Full vs. Queen Size Mattress

Full size mattress compared to Queen size.

Many people have this erroneous belief that the Queen-size mattress is much better compared to the full in terms of convenience. However, in some instances, the full bed might also be the best option for you and your partner, and with the wide range of features attached to both, it might just be a little difficult for you to make a choice. This article contains a complete guide assessing the full vs queen size mattresses, including everything you might need to know to make your purchasing decision.

What Are the Key Features for Two Compared Mattress Sizes?

Queen size mattress dimensions.

A typical queen-size mattress is always bigger than the full. Why is this so? It’s pretty simple; it is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, with a total surface area of 4,800 square inches. On the contrary, the full-size bed is 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, with a surface area of 3,975 square inches. A queen-size bed is a better option for more sleepers as it has room for more than one person while the full-size bed is better for couples who wouldn’t take up too much space or single sleepers. It doesn’t have as much extra room for more people.

What Is the Difference Between Full and Queen-Size Mattresses?

Full size mattress dimensions.

The difference between the full and queen size beds is measured by the disparities in dimension, surface area, price, bedroom size, and the categories of people they are best suited for. The table below explains that in detail;

Features Full size mattress Queen size mattress
Dimensions 53” in width, 75” in length. 60” in width, 80” in length.
Surface area 3,975 square inches. 4,800 square inches.
Price Cheaper than queen size. More expensive than full size.
Bedroom size Smaller bedrooms and guest rooms. Master bedrooms.
Categories of people best suited for Couples who do not take up much space, young adults, and guests. Taller adults, couples who like to sprawl out and take up space.

Which to Consider?

  1. Bed partner: Before you make that purchase, have you assessed who your bed partner is? Who you share your mattress with should be a prerequisite to choosing a size. With a taller or bigger partner, the best option for you would be the queen-size mattress. However, if it is the other way round, you should consider the full-size mattress.
  2. Expenses: Generally, the queen-size bed is more expensive than the full-size. Individuals who are on a budget are advised to go for the full-size.
  3. Room size: Queen size beds are known to take up more space as they are larger; if you have a smaller room and do not want it to look cramped, the full-size bed is your go-to choice.

What are the pros and cons for Queen size vs Full size mattresses?

Although both mattresses are excellent options, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Having better knowledge about these things would help you make sensible decisions;

Queen size mattress pros:

  • Larger and more comfortable.
  • They are most suitable for couples.
  • They work well for bigger bedrooms.
  • Their accessories are relatively easy to find.

Queen size mattress cons:

  • Luxury, in most cases, does not come cheap; the queen-size beds are pretty expensive and are not fit for people on a budget.
  • They are heavier and cannot fit into smaller bedrooms.

Full-size mattress advantages:

  • They are less expensive.
  • They are not as heavy as the Queen size mattresses.
  • Their accessories are also easy to purchase.

Full-size mattresses disadvantages:

  • Although bigger than twin-size beds, the full-size beds are still smaller in size when compared to the Queen size mattresses.
  • They might not be convenient for couples and may not have enough soar to accommodate kids or pets.

Difference full vs queen mattress.


Now that you fully understand all you should about the full vs queen-size mattresses, how do you choose? Although this depends on your preferences and what you want your bed space to look like, I'm optimistic this article will be super helpful in making the right choices.


What is the main difference between Full and Queen?

The main difference between the full and queen mattresses is the size. Full-size mattresses are smaller in size when compared to queen size mattresses.

Do couples need a Full-size mattress or Queen?

Couples who like to sprawl out and take up space on their mattresses should consider the Queen size bed, while couples who prefer to cuddle and are smaller in size can get the full-size mattress.

How much bigger is a Queen size than a Full-size mattress?

A standard queen size mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long with a total surface area of 4,800 square inches, while the standard full-size mattress is 53 inches wide and 75 inches long with a surface area of 3,975 square inches.

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