Best Full XL Mattresses - Dimensions and Measuremenst

Full xl mattress.

Do you require extra length for your full mattress? Well, a full extra-long (XL) mattress might be just what you need. It is excellent for individual sleepers with a tall physique and could be the best choice to provide you with the comfort and tranquility needed for sleep.

In choosing the perfect mattress for your space, there are some factors you need to consider. With that being said, although full XL mattress dimensions are standard, differences exist, and that's why it is essential to understand the peculiarities of full XL beds to make an informed purchasing decision. When you are intentional about your bed rest, you could pick the best mattress perfect for your relaxation.

A good night's sleep encourages maximum cerebral functioning. To provide relief and ease in your shopping experience, we are here to help you make the best choice with our well-researched compilation of the best full XL mattresses.

Check out the table below for our list of top picks and their basic properties:

Full xl mattress and family.

What Is A Full XL Mattress?

A full XL mattress is like a full mattress, but lengthier, with dimensions 54 inches broad and 80 inches long. It is the best alternative to a full mattress, as it provides an extra length of 5 inches, which could prove to be suitable for individual sleepers with a taller body frame that requires extra legroom for comfort. Couples with more petite body frames could also enjoy full xl mattress sizes.

In a case where queen or king mattress sizes can't exactly fit into your room, you could go with a full xl bed. They are made with the same materials in the more traditional bed sizes to give similar textures and feels to the ones available in the mattress market, only differentiated by the full xl mattress measurements.


  • It is favorable for rooms with average and larger floor spaces.
  • Suitable for tall sleepers.
  • Petite couples could share it.


  • It's not so comfy for couples with plus-size statures to share.
  • You would need to purchase mattress pads and sheets that accommodate the length.

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Types Of Full XL Mattresses

Depending on your comfort needs and shopping budget, the full XL beds exist in just as many varieties as other conventional bed sizes, all created with materials to soothe your senses and ensure you enjoy a blissful sleep. The four major kinds of full xl mattresses available in the market are; Memory foam mattresses, Latex mattresses, Hybrid mattresses, Innerspring mattresses.

  • Memory foam mattress: Memory foam full xl mattresses are invented as a fantastic development to give you a comfortable night's rest. Primarily made from synthetic polyurethane, memory foams' qualities are structured to contour your body heat for effective spine alignment and support. The fact that it helps relieve body aches and enhance optimal blood circulation by distributing your body weight aids in alleviating certain sleeping discomforts that cause tossing and turning. The only downside to full xl memory foam mattresses is the smell it releases when it's brand new. But never mind, it is temporary.
  • Latex mattresses: A latex mattress is the best choice if you require a more supportive and durable sleep surface. They have naturally resilient properties that relieve pressure and support your overall body weight. Made from rubber trees, they provide a luxury eco-friendly feel and are structured to prevent penetration by dust mites. Apart from the fact that latex mattresses are very low-maintenance and durable, they also provide ease of movement and natural temperature; this is good for allergy sufferers.
  • Hybrid mattresses: For enhanced tranquility and creature comfort, you might want to try out full xl hybrid mattresses. This mattress type combines the memory foam, latex, and innerspring system so sleepers can enjoy optimal benefits associated with these different bed structures. Hybrid mattresses are elaborately designed to give pressure relief, spine alignment, and support with materials like cool-inducing gel for heat regulation. You are assured of enjoying an optimal luxury sleeping experience because of the mix of materials present in this type of mattress.
  • Innerspring mattresses: This is a common mattress type used over the years created to give off a traditional feel. Innerspring mattresses provide a signature feel that comes from a mix of several cushioning materials, alongside metal wire, and springs. This makes them optimized for support and comfort.
  • Air beds: With their adjustable air patterns, full xl airbeds give the individual sleeper the flexibility to determine what works best for them.

How To Choose the Best Full XL Mattress?

Buying a mattress could require a lot of decision-making as you would want to choose the type that suits your comfort. To make the best choice, there are factors you need to consider:

  • Preferred sleeping position and firmness level: In choosing a full xl mattress, you need to know the mattress type that works well for your sleeping position. Back and stomach sleepers may enjoy a mattress that provides optimal support with its surfaces, and side sleepers may require a softer bed for comfort.
  • Price range: The prices of the different types of these unique mattresses differ in the market depending on materials and manufacturers; that is why you would need to determine your budget. This would clearly outline how much you are willing to spend on a mattress.
  • Customer review: Reviews give a brief idea of what other customers think about the product. To make a great choice, you should read online reviews about the product.
  • Goodwill and reputation of the company: The positive reputation of the mattress company could influence a spending decision. To get value for your money, goodwill needs to be considered.

Last Things to Consider Before Buying a Full XL Mattress

A few more things to consider include:

  • Sleep Accessories: full xl mattress sizes are not as common as the other traditional bed sizes. So, in shopping for one, you would need to purchase the necessary sleep accessories like bed frames and sheets that would usually come along with other bed sizes.
  • Availability of trials: To make sure the mattress is to your satisfaction, you could also order from a company that gives free trials so they can deliver and set up your mattress for trials.

Full xl white mattress.


While it could be pretty challenging to pick a good mattress, it'll be made easy with the proper steps provided in this article. Full xl mattresses have extensive types and qualities that could provide you with comfort and tranquility during sleep.


What are the dimensions of a full xl mattress?

Full xl mattress measurements are 54 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is 5 inches longer than the standard full mattress, which is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. To fit this mattress inside a room, you would need a floor space of 9feet 6inches by 10 feet 6 inches.

Who needs a full xl mattress?

Full xl beds are best suited for tall individual sleepers who need more legroom and for couples with more petite body frames as well as teenagers. Because of its width, it's not adequate enough for two people with plus-size body frames.

What is the average price of a full xl mattress?

Depending on materials and manufacturer, a full xl bed price ranges between $200 to $600.

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