How often should you replace your mattress?

A woman changes her mattress.

“How often should you change your mattress?” This is one of those questions that you must have found yourself asking at one point in time or the other.

There is a general rule that most people follow, and it suggests that you buy a new mattress every 5 to 10 years. However, this is merely one of those conventional rules, but it is not set in stone. The fact that it works for certain people under different sleeping circumstances does not mean that it will work for you.

In this article, we show you how often should you replace your mattress and why.

Woman replace mattress.

How Often Should a Mattress Be Replaced?

To answer the question: “How often should I change mattress?” it is highly essential that you consider the following factors, and change your mattress at these points:

  1. When your mattress begins to wear and tear.
  2. Increased noise from the springs.
  3. Unusual pain or joint stiffness when you wake up in the morning.
  4. Worsening symptoms of asthma or allergies.
  5. When you sleep better everywhere else outside your home.
  6. When your mattress has aged six to ten years old.
  7. When you start to feel it more and more when your partner changes positions, this implies that the mattress has lost its ability to eliminate motion transfer, and should be changed.

How Can You Make Your Mattress Last Longer?

There are salient factors responsible for determining how often to change mattress.

The longevity of your mattress depends on the type of materials used in making it, and how well you use it. Most mattresses use a good number of years before they get worn out. And you can help increase the timeframe of how often to replace mattress by applying all of these tips that we have listed below:

  • Try to purchase a mattress protector. This will help your mattress’ health by preventing body oils and sweats from having an adverse effect on it.
  • Ensure that your mattress has a good and firm supporting base. This would help to prevent any form of premature sagging.
  • Flip your mattress if it is a two-sided one. This simple procedure would go a long way in keeping your mattress alive and healthy for a long while by helping to evenly distribute the wear.
  • Always clean your mattress according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is very important because, on most occasions, the manufacturer’s cleaning advice is always the best advice. You should also make use of a professional cleaner at least once in a year.
  • It is imperative that you limit jumping on your mattress as much as possible, as this can damage the mattress components.
  • Occasionally remove your mattress mattress sheets and covers to allow air permeate through it. Sunshine can also help freshen up your mattress as it reduces the amount of moisture on your mattress.

Family replace mattress.


Sleep is very important to us as humans because it helps us relax, and relieves us of the day’s stress. Therefore, investing in a good mattress for a good night’s sleep should be an important priority for everyone. We hope we have been able to successfully answer the question: “how often should you replace your mattress?”


How do I know if my mattress is worn out?

You would know that your mattress is worn out when you no longer get a good night’s sleep on it, or when you consistently feel pain in your joints whenever you wake up.

Can a mattress last more than 15 years?

Yes, it can. It is possible that a mattress lasts more than 15 years and this absolutely depends on the quality of its materials and the amount of wear and tear.

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