How much does a Mattresses cost?

Mattress cost.

A mattress is an investment that carries numerous health and emotional benefits. Each day begins and ends in the comforts of your bed, so you're going to want to ensure that your mattress is the ideal fit for your unique needs. And, with the average mattress lasting between 7 and 10 years, your choice of mattress is a commitment that will affect the way you start each day for years to come.

But, how much does a mattress cost? Well, the average cost of a mattress is between $250 and $3000+ depending on the quality of the bed. Now, this is a massive price range. But, by understanding what features affect mattress prices you can begin to narrow down exactly just how much you should spend on mattress to a more accurate budget. The size, type, and additional features contribute to mattress cost. So, when it comes to determining how much is the price you should expect to budget for your new mattress, you first need to know the exact specifications you would like your bed to have.

To narrow down how much you should expect to budget, let's look at the different types of beds available and how each feature will affect your mattress price.

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Average Mattress Price by Size

The first factor that will affect your mattress cost is the size of the bed. Naturally, the larger the unit, the more material goes into making, and the more expensive it will be. So, to understand how much you can expect to pay for your new bed, you first need to decide what sized mattress is suitable for you.

  • King: The largest bedding option, king-sized mattresses are ideal for couples who love their sleeping space. King-sized beds are a luxury with room enough for anybody to sprawl out into their comforting sleeping positions. As such, king mattress prices tend to be the most expensive. A king mattress cost can start as low as $1000, but higher quality king-sized beds can often reach over $5000.
  • Queen: While slightly smaller than a king-sized mattress, queen-sized beds are still preferred for couples and individuals looking for a roomy sleep. The most commonly bought bed size, a queen size mattress price can range from $300 to $2000 depending on the bed type.
  • Full: A smaller bedding option, full-sized mattresses are ideal for guest rooms and young adults. While not as accommodating as a king or queen, full-size beds are more affordable. These mattresses will typically range from $200 to $600.
  • Twin: Also called a half mattress, a twin-sized bed is the smallest option available and is perfect for single sleepers, children, and filling small spaces. As a result, they are the most affordable option. But how much does a half cost for budget sleepers? Well, a budget-friendly twin mattress price can often be found for as low as $100, but the average cost for a comfortable sleeping mattress is typically about $300.

How much does a mattress cost.

Average Mattress Price by Type

The second factor that will affect mattress costs is the type of the mattress itself. Like the bed sizes, the type of material the mattress is made out of will offer unique sleeping experiences. To understand how much your ideal mattress will cost, you first need to identify what type of mattress meets your sleep requirements.

  • Innerspring mattress: This low-cost mattress option is the most traditional bed available. As such, there is plenty of innovations and variety to choose from. Offering a perfect combination of bounce and support, the average price of a queen-sized innerspring mattress is $950.
  • Memory foam mattress: Popular for their body-conforming comfort and pain relief benefits, memory foam mattresses are also some of the most budget-friendly. The average cost of a mattress of this type at a queen size is only $860.
  • Latex foam mattress: Like the memory foam options, a latex foam mattress offers ideal body-conforming, pain relief comfort. However, the bonus of latex foam is the all-natural material's added support and bounce. Of course, this perfect blend of support and comfort also comes with an increased price tag. The average price of a queen-sized latex foam mattress is $1600.
  • Hybrid mattress: A combination of innerspring and foam, hybrid mattresses offer the ideal amount of comfort and support for your sleep. As such, it is also the most expensive option available. The average price for a queen-sized hybrid mattress is $1850.


From sizes to types and even added features, various factors will affect the overall cost of your new mattress. We hope this article was helpful for you in your search for a new bed that meets both your sleep specifications and budget.


How can I save money on a mattress?

It is simple enough to search "twin size mattress for sale near me" and find a suitable bed to meet your needs, but you probably won't get the best deal on it. Buying a mattress is a serious investment. Take your time, compare prices, and be sure to find the best deals available before making the purchase.

How much should I spend on a new mattress?

The average price range for mattresses is vast, depending on the type and size of the bed itself. If you are on a budget, aim to pay $500-$1000. But, if you can afford the luxury, higher quality mattresses that offer the supreme sleeping experience can reach upward of $5000.

Why mattresses are so expensive?

Mattresses are expensive because of the quality of material that goes into them. Everybody knows how important sleep is, and mattress providers want to ensure their customers get the highest quality of sleep possible. By investing in a quality mattress, you invest in a comfortable, healthy sleep for years to come.

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