Best Hospital Bed Mattress

Best Hospital Bed Mattresses.

If we could get hospital-level care and comfort at home, few would feel compelled to frequent the hospital. Moreover, since sleep is necessary for rest and recovery, a suitable hospital mattress is a tool that can effectively manage home care. The right hospital bed mattress at home will address medical problems and help provide quality sleep-in ways that your simple mattress will not. Follow this guide to learn how to get the best hospital bed mattress and select the right one for you.

What Is a Hospital Bed Mattress?

As the name suggests, a hospital bed mattress is usually used in a hospital bed or home. Moreover, those with compromised or reduced mobility can benefit significantly from investing in one. However, a simple mattress might not be appropriate for various medical conditions. Furthermore, it might also worsen or cause pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores. Pressure ulcers can occur because of multiple factors, and an extended external pressure on your tissues may cause affected areas to suffer from low blood flow. So, compared to your simple mattresses, hospital mattresses prevent bedsores and relieve pain. Each mattress for hospital beds is meticulously crafted to offer these benefits and more. Furthermore, the materials used to make them are similar to the ones found in conventional mattresses and include:

  • Innerspring.
  • Foam.
  • Gel.
  • Air.

Remember, the best hospital mattresses are antimicrobial, waterproof, and easy to clean. These features also make sure that your mattress measures up to medical-grade sanitary standards. And lastly, hospital bed mattresses can also be bent with adjustment of legs and head.

Benefits Of Hospital Bed Mattresses.

Benefits Of Hospital Bed Mattresses

When you or your loved ones experience medical problems, the priority is to ensure comfort. This is the place where the best quality hospital bed mattresses come into play. According to experts, hospital mattresses are uniquely designed for patients, offering quick recovery times and the highest comfort.

Some benefits of a mattress for hospital beds include:

  • Enhanced Blood Circulation. The pressure points continue alternating in hospital mattresses as the patient moves on a mattress. Although this helps increase their blood circulation, they will also wake up fresher than simple mattresses because of the changing pressure point.
  • Alternate Pressure Points. Patients who spend long hours on their beds can suffer from pressure ulcers and bedsores. This happens typically because of the constant pressure points on your body’s specific areas. However, bedsores can be easily avoided with a therapeutic mattress, and that is due to their alternating pressure-point capabilities.
  • Low-Air Loss. The low air-loss hospital mattress is one of the more popular options; its standout physical feature is the multiple small holes it has. This feature keeps the mattress temperature cool for sleeping since a hot surface can be a challenge to sleep on, especially for patients.
  • Convenient. Mattresses that are used for patients need to be frequently cleaned and maintained. If you choose a simple mattress for this job, then your task will be pretty tricky. However, this is no problem when you use the best quality hospital bed mattress. They boast lightweight and easy maintenance, so neither the caregiver nor the patient will go through any issue.

Hospital Matress Enhanced Blood Circulation.

How Long Will a Hospital Bed Mattress Last?

Like traditional mattresses, a hospital foam mattress can last for up to ten years; whereas, an innerspring hospital bed mattress offers a warranty of around eight years. The alternating pressure and low air loss can last between 8-10 years.

Types Of Hospital Bed Mattress

Also known as a medical or therapeutic mattress, they come in various materials you might already be familiar with, like: Innerspring, Foam. However, you must first consider your patient’s bed-bound duration because they require the best-rated hospital bed mattress.

  • Innerspring Mattress. Innerspring mattresses are ideal for patients who are not wholly bedridden and experience several hours of mobility during the day. This is because they are made with evenly dispersed inter-mattress coils. Additionally, they are also a relatively cheaper option and are characterized by their softness and bounciness.
  • Hospital Foam Mattresses. Even though this type is not as breathable as the former, they are definitely lighter than innerspring models and are also economical compared to their latter counterparts. Furthermore, they can also prevent pressure ulcers and bedsores by shifting the patient’s weight and carrying minimal bounce.
  • Low Air Loss Mattresses. The low air loss mattresses are the ideal choice for low mobility patients and ones suffering from bedsores. Due to their low-air loss, technology relieves pressure and reduces skin moisture much better than any other type of hospital mattress.
  • Alternating Pressure Mattresses. They carry similar qualities as low-air loss mattresses and are suitable for immobile or low mobility patients. In addition, they increase circulation, keep the lung secretions and bodily fluids moving, and prevent tender bedsores pressure.

Alternating Pressure Mattresses.


What is the best mattress for a hospital bed? Well, the answer depends on your patient’s requirement and its usage. Hopefully, this guide was able to help you understand various hospital bed mattresses available to choose from so you can make an educated decision for yourself.


How to make a hospital bed more comfortable?

By investing in the right hospital bed mattress for your patient, you can make it much more comfortable. Nowadays, there are also comfort linens available for hospital use that will increase comfort.

Can you use a regular mattress on a hospital bed?

No, you cannot. Regular mattresses cannot adjust to the movements of a hospital bed and will cause discomfort and bedsores.

What size is a hospital bed mattress?

A typical hospital bed mattress size is around 80” in length and 36” in width.

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