hybrid mattress can help in cooling your body as its coils helps for air flow within it.
  3. Side sleeper: If you sleep on your side, you should also go for the memory foam. It helps to relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders.

Pros and Cons of the Hybrid Mattress


  • They are cooler and more breathable. This is due to the fact that the coils allow air to move freely through the mattress.
  • The coils are supportive and can handle heavy weight.


  • They are more expensive than their counterpart as the use of different materials increases their price tag.
  • They are not the most ideal mattresses when it comes to motion transfer as the coil support system does not provide the best condition for it.

Pros And Cons of The Memory Foam Mattress



  • It increases heat supply to the user.
  • Memory foam tends to sag after some time compared to all other materials as it is a soft material.

Hybrid and memory foam mattress.


Having read this piece up onto this point, it should be effortless for you to answer the question “is a memory foam or hybrid mattress better”. We have highlighted the features, pros, and cons, and most importantly, we have drawn a comparison between the Hybrid mattress versus memory foam. We hope that you will remember this article when you finally decide to choose.


What is the main difference between Hybrid mattress and Memory Foam?

Here is the most significant difference between both mattresses: The Hybrid mattress has a coil support system in addition to the foam, while the memory boasts of just the foam layer.

Hybrid vs. Memory Foam: which one should I choose?

This depends on your sleeping preferences. Go for a Hybrid mattress if you require extra support, and you cherish a bouncy feeling. But go for a Memory Foam if you cherish the body-contouring feeling that you would get from it.

Does a Memory Foam mattress last longer than a Hybrid?

They are both durable and stand the test of time. But the memory foam materials are usually softer which makes them prone to wear and tear. Hybrid mattresses contain coils that are very durable while adding life to the mattress.

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