Full Size Mattresses

Full Size Mattresses.

Full size mattresses are not the most popular mattresses around. They come off as an option to those who do not find twin size or Twin XL mattresses convenient enough and find queen size mattresses way out of budget. A full size mattress provides the middle ground for mattresses. It can be enough for two people to lie, but there will be no space for moving around. Still, it's very convenient and probably the best option for a single sleeper that wants to keep it minimal and properly conserve space in the room.

When you think of a mattress to leave in a children's room or guest room, a full size mattress is the go-to. But, are you looking to buy a full size mattress for the first time or want a replacement for your existing/old mattress? Whatever the case, there are many peculiarities to understand to help you make better purchase choices. Because mattresses are not the kind of product you want to change every few years, so it's important to decide carefully. And go for one that provides the desired convenience and lasts for long. In this article, we'll be exploring what full size mattresses are, the types, the various brands available on the market, and how to make that purchase decision as clean as possible. You may want to read this before you conclude what full size mattress set, you're going for. Here is the table with our top picks for the best full size mattress you can find.

What is a Full Size Mattress?

A full size mattress is a mattress with a standard length of 75 inches and a width of 53 inches. It is best suitable for a bedroom with the most petite size of 10 x 11 feet. It could also fit into a smaller room, but it's just the basic option for young adults or recent grads that are just living independently; it's the right starter mattress. This mattress is also not bad for couples who do not have great heights and love to cuddle. It is not great for couples that like to share the bed with their children or pets. For a single person, this bed is sufficient for sleeping and sprawling out. It's a convenient option, and you can be assured of having a sound sleep on it. There are some variations of full size mattresses that are longer than the standard length. They are not very common, but they offer additional 5 inches to make it 80 inches long and still retain the width. They are sometimes referred to as Full XL mattresses, and they can provide ample space for tall people whose legs might dangle off the normal full size ones. Also, it's an affordable option compared to a queen size mattress. Full size mattress set and full size mattress in a box are various shopping choices you'll find in offline and online retail stores.

Full Size Mattress.

Different Types

In this section, we'll explore the various kinds of full size mattresses you can consider. As you have it with other mattresses, the major types of full size mattresses available are:

Foam Mattress

Full size foam mattress or memory foam is a soft full size mattress made out of flexible polyurethane foam created in layers. Other materials used include latex foam, cotton fiber, felt, polyester fiber, viscoelastic foam, wool fiber, and nonwoven fiber pads. This soft full size mattress absorbs the heat from the body and takes the shape of your body when you lie on it. The shaped foam wraps around your body in a conforming manner and helps to relieve pressure points like the shoulder, knee, and hips. Then, you just drown in that quiet softness and sleep off.

Innerspring Mattress

Full size innerspring mattress is a firm full size mattress made of underlying steel coils spring configured in various manners. The springs can take a traditional hourglass shape and rope to another to provide the required firmness or might be in the form of pocketed coils used individually. The pocketed coils are more responsive. Hence you'll find different levels of firmness with an innerspring mattress. The firm full size mattress could be perfect if you need a more sturdy or bouncy surface to have your sleep time.

Pillowtop Full Size Mattress.

Hybrid Mattress

Full size hybrid mattress is one of the best rated full size mattresses because it provides the features of foam mattress and innerspring mattress in one. It is an innerspring mattress with a foam mattress on the surface. Hybrid mattresses usually have one usable surface. You cannot flip the other side because you'll be sleeping on the spring system. It's the right option for you if you find yourself stuck in between picking a soft full size mattress or full size foam mattress.

Pillowtop Mattress

Full size pillow top mattresses share a similarity with memory foam, but the difference is on the surface. Pillowtop mattresses have an extra layer of padding. This extra layer of padding could be made of cotton, foam, fiberfill, wool, etc., which provides extra softness and plushness. Full size pillowtop mattresses can come in different variations— some pillowtop has additional padding underneath the cover while some are on top of the mattress and are pretty noticeable in the gap above the comfort layer.

How To Choose the Best Mattress?

Having problems picking your full size mattress set? There are several top rated full size mattresses available that you could be conflicted about what to go for and what not to. Follow this straightforward guideline, and you're right on track to shopping for the best full size mattress available:

  • Your Height: Your height is a necessary consideration because you may first want to determine if it will be convenient for you. There's usually no problem with your feet dangling at the end of the bed, so if you're comfortable with it, you're good to go.
  • Sleeping Positions: Sleeping positions have a lot to do with the type of mattress you buy. Generally, if you sleep on your sides, a foam mattress or a pillow top may be appropriate for you. On the other hand, if you lie on your belly, a firm mattress like an innerspring mattress is suitable for you. So, consider your sleeping position and go for what you think is appropriate.
  • Budget: When buying things, you surely want to keep them within your budget, but you also have to be careful not to go for ones that appear cheap first. There are other considerable factors to check out.

Foam Full Size Mattress.

Last Things to Consider When Buying a Full Size Mattress

These are other factors that should come into play before you decide if your purchase decision is correct.

  1. If you’re buying from a store, feel the mattress. You can also lie on it for a few minutes.
  2. Buy from reputable stores and brands.
  3. Check for warranty, and return policies.
  4. Inspect adequately if you bought it online.

In conclusion, picking the best full size mattress should not be a problem when you factor some situations together. However, buying things and enjoying them generally has to do with what you want out of them.


How to Get a Full Size Mattress Upstairs?

A full size mattress can be carried easily up the stairs if it's folded and tied. In the case of some mattresses that cannot fold that easily, you’ll need someone else to carry it on the other end. Instead, you will tilt the mattress up the stairs and hold it in a vertical position when you reach the end of the stairs.

How Much Does a Full Size Mattress Weigh?

A full size mattress weight is averagely about 60lbs. The weight, however, differs from the type of mattress in question. Some mattresses weigh more than some others, and it depends on the material.

How to Dispose of Your Old Full Size Mattress?

You can ask the store you're buying the new one from to pick it up. You can also decide to donate if it's in usable condition. If otherwise, it's best to call the garbage collector or the sanitation department.

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