How to choose a Mattress?

A woman choose a new mattress.

There’s a lot to consider before picking a mattress; that is why people usually get stuck on how to choose a mattress. It takes time just to ponder on how to pick a good mattress, how to find the right mattress, or choosing a mattress.

After reading this article, you should find it easier to determine what kind of mattress you want you want over the next couple of years. It provides a guide on how to pick a mattress.

How to pick a Mattress?

Woman hands on a new mattress.

How to select a mattress largely depends on the types of mattresses and your preferred sleeping positions.

When picking a mattress, you might end up selecting one of the four major types including:

  1. Memory foam
  2. Latex
  3. Innerspring
  4. Air-filled

If you are asking yourself, “Which mattress is best for me?” and you prefer a mattress that bounces, you’ll find that the innerspring type suits you better since the spring brings the bouncy feeling (and some can be firm at the same time). Innerspring mattresses are to be considered when thinking about how to choose the right mattress with bouncing features.

People who prefer a firm mattress will agree that the memory foam type is what finding the right mattress means. In contrast to the innerspring types, foam types do not have much spring, but they provide more relief for pressure. Pertaining to how to choose a mattress, this is also a very good option.

The fourth type, which is the air-filled mattress, is also a great option. A good number of them are filled with air, and there’s a remote meant to control how much air is in the mattress. These are good for camping, but they can also be used at home. Besides, how to find the right mattress is entirely dependent on individual preferences.

How To Choose the Right Mattress Hinging on Sleep Position?

A woman lies on a mattress.

The best mattress options for people who lie on their sides while they sleep are types that can support the weight of their bodies. The innerspring and foam mattress types are great options for such persons. If you sleep on your side and you’re wondering, “What type of mattress is best for me?” then you know what to get.

It will be suffocating for persons who sleep on their stomach to sleep on a foam-type mattress since foam types can sink. Such persons sleep well only if the foam is very firm. A better choice would be an innerspring or air-filled type.

Each of the earlier mentioned types of mattresses will be good for you if you prefer sleeping on your back. Before making a choice, you should first test out each type and identify which one feels right for you.


How to choose a mattress may sound like a relationship, but when you seriously think about it, you’ll find that it is not something that should be taken lightly. Mattresses can be used for more than seven years, so you will have to bear with it for that long if you make the wrong choice unless you won’t have any problem purchasing another one right away. Bodyweight, sleep position, personal preference are all things that must be considered as regards finding the right mattress.


Which mattress type is right for me?

The answer to the question, “How do I choose a good mattress?” is dependent on individual preferences. If you sleep on your stomach, the right mattress would be an innerspring type. If you lie on your side, you would prefer a memory foam type.

How much should I spend on a new mattress?

As of today, the cost of mattresses ranges between $200 and $1500 for regular or standard types. Premium mattresses have a price range of $5000 or more than that. With $1000, you can find a quality mattress.

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