Best Hotel Pillows

Best hotel pillow.

If you have ever lodged into a hotel, you will agree that hotel pillows usually give a luxurious feel. Those luxury hotel pillows are mostly down, down alternative feather or memory foam pillows. Because of the range of hotel pillow types available in the market, it might be a bit tough to pick the best for your hotel or home.

To make your quest easier, we have researched and compiled a list of the best hotel quality pillows available.

What Is a Hotel Pillow?

Hotel Pillows on the bed in hotel room.

Hotel pillows are set apart by their fluffy and luxurious feel. They come in different sizes to suit the users; standard, queen, and king sizes. You will hardly find extra firm hotel pillows because hotel owners make sure they choose comfortable hotel pillows to give their guests the best experience.

Types Of Hotel Pillows

You may have wondered: “What type of pillows do hotels use?” From soft to extra firm, hotels offer a wide range of pillows to their guests. After experiencing the luxurious feel of the hotel pillow, users tend to want them in their homes too.

The following are the popular hotel pillows you will find.

Hotel Down Pillows

Most hotels use down pillows which explains why you find soft pillows in the hotels you use. Hotel down pillows are made from down. The down is the soft feather found around the chest area of a goose or swan.

Down pillows are suitable for back and side sleepers. They are said to be one of the best soft hotel pillows available. They are supportive and moldable, as well as having cooling features. Hotel down pillows are also durable, soft, and lightweight. However, you might have to always fluff hotel down pillows often to regain shape. Also, they usually retain heat which means the headrests can become uncomfortably warm while in use.

Hotel feather pillows

Hotel feather pillows are also commonly used in hotels. They are created from feathers plucked from the wings or back of geese or ducks. Like the down pillows, they are also fluffy but firmer. They provide more support than what you would regularly find, and they are suitable for back and side sleepers.

Hotel feather pillows are durable because of the natural materials in making them. They are firm and provide support for your neck and head. Also, most of them are machine washable, which implies that you can easily care for them. These pillows are soft, lightweight, and comfortable. And they can easily conform to support you.

Bear in mind, that just like down hotel pillows, they need to be flossed to regain their loft nature. Also, they retain body heat, and might be a tad difficult to clean.

Hotel memory foam bed pillows

Luxury hotel pillows.

Hotel memory foam bed pillows are one of the best hotel pillows ever because of how comfortable they are. The pillows are made from polyurethane that makes them moldable. All types of sleepers can use it comfortable.

These headrests are moldable and bounce back to their initial form after use. Also, they relieve pain in the neck, shoulder, and spine. They are breathable due to the air chamber features that most hotel memory foam bed pillows have.

But they also retain heat, and might emit some chemical odors due to the organic compounds used in making them. It is important for you to know that some memory foam pillows do not have the air chamber feature that makes them lack breathability.

The hotel down alternative pillows

The hotel down alternative pillow is inserted with synthetic fibers that are an imitation of the natural down. The synthetic fibers are made with hypoallergenic polyesters, and they are used in the hotel because of the luxurious and soft feeling they give. This kind of pillows are hypoallergenic, and they are easier to clean when compared with feather pillows. They are also more affordable than the other types of pillows. However, they are not malleable, so this means they need to be adjusted to regain their initial shape. The hotel down alternative pillows also retain heat.

Benefits Of Using Hotel Pillows

A woman sleeps on a pillow in a hotel room.

High quality hotel pillows not only provide comfort to the users but also have other benefits. Good hotel pillows have two key benefits:

  1. Spine Alignment: Good pillows have proven to improve your spine health. People with spine disorders can heal with suitable pillows to support them. Because of the contouring ability of good hotel pillows, the spice can rest comfortably and regain its natural position.
  2. Neck, Head, and Back Support: A good pillow conforms to the shape of the users' neck, head, and back to provide support. It also helps to relieve the pain in the neck and back. Without a proper pillow, you are prone to stiffness in your back and neck.

How Long Will a Hotel Pillow Last?

Great hotel managements provide choice hotel pillows that are durable to save the extra cost of replacing them untimely. Regular pillows would last for about two years but, hotel pillows last for about three years. That is because the most common hotel pillow types are known to be durable.

The life span of hotel style pillows can vary by how you care for them and the type of pillow in question. To increase the longevity and maintain the quality of hotel pillows, you need to take proper care of them.

Down and feather hotel pillows usually last longer than their synthetic counterparts. That is because the materials used in making them take longer to flatten and are easy to clean. Synthetic hotel pillows, on the other hand, flatten faster than the down and feather pillows. That is because they cannot be adjusted back into position like the down or feather hotel pillows.

In summary, good hotel grade pillows should last between one to three years if cared for properly.


We hope you found our best hotel pillow list handy. Deciding on the best pillows for your hotel or home may be difficult because of the large variety out there. But with the correct criteria, you can narrow down the list of pillows to choose from effortlessly. Have fun shopping for your hotel pillows!


Are hotel pillows good for your sleep?

Hotel bed pillows are usually comfortable, firm, and supportive. That makes them excellent choices for quality sleep. Using a high quality hotel pillow will make a difference in your sleep.

How do I wash my hotel pillows?

Since hotel pillows are used for commercial purposes, ease of cleaning is one of the criteria hoteliers consider before purchasing them. Most hotel pillows are machine washable. That means you can easily clean them using a washing machine. If yours is not machine washable, you may refer to the cleaning instructions that come with the hotel pillow.

How much do hotel pillows cost?

Hotel pillows' prices vary as a result of the type and manufacturers. However, they usually cost between $20 and $180. Down and feather pillows are commonly the least expensive of the hotel pillow types available on the market.

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