Best Firm Pillows

Best Firm Pillow.

Firm pillows are highly sought after by many! Simply put, not everyone enjoys a soft pillow when trying to get some shut-eye. Many prefer a firm pillow because it provides extra support for the head and neck. Knowing and understanding these peculiarities is important when trying to find the best firm pillow in the market today. And that is why we’d like to run through all of these important details right now.

At the same time, we’ve shortlisted the best firm pillows currently available and inserted them in the table right here:

What Is a Firm Pillow?

Firm pillows are specifically designed to be more resistant than other pillow variations. They are usually filled with dense material that doesn’t give way when weight is applied to the area - meaning when your head hits the pillow. Firm pillows are often recommended for people who are overweight or prefer to sleep on their backs. That’s because the extra resistance that these pillows provide help to maintain a comfortable position, align the spine, and support the neck to an adequate degree.

Types Of Firm Pillows

Like all other pillow variations, firm pillows come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the more popular ones are discussed here:

Buckwheat Pillows.

Buckwheat pillows

Buckwheat pillows are certainly some of the more unique pillows out there. These pillows are filled with hollow, shell-type materials that provide awesome support. Despite the filling, they are quite comfortable too, moulding to your desired shape and promoting air-flow during the night. Given the material inside, you can add and remove it as desired too.

Latex pillows

Latex is an immensely strong and stretchy material, as you probably know already. This material is generally extracted from a rubber tree, which is where latex is harvested from to create many other products in today’s world. These would fall under the category of extra firm pillows, as there is practically zero give in these pillows. And when moving around, the latex instantly rebounds back to its original shape.

Water pillows

Water pillows, much like water mattresses, are an acquired taste. With that said, they are often hailed as being some of the most comfortable of all firm pillows. Should you fill the pillow to the brim with water, you can guarantee a firm feel when laying your head down. Of course, you can remove water as and when needed to adjust how firm this feel actually is. This is quite different from other extra firm pillows on this list.

Water Pillow.

Overstuffed pillows

Regular pillows are never completely stuffed with materials. That’s what allows the pillow to bend and sink to your head and neck when you settle in for sleep. However, in order to secure the firm feel that all of the best firm pillows provide, these pillows are overstuffed. Basically, this means that there is less wiggle room inside the pillow, and it, therefore, provides greater resistance.

Benefits Of Using Firm Pillows

If there wasn’t a market for firm pillows, they wouldn’t be manufactured and sold consistently. With that said, consumers still need to be aware of the exact benefits of using firm pillows:

  • Aligning the spine: If you sleep with a soft pillow, your neck and therefore your spine can sink into unnatural positions. That’s actually what causes the neck pain you might experience when waking up sometimes. With firm pillows, these provide adequate resistance to maintain the body shape and position - especially the spine. This might not seem significant in the short term, but you won’t regret your choice in the long run.
  • Neck support: Thanks to the resistance that these pillows offer, your neck will always be held in a suitable position relative to the height of the mattress. Should your neck sink too low and you won’t feel comfortable. Should your neck be held too high, you will almost certainly wake up with a neck ache. Therefore, all of the best firm pillows provide you with this benefit.
  • Weight-resistant: Remember what we mentioned above about extra firm pillows being suitable for those who might be overweight? Naturally, when more pressure is applied to a pillow from the body, the pillow needs better resistance to maintain the desired position. This is another key benefit of choosing firm pillows!
  • Durability: This is especially true when speaking about variations such as buckwheat or latex pillows. The materials used to create these firm pillows are incredibly durable, and therefore, they will last longer than other pillows in the market. Sure, you might need to replace the pillowcase or wash it now and then, but that’s something that most people are happy to accept.

Overstuffed Pillows.

How Long Will a Firm Pillow Last?

On the high end of the spectrum, assuming you go down the path of securing one of the best firm pillows, you can expect your pillow to last for up to 3 years or more. This is significantly better than other pillow variations, and of course, it means you’ll need to purchase a new pillow less frequently. But even if you grab a firm pillow that is on the lower end of the spectrum, it should still last somewhere in the region of 18 months to 2 years.

This is all because of the stronger and more durable material that is used in firm pillows.


Now that we have reached the end of this review of firm pillows, we hope that you are feeling more confident to make an informed choice. We’ve covered the benefits, types, and pros of each variation. And all of this information is designed to help you get to the right firm pillow for you! There are many in the market today, of course, which can make the choice difficult. But the best place to start is by looking at the table above.


Are firm pillows good for your sleep?

Firm pillows are excellent for people who prefer more support and resistance for their head and neck. These pillows still have some give in them, but they won’t let your head/neck sink into strange positions that can cause discomfort. So all in all, yes, they are great for sleep.

How do I wash my firm pillows?

This depends on the material that the firm pillow has been made with. But to be on the safe side, you might want to avoid machine-washing these pillows. Instead, it’s better to give them a scrub with standard cleaning supplies you will likely have at home.

How much do firm pillows cost?

Firm pillows can vary greatly in price. Some can be picked up for around the $20-$30 price point, whereas others can be $60 or more. Of course, the pillow you ultimately decide to choose depends on what you are willing to spend. But don’t let price be the sole factor in your decision, for you do get what you pay for with firm pillows!

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