Futon Mattresses

Futon Mattress.

Limited space can be quite a nuance, especially if you happen to live in the city where rent is a little bit on the higher side. A futon mattress that you can place on a fold-out bed can be a perfect fit to your space situation. Offering space-conserving solutions and excellent designs, futon mattresses can come in handy, just as regular mattresses would.

While futons are thinner in density compared to normal mattresses, they too can provide superb back support to help keep your spine well-aligned. If you have guests on a regular, a futon can be a great option, especially if you do not have plans to buy a mattress any time soon.

What is a Futon Mattress?

Simply put, a futon mattress is a slim version of other types of mattresses. Usually, a futon is placed on a fold up sofa or bed. Futons are originally from Japan, and the traditional versions were generally filled up with hay, animal hair or reeds. Today, futons have evolved, and they come filled with contemporary materials including innersprings, foam fillings, or a combination of both.

As compared to regular bed-only mattresses, futons are quiet thing, but they serve the purpose; so much so that there are some users who prefer using them as their standard beds. In most cases, the futon comes as a piece of furniture that doubles up as a sofa with extra cushions and a fold-up bed when it’s bedtime.

Comfortable Futon Mattress.

If you live in a studio apartment where space is quite limited, a futon bed can be the most ideal solution. The only downside to futons is that they are not exactly comfortable for every day nightly use in the long term.

An interesting fact about futons is that when they first appeared in the Japanese bedding scene, they were not an economical go to option. As a matter of fact, this sofa bed was only owned by the elite and wealthy members of society. When they hit the US market, they became a budget-friendly kind of bedding. Today, the new status remains, where futons are the economical choice doubling up as both a bed and a sofa. They are cheaper than both options.

The best futon mattress options are made of polyester or cotton covering. This is because the material used needs to be flexible enough in order to fold into the sofa position. If this is not the case, the futon will come in foldable sections for easy conversion into either mode. Memory foam futon mattress choices generally have foam filling for better support and sheer comfort.

There are innerspring firm futon mattress designs that have more plush in case you are looking for a softer mattress. The futon mattress frames are usually made of metal, wood or, any other composite that can bear weight. Depending on your personal preference, you can find futons in a collection of models including hybrid futon mattresses with a combination of innersprings and foam.

The Best Futon Mattress.

What are the benefits of using?

  • Versatility: Beds tend to be elevated surfaces that occupy quite a lot of space. Moving them is not easy; you have to disassemble the metal or wooden frames and also move around the heavy mattress. With a bed so big, there is only so much you can do to change the entire appearance of your room. A futon gives you tons of endless options to redesign your room. You get to make use of each corner as you please, with the possibility to fold it out into a bed when it is time to sleep.
  • Health Benefits: The most significant difference when it comes to a futon and a bed is the mattress that is involved. While there are quite some high-quality mattresses that are built purely for comfort, there are futon options that have this feature too. You can get yourself a memory foam futon mattress that is designed to add on to the comfort and support level of your back. The only downside to a futon is the fact that it is not ideal for long-term usage. Otherwise, there are quite some great models out there that come packed with health benefits.
  • Pressure alleviation: Our futon mattress reviews have shown that firm futon mattress choices help in alleviation of pressure to the shoulders and hips, thereby helping with back problems. While we all love our beds, sleeping on a futon is great for a change. The Japanese seem to have increased their life mortality rate. Could the increased lifespan be related to them sleeping on their futons from time to time? It is highly likely.

How long will My Futon Mattress Last?

Just like is the case with any other mattress, the longevity of your futon mattress is dependent on its quality and how well you maintain it. The usual duration is anywhere between five and ten years. If you use it only from time to time, it will definitely last longer. If it is used as a guest bed for instance, it can last for more than a decade. However, if you use it as a sofa it will last for approximately five years.

Benefits Of Futon Mattress.


One of the key ingredients to a peaceful and restful night’s sleep is the sleeping arrangement you have. Beds are universally the most ideal sleeping spaces given the array of designs, mattress qualities and sizes. However, the Japanese futon is a sleeping space that is slowly but surely gaining in popularity. This Japanese-style mattress usually gets set up on a low-lying frame and it is a big sleeping tradition in the country. With the trend been taken up globally, there are all kinds of variations to futons today.

The most common, however, is the fold-up style where the futon doubles up as a sofa and a bed when necessary. This makes futons quite a budget-friendly option especially for people who have tiny living rooms or people living in studio apartments.


Is a Futon Mattress good for your sleep?

The top rated futon mattresses are ideal for pretty much everyone according to research. Most futon mattresses are firm, which is quite ideal in pressure relief and back pain alleviation. A firm futon mattress will help in spine alignment reducing the chances of those nasty back pains when you wake up. The Japanese’ lifespan seems to take an upward surge by the years and it is believed that sleeping on futons has a part to contribute to this trend.

What is the best Futon Mattress for side sleepers?

Side sleepers technically need relatively hard sleeping surfaces. However, the surface should not feel like a plank of wood. Rather, it should be a surface that strikes the right balance between plush and firm. Be sure to look for an option that feels like more of a hybrid combining latex foam and cotton for plush.

What is the best Futon Mattress for sleepers with back pain?

Look for a traditional Japanese Futon mattress that features natural fiber-filling as this type offers just the perfect thickness for sleeping on the floor. Most users of these futon mattresses associate them with pressure relief and attest to the fact that they are ideal for the back. Another option would be one with firmness to a certain degree seeing as it helps in aligning your spine for reduction of back and other joint pains.

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